This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

This cite will be edited for all angry blog writing.

I lost my job, my best friend is dating other people, I am going to lose my phone and car, I can't figure out how to leverage my car into a cheaper vehicle of a motorcycle. My credit score is about to be killed, they will not allow me to apply for a second bachelors degree in what I want to learn, not even a competitive application for one chair, Hugo Chavez a fear of mine in the Latin world just did exactly what I have always feared for Venezuela, it is not my country so I can't do anything, some hoodlums ran up on my house then started stocking my house like they do every year because we live on a very old cow farm I called the police like I usually do as it is proper to always call in the calvary even if I have to protect my own. Which means I might have a in house burglary so I might have to use my guns, and then go to court for killing someone. This is not a good year for me. My angry and impolite comments will be taken down. As it really disheartens this research blog into a more of a stupid angry blog. Along with that, if my credit score is messed up my plan to get three more graduate degrees will be squashed and I will have to go with the Alaska plan of watching out for the communist invasion. I heard you can fish, n hunt and carry a 50 caliber all year long. Bad year for me. I apologize to my opposition for being more rude than usual. If someone runs up on my house again and scares me or my grandma I will defend my self as I am scared. If they do not listen to my orders and precise direction under gun point while I arrest them and wait for the police to show up and if they make any movements were I thin they are reaching for a weapon or if it looks like they are sneaking up on my house with a weapon, I will protect my own. It is my right given to me by the US culture and it is a bill of rights written by the monks of the foundation of my ancient culture. The proper procedure liberals as i know it is. Under duress of possible harm from criminal, point gun direct to lay down, place handcuffs on, if they do not obey hold under gun point until the police show up. If they try and run away without actions of weapon movement with their hands in the air then use stun gun, instead of regular gun, then handcuff them under stun and wait for police. Then if they are not stupid enough to act like a big shot and pull a weapon, they get the lecture on how to get their life straight and stop hanging out with the other souls that for some reason drive them to do wrong. Which consists of you must be poor, looks like you like research since you have been casing my house, go to school, learn how to be an analist and analize something for somebody and make some money. Stop wasting you life on nickel and dimes and get into school, your poor it is free if you want more you can take out loans. I did, most folks ask why I got a Criminal Justice degree it was so I could better understand myslef and also deal with folks who can't figure out how to make it legally. Cause being me I know they will try and test me, just comes with the territory of attacking the big dogs who are making mistakes, don't make it proper though. Makes me hate this time of year, folks always trying to get something for nothing. Then when the police show up, I just hope they do not arrest me to. Dam I hate this time of year. I guess the way I always thought of it was that why commit a stupid crime like that when what you gain is not worth the cost of the crime. It does not make sense to me. I would rather leave my neighborhood and find a job on a farm and save my money to do something than live my whole life hanging out with folks that make me want to go and hurt innocent folks. I am not no gangster neither is my grandma, yet each year like clock work they try. I am just glad they do not try that hard. It is better thy do not get in because of they do I will be very scared and it will be much harder to tell if they have a weapon.
Rider I

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