This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Monday, December 13, 2010

Well today, I looked for a job, now I have to do paper work. So music time.

So, I have no money, some folks have done me wrong, some folks are doing my culture wrong, and I have a dream of a harley and a good job. Darling just give me some time to reoupe and battle again. Plus my dream of standing in front of the international communitys stopping terroism through building economies and creating fair competitive international market places is something they will never take.

Doing right is doing right and doing wrong is doing wrong don't care what you say:

If you have never traced an ancient then you aint no friend of mine. jk
Have to do that one again when I get my Harley. My brothers grave is out that way too. Nice ride. Figure right now I am broke but by this summer the harley should be up and running and maybe might catch a flock on the way out there. Flocking makes is harder for extremists to to take one out in the long back roads. Especially if the state is not a carry state.

Every highlander knows the story only few are allowed to understand it:
Guardia siochana

A secret so bright that no one can see it the complete opposite of a dark secret. As it is so well known folks do not even known they know.

It was like this when I finished a trace I was doing. I said to my fellow trace enthusiast. It is so bright, everyone knows, they just don't know they know. And the look on my face after I finished the trace made my friend rolling on the ground laughing while I was in bewilderment once I found the last piece of the trace.

Some folks like to jump off perfectly good cliffs, (which I enjoy), some folks like to box and beat each other up for no good reason except fun (which I love), some folks like to chase after a ball then try and stop the other team from doing what you wanted to do wit the ball once they get it (which I love) and others like to trace things, which is so much fun.

3 More degrees II Bachelors, Masters, and JD and I reach cloud nine and there is really not much more high class than that baby, after that it is all gravy.

Here is my bird, my dream for freedom:
2011 Harley Davidson Sportster SuperLow Beginner Motorcycle Review

Might see if I can make it all the way home  too. This time actually take some time to look around and rest cause driving across the country is going to be fun baby ohhh lol ya.

Black is actually cheaper and as I am in my down stages right now preparing for my ivory tower battle's. I think black will be the color of my bird.

I figure I will have to get my bench up to around 225, and my squats up to around 275 or so to make that run stable and comfortable. That means time to hit to get those weights moving for some muscle, cause boy am I weak right now.

that is 2700 miles at 60mph so that is about that is about 8 days one way 8 days back. $600 in gas $900 room in board max. $160 if I can find a camp cite to sleep at every day. $160-$250 for food, gotta stop at some good places.

so i need $920 least max $1700. That would mean I would have to find a job and save some money to do it. well I am looking for a job. I have already told my best friend I am not spending anymore money on trivial food, dancing, and or otherwise dating expenses so that saves around $100-$150 a week or so in gas, and other expenses. I want to do this before I get married and in a job i can't leave.

16 days $1200. personal adventure goal before wife, kids and career. Hopefull this summer if all goes well. I can always borrow the money and go for it, cause we are free.

I figure I will have to call about 15-20 sheriffs and or Police to make sure I can self defend myself in their parts, and let them know I am coming through. Then probable have to map out everything I would like to stop by and see, plus find all the camp cites with a shower and toilet. I can do it.

I figure that I will get pretty uncivil with my smell about 3 days or so. So I will probable need to change my clothes. That means I will need to wash them so that will take about a couple hours I will probable find a place to rest in a bed as that is almost half way through. Don't want to be too uncivil. I will probable have to wash out my socks every stop so I should take two pair. Plus, I will need a thin sleeping bag and I can use the dirt for a pillow. Probable will need to stop and walk around and let the blood rush back to my body every so often and to a couple walks through some back woods or so, of course if I can't carry ain't getting off the bird, as I will have to keep it in saddle. However, from my predestined route I think I will go through a majority of carry states, open and expressing of course.

Going to need a pair of thin trousers probable pj's when I wash the clothes proper like with good soap and not bathroom hand soap. have to have a gun case locked.

So I have two pairs of socks, one thin pj, a thin nasa sleeping bag, my cell phone, protection in locked case, water bottle, outline of destination, contacts in each state,  oh ya motron for head in the morning after ground sleep, plus maybe gloves for night riding, summer should be ok though. Then my bag is packed.

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