This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Saturday, December 25, 2010

This idea of Win Win as perpetuated by the Economists is a falacy.

Inside of natural world there are winners and there are losers. Win Win scenario at best hopes just to lessen the losers loses. That is what it is. Even in mediation which is what the idea of win win was created for. There is still the person who was wronged and the person who has to pay for the wrong.

Win Win is very communisqe and it has been wield very well for the benefit of the communists parties. The idea that the US should export all of its high skilled labor jobs like in the past four years with our high tech deficits in trade, and our old high skilled labor in manufacturing in textiles, and our new high skilled labor in nano tech and engineering is not a win win. The depletion of the US's, savings, infrastructure, high skilled labor pool, along with jobs that create nexuses taxes, is not a win win. It is a win lose scenario. For example, we take were I live. We just lost 100 engineering jobs in a very high skilled labor pool to a Chinese high tech company via export of jobs because they had a myriad of uncompetitive advantages. From the low paid engineers, to the low resource costs, to the shipping, to the actual market place that all business want that is protected to at the worlds 6th highest protected marketplace in the world for entrance from importation of foreign made products. This is not a win win, and is a compete psychological warfare perpetuated by the MSS and SASAC.

In Reality business is competition. In a Lockean world of individual ownership and freedom of economics along with a smithian un communist world, state ownership is at a minimum as both Locke and Smith did not like state political powers to intervene. However, in China as they are Communist their whole economic system is still most perpetuated by a centralized economic strategy and very military as per the MSS red phone tactics. Thus creating a very unfair competition between a free world and the communist world. Which is not a win win.

The predated leaders of the I's have documented oral contracts with the old Chinese Communist leaders. In which they were supposed to start to dismantle the communist party and the massive soe economic weapons. Neither has been held to honor at the highest part. The Communist party jails people ye the old elders of the communist party and the young communist party leaders (40-50's) agree that they need to reform their unfair political power structure. However, they have not allowing the communist economic unfair policies of centralized economics that the US and free world fought so hard against in the Soviet Union to persist. Along with that their economic statecraft weapons of SOE's were supposed to be disbanded so their individual citizens could become more competitive as a free market. They have not done that either. We see smaller SOE's being conglomerated with bigger SOE's while their private enterprises are feed uncompetitive loans to take on and aquire foreign business and market shares while the SOE's are prepared for economic warfare nuclearation. This was not the deal of my fore leaders, and it was not the deal I would have done, as I understand the communist cognitive side affects of Karl Marx's theories and sinister creation of power centralization that creates tyranny. Not saying China is a tyrant, they have come a long way. I am just saying this win win idea with the Communist party is not what it is placed to be by them.

However, to take trade with China as a win win is to tell me you are an economists who does not understand root economics. The trade with China again I dulled and took power, away from and thus it will change was not and is not a win win. There is winners and losers. The US has allowed as per cognitive creation of economists and political leaders that some how Adam smith's and Locke's theories of free trade and individual ownership of labor apply to statecraft weapons. They don't. The Wealth has been allowed to be centralized in the world in a few neo-mercantalist countries. Which I dare say are developing. As if China and Germany are still developing, then so is the US, European Union and the other so called developed nations. As they all sit in the same chairs on the international nexus, and they all hold the same military power, along with checks. Further, the economic might of each is the same. However, again, just some have more freedom than others, and some's economic centralized statecraft is more win than others. This is primarily because all of the or at least most of the old communist economic warfare guard from SOE's were told to literally go chase the grey's. Funny thing was, they found them. However, how can you tell a government that allows itself to be devastate economically that you have found the very thing that is the most interesting. I do not know. That is juts a little flair I like to do, if you understand Guardia-siochana and its historical implementations.

Either way,business is business. Win Win is an idea for toddlers and t-ball players. We should compete against our old rivals the Communist and understand their economic weapons of SOE's in all sectors of industry to be what they are economic weapons.

Rider I

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