This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Monday, June 6, 2011

Outline Communist China's Military is ahead of the US. Chinese Military Superiority.

When you government is 50% SOE and only one single power tribe. The majority of everything it does is military and for conquest.

Their opposing statement.

The idea that the Communist Chinese military is 20 years behind is comical. The mere fact of the reality is that they are a head by years if anything. Their submericable technology is to the point in which the US has not bee able to reach, via stealth subs. In which have proven this to the fact of impossing on a US drill, and then firing ICMB's off the Coast of Catalina. In which the submarine was able to get through our supposed 20 years a head technology.

Cyber War:

Space Ships:

Amount of troops, via birth rates:

Puppet states:

Stealth fighters:

Proxy Agents:

Mineral acquisition's for fast production of war machines:

Guerrilla warfare strategies:


Transfer of high technological weapons to puppet states:

Underground bases:

Underwater bases:

Control of their economy via the Military and Intelligence:

Foreign Intelligence operations:

Soldier healing packets and technology:

Drones and transfer of tech to puppets:

The ability of the US to keep any military technology a secret, Military industrial Espionage:

Shipyards and mechanical tech yards for repairs, foreign and domestic:

Massive underground water troop and tech transfer subs:

Political Corruption Units, Pro Communist Lobbying units, v Anti or Even Pro Democracy lobbying units:

Ability to break laws in Communist China for military activities abroad related to economic illegal cartelling and briberay, along with use of ability to transfer weapons to guerillas via SOE's:

Satellite Production:

Technology trade and the ability to produce technological weapons faster:

Technological plants domestic and foreign for tech warfare maintaince and repair:

You tell me, really 20 years commy. Do you really want me to fill this in. Because I will make you look like a beast compared to the US. As that is the reality, then again, I need a job, and why nobody is rebutting their propaganda just means that I have an even bigger niche and should really start MEI.

Shipping lanes for cloaked mech tech and US domestic Communist ladden deep bases with missiles and armament's:

Textile mills for proper clothing of full scale war and proper weather:

Manufacturing machines and tools necessary, along with skilled workers to produce:

Supply Chain Cartels:

Debt wars:

Stock wars via SOE financial Cartels of the CCP:

Nuclear war hidden hidden in underground manufacturing bases:

Female soldiers trained for the special opts and front lines along with massive amounts of first strike dames:

Suicidal Fascist Connections:

Radar systems that can detect cloaking:

Electrical magnetic cloaking devices for stealth bombers:

Electrical magnetic weapons:

International Pressure to downsize US bases domestically and foreignly:

Ip to downsize US Intelligence bases domestically and foreignly:

Intelligence officers as per numbers:

Cultural subversion bases as per Communist wish to re indoctrinate Chinese foreigners back into Communist China:

Ex ray weapon technology to see through walls, satellite and soldier arms:

Biological warfare, espionage and military:

Propaganda, way propaganda they are like 100 years ahead of us in that. I mean it is literally just me defining against it at an even prejudice level, (prejudice just means work ethic, in intel definitions):

Food storage and proper rationing systems, there food frozen bases are way bigger than ours and can support their whole muti million army and conscription units:

Currency and mineral reserves:

International Community Clout, IMF, UN, NATO etc:


Artificial Intelligence:

Production of computation devices for further strategic necessary needs and proper lining computations for propaganda  along with massive oppressive military regimes against those speaking their minds, like they are the Communists fascist.

Covering the worlds eys's with a cloak as they surpass everyone sometimes two countries placed together, and lie the whole way, pressingly precious how cute it is that we are so inapt against their pro-panda, so cute, we are so nice and loving, f that no more. I am on your case commy PLA and MSS.

Rider I

You know if you would just become a Democracy and allow other parties besides the brain washing school of the Communist to gain check power in your country, we could probable be the bests of friends, if you also got rid of your SOE's. I mean, just do it. I am going to kick your booty, I beat the Soviet's when I was a kid, I mean I am the Mack daddy baby. Just do it.

I mean just do us all the favor so I can get back to the space economics and stop with the SOE international conquest and share the political power. I  mean you know I am going to kick your booty. I mean I was born to do it. The Mack's have been kicking fascist booty like yours since the ancient times, baby. Just do it. Fascist are all the same. think they can beat the Democracy gem. The funniest thing is I will win again and never have to pull a trigger or even use the government to do it. Just like the old goober days.

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