This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Friday, May 20, 2011

If one where to hear the words of CCP meeting.

Would one real at the hearing of the mention of the CCP Communizing the world as a one world entity, in which they will drive. Would one sit down and think why are we not more offensive towards this nation if these are their ideas. Would one hear the CCP specifically stating that they are creating major SOE's to conquer the market place via Communist economics. In which will force them to control capital and resource markets. What would you do if you had my ears?

Rider I

Water boarding LOL, give me a break, you kill our women and Children and you think we water board you, lol.

Water boarding is how people like me learn how to swim when children. How not to fear water. In which it is just an element you breath when the water is not in your passage of air. That is not torture that is an element of knowledge for surfing.  Which any sufer knows when down for a long time make bubbles and breath those. If necessary use snot and your areas in your nose that hold pockets of small amounts of air.

Therefore, that is boring. I had a Professor once think he was funny by saying he would water board me if I did not join the board. I told him I do not have time I am starting a society for Mock Trial, am on Debate and Moot Court and part of the Alpha Phi and Senate, along with that Professor I was taught how to swim using water boarding techniques. He smiled and walked away very bewildered. Then that night I sent him a cite to some real torture stuff, top dog status. It scared him pretty bad he asked me not to torture him anymore. I asked him do you want to try?

I mean give me a break water and a board WTF, really.

That's like jr high summer man graduation material, if not taught when a child. I mean I remember my friends learning how to deal with drowning and not being afraid via a bucket and being tied down to a chair on the floor. They thought it was cool. We had a pubic hair party for all those who could prove they had hair on their  arm pits after wards. Water boarding LOl

I mean most of us new how to swim. However, after the old Mac was done, with them they where not afraid to hit the rip tide on the ocean. I mean during the curial if you lose your board and are under you have to dive, if under to long breath bubbles out, trust nature and that there is a way out and believe, and if you do not panic you will either be with the lord or be free from the coral.

Don't water board them, no necky pictures, horrible place them in main hall Federal and it is much worse than those princy terroist jails with lights and music and water, I mean all you get in Fed is cock, fights, drugs and horrible food.

Now I could tell you what the tunnels uner their houses and the flys up their noses really do but then i would have to well not water board you.

F in princy oh no your own cell, your own food dish, no cock in your booty, necky pic's and al my good your own private rave with music and lights,

Get over it,

where is my Supply Side Surplus Legislation

Put them in Fed with Bubba and get over it. Bubba get what every you want out of them.

I want my Supply Side Surplus!.

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