This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Saturday, July 31, 2010

We are no Longer a Free World Market

Love this doll.

        As we have allowed the Communist Cartels to be used to the levels of abuses. The only choice for other civilized countries to compete and keep themselves economically sovereign would be to also use heavy SOE cartels in their vertical line of resources, shipping, manufacturing, production, distribution and then the financing department. This then meas that the Cold war and all the work that our forefathers & mothers did to fight for a free and competitive international market place to stop Communist acquisition of political and military targets is almost gone. We have allowed this abuse to happen. As shown in today's economy the effects of a Communist Economic Cartels abusive strategy are everywhere. A free market is based on fair markets and the ability for each to compete fairly we are not seeing that in the international market place. If we allow this Communist Cartel abuse to persist it will be basically who ever has the biggest population instead of fair competition.

    Then, the allowance of the Cartel abuse will lead to other cartel abuses as Japan has already started an SOE in their agriculture. I am sure they will finish the set up the rest of the Communist Economic Cartel strategy to be able to compete with China because we are not regulating their Cartel abuses and the Japanese are getting hit the hardest with SOE Cartel economic strategy. Also this will not only lead to other countries proliferating Cartel activities. It will link into the government stealing mass amounts of business, lands and messing up the economic marketplace for military and political strategy avoid of freedom and liberty much like what is going on in the Venezuela, Marxist leadership Revolution. This will be done under a possible guise of the executive emergency orders after the next, service bell curve is run. However, next time instead of the government just bailing out corporations they will probable have to outright own them to compete against the Chinese Communist Cartel strategies as they conglomerate bigger and centralize their economic strategic abilities.

         Further, along the lines of freedom, link into populations. As a country needs a high population to compete in the SOE economic wars governments will naturally lead to a progression of regulations to find a way to fulfill its Communist Economic Cartel Strategies, known or unknown it is a natural progression. Now the winner of the Economic Cartel wars will be the one with the biggest population as they can create the biggest tax pull to keep up their Communist Economic Cartels. So we will find that these proliferation will lead to war as populations rise, food shortages happen and resources dwindle more as the conservative regulations to breed to keep up economically tighten for mass human production, we will lose our population check known as freedom and liberty. What has happened in the Chinese Economic Model of Communist Cartels is unnatural to a free market place of fair and competitive commerce.

     We are no longer a free world market as the Chinese Communist Economic Cartels have gone unchecked and unregulated. If this keeps going it will lead to proliferation of further Cartels and huge abuses just to say afloat for all major countries. This idea of Communist SOE Cartel strategies will not lead to free markets and fair competition policies. Where countries make laws for their individuals and corporations avoid of political or military ownership. So all can compete fairly and the smaller underdeveloped countries can become new vibrant safe and secure societies to trade with and help flourish to freedom avoid of political or foreign government acquisition, for economic sovereignty. After this crash and the loss of the regulators and regulations against Communist Economic Cartels.  This world is losing the World's title as a Free Market for Trade and Commerce which could lead us back into what we have progressed from. That is not a good thing, Dulce. The conglomerating energy is leaving a rift in the world that will dry up fair markets and the ability for underdeveloped countries to become a safe and secure place, as smaller countries will not be able to compete with the massive SOE Cartels and the SOE cartel owners will only trade with those that they have a strategic need to trade with. Instead of a fair market competition where all can compete without SOE cartel abuses.
Rider I
Dulce: Check the tracers of possible future algorithms of this economic strategy that is being allowed via the Communist SOE cartels and how the energy current is way unbalanced. I read things that I see can be a serious threat to peaceful research and proper universal progression of all.

(Sona) (feis taistil) of (Lúnasa); (go maire tú an lá!).

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