This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Friday, December 24, 2010

Why People Like Hugo and the Communist make no sense.

Century after Century, war after way, anarchy after anarchy the communist based on Karl's Marx's theory of social feudalism kill, mame and destroy civil freedoms for their own ends. It has been proven that such free socities as the US have  a much better quality of life for their poor than communist countries. As communist countries as it is well known and well documented are usually unable to take care of their poor because of their inabablity to create the natural need for competition that strives the working class to create a net for the poor or underclass that can't seem to climb the ladder. However, over and over again we see Communist intellegence agencies trying to use corruption of foriegn leaders for their own ends. Much like what we see in Venezuela. Were Hugo's obession against the US and its free ideas of civility have lead Hugo to undercut his countries wealth by creating very bellow and very uncompetitive contracts with the Chinese SOE business controlled by the SASAC and the MSS. This then shows again how one main communist country much like what we went through in the Soviet Union completely demolish the idea of freedom for the majority and a safety net for the poor.

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Truth and data sets are real. Fiction and hate are weapons and tools of the ruling class like the Communisto's. The Soviet Union was left alone to try its hand at Communist ideas. Even though century after century the idea of social feudalism un touched by opposition as per terroist fears has come up short. Like Venezuela's economy is even though they run a neo--mecantalist economy. However,they allow the lead communist bloc in this case China to take advantage of them with uncompetitive trade contracts.

In furtherance to clarify I am not saying that Karl's Marx's ideas should not be taught. That would be intellectual genocide. However, to base a whole countries education institution on his theories would be to shoot ones country in the foot. This has been done over and over again. With no good coming from it. The roorts always start the same. Bolivar, they started in the educational system. Created a hostile youth due to the inablity of the communist to take care of them which included high poverty due to communist economics. Then those hostile youth take over the other party and blame it on them. Then it takes decades to show them that no, it was not your oppositions fault but your own doing. This happened again and again in time. With it ending in very bad for that countries poor. Look at China they have transitioned but decied to keep their communist weapons. Look at Russia, or any country in history were communism did not work. Karl made that theory to try and get in good with a court so he could be rich. He thought if he created such a theory that the inpoverishd could not see through and that the ruling class could use to enslave for their own leadership that he could get in a court and live like Nicholi Machevilli. However, as Nic understood the mistakes of the economics at the end of his life. While thus dissaperaing and fighting against the very rulers he helped to produce. Much like Che but then again you would have to be monk class to know that. Which is way lower than poverty. Karl was never able to be courted due to the people of his time seeing through his theories as what they are. Communism is for the ruling class, it makes a two class system. Like what Venezuela is going through right now. Those that control the SOE's and those that work for them. This is not freedom. Freedom is the ability of every person to compete aginst other individuals with fair competition to try and do better. In which progress society and creates a much bigger safety net for the poor. WHAT IS WRONG WITH COMMUNIST ARE THEY THAT DIM THAT THEY CAN'T SEE THAT IT IS THE RULING CLASSES THEORY. How is one supposed to live life if they are stuck working a dead end job every day and day out without the dream of being able to compete at ones love. In free socieites those who dream it have a chance to go out and strive for it. A lot make it. Those that don't make the system stronger by learning and teaching.

Communism is the tyrants rule, it has always been historically. So much so that a bunch of scientist who believed in mutiplicity of much all things like nature got together to form a band of cave dwellers to study freely and own part of their cave via intellectual fire light debates as per a democratic/republic voted judge/king baby.

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stop the communist root warfare Hugo. This is not nice to your people. You are killing your country and starving it of freedom. Let them compete and they will bring the safety net and the poor will be taken care of. The political powers do a bad job as rulers make bad econimists and business folks as they do not play fair, it is simply inherant in nature.

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