This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Will it be alright?

No it never will be. There will always be another fight tomorrow. I will fight till I die. I can fight legally and properly like a professional; with debates and evidence. The Communist 's main problem is they think like the Soviets  That the Communist think they can stop the human soul from existing to compete and explore via competition of natural terrain, human interaction or even natural existence of human mating patterns. It will never happen. Marxism never solved for its very problem that it created. Which was a major void and vacuum in power. The  basic theory goes is that it just creates fascism. No matter how you run it. There have been whole computer programs, underground fertilizes and fascist groups of hermits in underground caves. And it does not work. There is always the competition and need for freedom.

The feeling of angst and anger just deprived from one's soul so that the popular can tell others what to do. Instead of allowing the natural erge to fight, is horrible and a nightmare. The basic and best and brightest communal theory is natural law. In which it takes the nature as it is. Then thus tries to calm it and apprehend it so as to allow for freedom but stop harm and hate and things that cause frustration. The idea is like watching rats in a cage. In which you know the rats will eat each other if allowed to be stored in a fascist style storage container. The idea of force feeding them drugs and still placing them in cages together leads to the same thing. It is natural implosion. The human being has had this same feeling. Those who are so inert at their own consciousness as to stay in their minds and be able to use their bodies energy to force out their inner thoughts, have been known to literally just implode in thin air.

I learned when I was a kid that when I felt like I was trapped and that all things where being forced upon me. The freedom of a park or even the ability to compete with my friends via a game was the best relief from the inner fire and electrical storm that one can create inside of themselves. This then shows that even the human soul, as when it feels better is competiting constantly. In which if forced to act like it has to stop compete-ting will create a implosion.

If we then take this to a macro level, of entities instead of humans one would think the natural phenomenon would be the same as applied to economies. So we then take a look at the natural phenomena that is occurring in Communist China with the fascist party in control. We see the idea of SOE's and centralized banks forcing things to happen via their single insane non outlet of the Communist Party. This then forces either one of two things. The entity of Communist China to lash out violently at others, like we see with their SOE's. On the other hand to innerly have to allow more freedom for the entities to be able to flow with each other instead of the forced flow of a single group of thinkers.

The one would be shown easily through the international community via economics. The other would also be shown. As the CCP is no miracle. It is in a transitional state. In which the only reason why it has not ended up like other Communist Countries is because it transitioned part way to allow more free will and freedom in economics. Therefore, what some would say is a miracle is actually common natural law. The more freedom they allow the more spread of natural sanity inside of their country will occur. This is well documented inside of the US. As the US forced fascist to compete through non monopoly allowances we saw major spread of wealth via pro competitive laws for individuals. However, when the Communist use such things as SOE's for international dominance we see an actual decrease in the ability of the spread of wealth; via resources and reserves.

Therefore, will it ever be ok. No we will always fight. It is just how we are allowed to fight. Even if we are drugged to the point of insanity we will fight. If we are forced to do something via a single party fascist rule we will fight. If the fight is oppressed then they will find a way fight. As such, the best way to allow the fight is through political adversary and free markets. Why oppress something that is naturally apparent in the soul of the human being.

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Everything fights, it is just how they fight. I fear that someday the centralization of wealth in the Communist Party of China will cause my people to have to pick up arms inside of the USA. Basically because we will no longer be able to use our voices to stop rich elitist party members from gaining more why we gain less. This is very similar to what Senator Sherman believed in the idea of Capitalism via centralized monopolies of wealth to single humans or groups. It is exactly analogous.

The key then becomes. How do create natural peaceful weapons to stop such atrocities to the human soul and economic balance as we saw Senator Sherman due. This is key. We can't just use the legislation that Senator Sherman souled to stop Capitalist Fascism. As this is not proper and is obviously not working. Therefore, we have to scholar a new book and a new way to stop such imbalances of power. The US and the free world believes in adversary in which allows for the proper transfer and balance of power. However, once one side is allowed to gain more power we can easily see the tip of balance of power. For example, if we look at such state capitalism as we see in Alaska. We can easily see that the balance of power has been used via economic surpluses created to cause an imbalance of power in Alaska. If we then project in a bigger manner, we can see that state capitalism in Communist China has created a world imbalance. As such, how to create legislation on the matter of State fascism and state oppression of free enterprises is key to this issue at hand. I am currently not in the position to do that. However, I can fight via defamation and other views which can slow the onslaught of state capitalism in the worlds free est country and most prolific believer in individuals rights to own their own business and their own things. Which is in heavy decline since the loss of iniative to stop State Capitalism abroad. 

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