This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Possible Communist Chinese clandestine unit in our government.

My legal desire to breath fire. legally and properly kill, meaning as per any good citizen to take out of power. Much like a kill switch for an energize script.

Reagan wrote a book about how espionage agents are like actors. He said if you want to have a good movie. You listen to your directors. The idea that foreign countries direct scripts in the USA. To destroy our power economy our citizens, our children our homes our souls is true. Reagan used to sit there and listen to the directors and take his desire on it.

Currently today we have a leftist regime inside of this country that has not been washed of its major foreign directors that come from heavy giant communist countries. The way it works is the director writes a scrip with actors and a plot and an ending. Then after the script is written. They must place the actors in the positions and roles they wish to play out. After such, time, place and actor roles are set. Then the director energizes the play with a analogized to a camera. Which is his set of eye's and ears that direct the play and watch it bread it feed it and make sure it keeps going. The story line is usually to destroy things like power of science, food, military, and economy. Today we can see a possible set of actors that have done just that. In pure very obvious targeted and acted on our specific four main espionage areas that the directors write scripts for.

My family are ancient very smart or what is known as today as ADHD lineage people. The leftist wish to drug us the right wish to harness us. We have very good knowledge of how things work. There was once a fascist system on this planet that destroyed families ability to create science or what then was known as magic. The way the families stopped the cognitional fascism. Was to create a place where they could write fictional desires. Which was known as plays. So the family had to take over the playhouses so their plays could be played. So as to create a mass cognition. This was some of the first espionage articles I have read about. For example, MacBeth is actually Mac Breath. .The real play was way to obvious that Mac was breathing is cognitional breath on the people. As during that time, the analogy of the spirits was the idea of the black plague.The family has since then played the scrips. Written directed and then placed into plays actors that they desire a world free from fascist mono cultural types. As the soul desires things that are different and interesting. Therefore, espionage was their main thing.

Today I see that our military sector has lost its ability to control its brain creation for our highest level of security which is planes and missiles. While also the US has seen a major play direct that was openly published and admitted too. That directed the US into a major economic disaster. As war causes heavy one sided thought. Instead of a balanced economy and defense. Then we see that also the US is going through a major drought that is a historical drought. Something that has never happened.

outline is
the espionage unit to Mac's old playwrite of fancy things, specific pin point grid actions they all took, then analogize the energy grid to show a foreign conspiracy to create a loss of US supremecy and violate constitutional federal supremecy rules.

articles, laws, citations, analogies of speech and facial expressions and historical operations by the unit as a whole. They are not a Democratic Unit nor a Republican unit and they are not domestic communist. They are foreign born and foreign actors. As per the plot of the script and end games of the actions.

If you ever want to become an espionage agent or learn to puppet industries, politics, military, or make a ton of money. Learn to write screen plays is the best way to do it. As it teaches you real life application to anything as an outline to societal building, business building, or military defense issues.

Its great for rearing children, keeping a wife's interested or a husband, its a really good skill for all humans to have. It teaches gridding of society. For example I have taken many classes that teach different styles of scripting.

For example I am scripting to stop the destruction of the USA, by the PLA as spoken desire is to economically implode us and destroy every thing about our economic free market hegemony for thier mono so called communist centralization of world economy. And my script is the same thing we did to the Soviets. And I am working out major as it is called Mac crow, causee Mac's have always had crows fallow them into battle. So it will happen. As nobody has ever been able to stop a Mac's script once he starts writing as a defense write. It is like soul magic.

And there is 13 tribes of mac that are worldly and very multicultural that sit down each year and speak about the world. I am part of that. I do not like communism, fascism, one world orders, or racist. I am what we laughing call the demon o cracy.

Soviets knew we targeted their mono cultural desires. So I do not care if Communist China does. I do this openly for all those that hate my family as if we are the worlds problem. We see it as we are the saviors of every small island, every small culture the folks who desire freedom.  We have Asians, Indians, Native Americans, smaller cultures, Europeans, Russians, you name its a great big family. And i am tired of the allowance of Communist China's desire to mono culturally move their power forward. If they become a Democracy I do not script. As I can't. Long with that I am tired of the left using our children via the cognitional coolness tools with very little education of the leftist allowance of our worst enemy into our power seats.

The 911 was pure Communist China's script 3,000 innocent men and woman died every single different culture was in there. And I am going to script back. But not with wanton killing to drive you into economic implosion. I am going to take your lands from your and show you what it feels like when the world turns on you and leaves you to me.

As far as this current set of espionage possible agents. One for sure. I can say I can kill you. As it is treason and you are a foreign soldier. Which means i can go to JAG get around any president political officer and present my case for treason and they will dispatch you. But I am not. So if the Democratic party attacks me, I will take it to JAG for dispatch. That is how we get around high treason like political espionage. And so far I have tried two cases in my life like that. Both full Soviets.

Politics do not matter in JAG can't matter. As the military is a national defense institution. Which means the President a Senator, a adivsor, anyone. If the prosecutors case musters approval. Then they can try it without any political help. Politics do not matter and the case will sequestered from both sides just pure pro for case against case cognitional war. Military tribunals are top secret. The flamers and obvious fanatics of any side or culture are not allowed in and the blank slates or just people, that work and are not really any sider or culture are the ones who fight it out.  If Feinstein or any of the eyes she uses to destroy our National grids go near the program. I will put here on trail. Which she is not right now as she is a great ally. High Treason courts are very scary when folks try and de grid or take power from them. And the reality is that is how the US has stayed so strong. Also as I am a mac and ancient father of Democracy family. I ask all those I think that are traitors to write books. Dr jones wrote a great book refutted a lot of my prosecution. So I did not go on him and I wont unless he is moving more on grids that obvious as that one was. Cause he was just an advisory.

The idea is that it allows the US government to stay whole without politics involved in domestic high treason. Cause high treason domestically is very hard to try. The funniest part is that it is a minium of $5,000 fine given if they turn themselves in. As the military gets to use it for a guide stone on whose getting that high up and the full grid that is energizing it. However, the max is death without knowledge.

research reports on world war i and ii sensitive telecommunications of radio and move. As per based on mimi issues of the populace. Democracy of mono nazism's or communisms.

how the CCP uses one industry to monopolize the other the steal industry Ansteal where they had 30 different resource and mineral companies and steel companies monopolize down to one SOE steal company. Most likely will happent o the candy, soda, marketing, and other industries as per COmmunist mono culture and centralized pervesion of liberty.

Then all media news have to use the old fifties style microphone to produce a show of our work production. and they have to hold it like they are singing when speaking.

i have to clean my room so I can play. Grandma not let me go play with the meanies in the world if my room is not clean. 

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