This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Monday, July 26, 2010

Done Equal competition is fair, unequal competition is unfair.

  It has been long known and understood that the reason why the Chinese and the Communist Party have done so well is because of the individual free markets of the world and the belief in individual ownership being placed into their country. We believed that would happen, and we also thought that it would bring them more civil rights, economic freedoms and a stable military defense for their citizens. As such, I applaud them. As China is now stable and doing very well. However, the Communist party and its political agenda has decided to create unfair competition to create the safest and most padded economy in the world for its national political interest which has crashed the world economy.

 It is normal for political leaders and political parties in power to want a safe and stable country for their citizens. But, when it comes at the cost of the world economies being unstable and crashing because of:
   unfair competition in resource acquisition,
   countries losing millions of manufacturing jobs to their padded market
    countries basic financial deficits being funded by the single party to keep the debt up and the Single parties foreign currency holdings high
     their single party state owned enterprises conglomerating while becoming bigger through strategic national political agendas and strategies
       allowing that single party to become the worlds biggest exporter of technological advances like nuclear machines, and basic luxury technology like computers, mother boards, chips and screens that even our defense department uses at their homes and completely cancels out any comparative advantage theory that any Political Admin every used to uphold the trade deficit with China.
Then it really becomes a problem. The Chinese are freer than they have ever been. They feel the lifestyle of arts, cultures, military defenses and security, & even Cadillac problems are now some of their worst worries like a religious group that is no threat to them or being so wrapped up in economic strategy that properly could be defined as war. So When do we talk to them about their Abuse of their State Owned Enterprises?

    Now!.  It is fair to say after the world, yes the world, asked China to raise its currency to help smaller countries and undeveloped countries to be able to compete in international contracts and resources acquisition. So there would be new markets for all to export and import with. Then, China, or at least one party in China went behind the world leaders that helped China become so economical free, militarily safe, and, China stabbed them in the back. They stated that the world crash was not their fault and took no blame that the world crash happened without even in looking into the policies that they have been holding onto and abusing. Unlike the free world markets which quickly noted they may have problems and started to regulate, fix them appropriately and freely, with humbility, and re-pore corrected(ing) as the free markets always do. They further acted like their SOE economic strategies are ok, and their mass disastrous strategic national economic planning had nothing to do with it. While still seeing and completely understanding that freedom of economics is truly more beneficial for their people's liberties and right to own their own life's. The time is now.

At the point when China tariffs countries when they do not allow their Single Party SOE national interest's to merge, or acquire countries economic infrastructure businesses owned by individuals or corporations avoid of national interest with no national strategic planning or military backing; however, those countries allow in China's individuals or corporations avoid of single party government ownership. I think that is when we should take a look at our newly found bright safe and secure country in the world. As they might be, being a little, to abusive with their old tactics (see 50 years of full bloom communist economic warfare studies and watching, and then apply it to now a days economic market crash). Then, we should explain to them that if you want to be a leader you should not not speak badly on those who helped you. Or, you should not complain and moan about pitching in to help other countries be able to compete. The single parties hesitance to look inwards on their own currency and use of their National Owned Enterprises in the international market really has been selfish and has stopped or even slowed new markets to export and import with. As such this detriment has Stopped and seriously impeded other countries abilities to become economically stable, sovereign, and militarily secure from foreign economic acquisition or terroism. While also slowing the worlds economic rebound because those countries who should be able to compete cannot because of SOE strategies. Leaving smaller markets for all but more markets for the Communist SOE national strategy to conglomerate and merge with crushed free markets, instead of letting them be free and sovereign. This has been done by abusing their SOE strategies to keep out other smaller countries, or underdeveloped countries from resource acquisitions then keeping their currency at a third world rate. While having one of the most secure countries in the world. Further, crushing countries free markets with SOE national strategies so they have to be dependent on Communist resources and products for their feeble service industry, is not what leaders do. Leaders allow people to be free and own their own, produce their own, feel liberty, feel secure and safe from governments, and be their own owners. Freedom of individual markets and competitive international commerce so all countries can have safe countries because of their economic stability, China, is a good thing, what you have done is a bad thing. I think this is when we talk to China and the Single Party dictatorship. About their abuse of their SOE's.

 When is it time to tell China, not so long ago, I remembered a country with SOE's owning all industries and not being allowed to compete freely because of their SOE's uncompetitive advantage and huge political agenda. I think now it is time to say that we are not happy that China is further conglomerating their SOE's and has reverted back to a national economic political strategic SOE level of disastrous proportions. As they have been used too heavily in single party strategy to crush world economies for their national political agenda of economic growth. Therefore, causing their brothers and sisters of the world to hurt in pain, while China laughs and stabs their helping brothers and sisters in the back. Then they wish not to help until it became an issue of Chinese pride that they would be in the hot seat of the meeting of the free worlds regarding the world economic crash.......... Or, at least they waited till very close to that, and that is what it inherently seemed like. It was very close to the last minute. Lets be real and stop eating ourselves up over our abusive relationship and say, China, do you know what your international SOE's have done? Or do you really think that you can hide National Interest Economic Strategies forever?

We need an intervention and the Rider I is here to intervene. I stand and I say, it is time to have a talk with the single party at least to sit down and speak with them regarding their National Interest Economic Strategy of SOE's and how far do they wish to take them? Are they going to go back to the deal of them actually selling off none basic SOE's like manufacturing, agriculture, resource acquisitions etc. (as I believe it states in some WTO agreements that the Communist Party should slow their aggressive and abusive use of SOE's) or is it the single party's plan to try and convert the world through their expanding of SOE conglomerations to their style economics so we can all be country v country as free market countries have started to do; just so they can compete with Communist SOE strategies, (which is war if it comes down to it, as countries will have to compete with countries for resources and market shares instead of business v. business being regulated by governments as it should be)? Or, should the Communist go back on the path of business v. business, which allows countries to fairly regulate the market place and commerce without political agenda or, old Karl's way over thinking. Which, brought his theory right back into the feudalistic prediction of free markets and individual ownership being crashed. Then, having violent revolutions so that all people can be enslaved to each other and have certain rulers (or popular kings,as in communism no person should have more than the other so leaders inherently will have the most power without power checks). Instead of natural competitive individual ownership and the strongest pen writers, (ref's), creating and regulating the competition between their citizens like a referee should. Stay out of the game. Ref's should not play the game as the  SOE's crash of 2008-2010 shows that when countries get their national political agenda's involved with free market commerce at abusive levels, things go very badly. This is when we need to have another Communist talk with the Chinese.

Rider I

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