This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Thursday, June 2, 2011

CCP and MSS are Done The Problem with the allowance of Republicans to have state capitalism.

The issue hear is that the Democratic party itself understands very well their own evils and desires to destroy their opposition via state capitalism. However, the Republican party as we see them doing deals with the worlds worst big government institution and fascist, the Communist Chinese. Is obviously avoid of their own evils. Their are many reports on political economic balance and the disruption that state capitalism causes in the normal flow and balance of a proper political adversary system. The best evidence ever is currently Venezuela. In which as we saw the erosion of free enterprises and free markets, we saw the erosion of political economic balance. Inside of Venezuela we see the worlds ultimate fascist a military genocidal man who was allowed to rule his country. Much like Gadafi military Generals if allowed such blood lust as genocide or even full control because of their ability to stay behind a line and point a finger on a map. Has been cause for the worlds worst economic imbalances.

We see over and over again through out the US's natural god given right to its own constitution. That they help our Democratic rebels. Who wish to believe in a power sharing balance. As the US sees specific tribes or human cultures that are discriminated against in a single area via a single party Fascism's. So it helps out if US obtain's such power as to place their own lives on the line. In every circumstance we can see that the main root of the inability of the general to be polite towards its opposition is because of state fascism. This then causes its own people to start to be impolite. As there is no fair competition allowed. As such, the opposition becomes belligerent and hostile. In which at mass, then takes up arms as it just wants to be able to speak its own peace and have the chance for its own tribe to seek leadership.

Thus, we see my cite. Which is taken up legal and proper arms against the Fascist Communist. As the US can't compete fairly in the international economy, for resources or even natural god given right to regain its economic surplus via exports. I have become legally and peacefully hostile. Inside of the US we see the allowance of such ability to fight peacefully and allow the transition of power of hand for those who are the brunt of the attack. this allow'a for the opposition of such fascism to be physically peaceful. I can go each day without committing a crime, or hurting anyone. As at the end of the day I feel like I said my peace. Which keeps me and my country at peace and out of physical wars.

Therefore, we see that the Republicans are starting to take sides with the Communist Chinese exactly like the Democrats did during the President Clinton years. This is not because it is in their belief system. As how a conservative could ever allow the worlds biggest government, most extremist leftist group, into its area is basically pure corruption and horrible political representation of their constituents. As the conservative party and the Democratic party believe in competition.. The fact that the players and characters allowing these things into the country are doing so because of bullying tactics, complete lack of respect for their political parties constituency, and constitutional beliefs, or they are pure corruption, in this matter. Stopping this allowance of SOE cartel's into the US is the only way to keep the US from being destroyed. Therefore keeping its complete nature from being taken to a supply chain centralization to the Communist Party of China like the Soviets tried to do.

The basic idea is that we should worry when you allow the Communist Chinese to corrupt a leader of the free world. This goes not different from any other leader that breaks the law in such a manner as to cause major imbalances in our countries economy of economics, or economy of politics.

You can't do such activities without being attacked legally and properly of course. The whole Communist single fascist wish to control the world via single fascist state capitalist will never come true. As long as US citizens fight for it legally and properly.

Rider I

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