This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

This time a year where I live.

I do not live in a neighborhood surrounded by tall buildings built by greedy land owners who want nothing but to pack people in layer by layer causing high stress and even worse civil problems. However, I do live in an area with high illegal immigration. Again I have done studies leading back to the European and Irish immigrations it is not a racial thing. It is a socio economic thing. Trust me I am $85, ooo in debt for my 6 college degrees. My family have always been hard working and such close together. Doing the legal thing and just working to try and make it. My grandfather was one of the last teamsters to still be able to make a good living as a truck driver. As we live in a property that is bigger than the condos and apartments around us all the poor people which is funny that are in my same position of unemployment and low income think we are rich. Around this time there are folks who go out and still from people. They justify it however they do. They still from the poor and the rich alike. They kill mame and torture innocent citizens in the cities.

China may have rural poverty. However, the US has a much bigger problem which is urban poverty. This is because rural poverty still allows them to work the land live and be happy. However, in urban poverty it is much more harsh. As they are thrown together in poor neighborhoods with little to no park systems and high liquor stores. This then makes people very upset during these times. We see constantly in reports that around the holidays urban poverty is reached out through these young people who's families are usually immigrants as they can't get jobs so they stick together like tribes to protect against the other tribes that try and hurt them and those around them. This is something that I guess you would have to grow up to understand. I never joined a tribe as I believed in music and skating and the such. However, I had many friends who did. I even had a few who were stupid enought to join tribes in which killed each other over pieces of spray painting or even ground they would never own as they were always doing illegal things. This was not my cup of brew. As I preferred the enlightened path. Learning music and enjoying the fruits of nature through skate boards, surf boards and snow boars. Which I had to work summer and part time jobs mowing lawns to earn.

However, these people see my blood lines ability to hold a nice piece of property from family to family, which each elder male has had to buy from the one previously and they think we are rich. You need to seize and desist with that. I am not rich nor is my family. Of course I know people from all walks of life. From the top of the leadership to the a guy who I helped get into school and off the street through helping join and attend a jr college. I am not going to say that through friends, family, and my eduction which for the stupids I took out loans and worked part time jobs to pay for. Which I am going to take out another loan to pay for my next degree. It is sad this time of year when people steal from others. You have no feeling of what it is like to come home and folks have taken everything from you unless you have been there. I have seen a lot in my life, and use immigrants from guerrilla war torn areas I have seen such things in sad times of my life too. This is not the way. Education and learning is the way out and the way to survive. Taking what is not yours or living off the underground is not the way for folks to climb up the ladder. There is a better way, our safety net allows for folks like us to do it. All you need is a good ambition and good research on root activities. I know were to get food, when my family had no jobs during the recessions, I know were to take a shower when the water was turned off, I know were to go dig ditches if I have no unemployment or temporary places to provide for my bills. I do not need fancy rocks, nor clothes nor shoes as I understand that wisdom is better than gold. As one can only obtain the comforts of life by excelling at what ones soul loves to do. If you are a killer then join the military and rank up they earn good pay. If you are hurt by folks then find a way to work and help folks.

It is sad last year in my neighborhood folks were shot, stolen from and it is just sad. To have to worry if you leave your house and you come home that someone who can't figure out how to make it without hurting others. I work hard for mine, so should you. Taking what someone else earned and saved for is not hard work. It is easy anyone can do it.

Rider i
What I am getting at hear is that I am not saying poor China anymore. We have neighborhoods with not enough police officers, we have schools with not enough teachers, we have people dying because folks can't get  a job and turn to violence. I do not hear China's poor me anymore, and I never did.

When I say I am the Royal i that just means I am an American, Each of us is royalty in their own right thanks to our freedom fighters through soft power, when I say I am Saint Cuthbert, you have to understand who Saint Cuthhert was. He was a man who devoted his life to the educational institution to make sure all cultures and individuals could be educated. It makes me sad to think that China is still trying to pull the poor card and developing card when I see my country losing its safety net because of unfair trade with a communist country. When death is on your door step because of poverty, or when you wake up to here the police and find a body being placed in an ambulance or when your schools lose their funding have to close, and the libraries that kids need can't afford books and leaders like the energy secretary, Senator Reid, and the Commerce secretary still baby googly eye China and their unfair communist trade. It is bull that I have to hear people suffer and cause war because of weak leadership who protect their own interests and are scared of the communist. STAND UP AND BE A LEADER DO SOMETHING FOR YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD. STOP COWERING, YOU WEAK LEADERS.


I am going to take a life time of pain and suffering being at the bottom and then middle then back to the bottom each time we go through a service bell crash and start to theoretically through legal and research papers start shoving it up your weak leaders messed up minds. It is going to be like this. You see this, you see our neighbor hoods with trash piled up high, gangs forming because we have no jobs, people being scared because our strong have to turn evil to make it instead of having green places to graze, you see this you sob's do you? Do you see what I see?  Communist China is not my problem nor is it the leaders of the United State of America's problems. We need to stop babying like they are our countries people. They are worldly of course and deserve respect. However, when their trade is so politically extreme do to genocidal socio enslavement ideas of Karl Marx that is when a red line should have been drawn. It never was now we suffered as a country more because of weak leaders and their inability to deal with communist unfair trade. THe Chinese Communist even have the nerve to blame freedom of economics on the world crash when they are constantly using their government and communist owned entities to crush and devour free markets for their political and military purposes. Check the smaller countries like Greece and Ireland and see what political party is taking a hold on both sides right and left. Trace em I did you weak SOB's. It is not ok, I hate the feeling of watching my people be scared and hurting because of the Communist and we have no jobs, not enough safety net for our schools or to help those close to turning evil. This is BS, time to get to work if this neighborhood or the bolsheviks do not kill me first.
Howe stupid are Communist each time they use their theory folks get hurt. each time we use the idea of freedom and many theories of freedom well countries grow extremely well. Do you know what it is like to live in a one bedroom place with four people and two animals because our leaders can't figure that each time we go through a service bell curve peak then crash the whole middle class collapses while the poor get poorer and the rich and leaders get stronger. All in the name of international communism. As Locke's and Smith's idea of free trade to not work when communism is in the equation. It has been proven, tested and time and again shown we need to realize that communism is a bad economic theory. Safety nets are needed but not whole use of entities to destroy other countries entities via Senator Sherman's whole life studies, in which he tried to stop.

Worst part of this whole thing is. You take away my people's only happy thing. Which is education when you are little. All kids say they hate it. However, to be able to go to school and see your friends and get out of the house and the stress and the neighborhoods is the best time for many kids. Now you take away from their leaders  of mind and purpose the teachers quality of life all because you are to weak to stand up to the communist and say, we are sorry but your communist economics has caused this world crash. Your massive SOE and their use like nuclear weapons your constant acquisition illegally of international resource deposits through cartel and anti-trust violations has caused the world harm through the centralization of your wealth and the uneven spreading of it through out your domestic population. The balance of free societies v. communist societies who are either transitioning or just now deciding to use communist economics as a weapon is unbalanced. The Free societies need to stand up and fight for their people's rights. I am not say to do the Hartley Taft way. That was not good. However, I am saying we need to Bockeroo Bonzai like we did with Japan when their competition became detrimental to free societies as they were transitioning and we need to start developing more countries through butter and economics, and compete against the Communist. Because they have overwhelmed the free societies in butter and economics development which allows them to maintain a high yield of positive capital income. We need positive capital income. Our last industrial sector the high tech sector has been in deficit for 4 years now. If we do not save that one we are lost and our boat is sinking because of weak leadership, it is not just the Democrats or the Republicans or the moderates it is the economic help and advisement along with the many other sectors of report creation or the watching of our leaders that is lacking.

Rider I

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