This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Friday, July 30, 2010

My Service Industry Bell Curve theory explains what is happening and predicts the next crash. All rights reserved to the RI R&A. No stealing, without proper ciation. I want to see my pysdo name like my forefathers before me published and properly, please. You may use the Service Bell, along as cited properly. Again (R)

 Simply demand and supply graph explains the service bell curve theory.

The horizontal line is demand for services
The vertical line is the Allies employment rates: based on the ripple effect of 1 good job creating 2-3 other jobs. I still have to solidify the ripple effect for you, however, it should be a blatant study as anybody knows you shut down the manufacturing plants you get a Detroit effect of no good jobs then the other jobs go too.

    Then the graph shows as demand is awakened, through lenient service jobs laws i.e. loans for specific, need of employment with proper laws etc, or even a force, then the demand for the service will go up as more employees look for and persuade clients to purchase the services. Then after the the demand starts to pick up you will see employment rise as the better client seekers will be able to teach others how to do the same thing through law, persuasion etc. Then it will peak, where the service industry country has reached it's full capacity for that service. Then the demand for the service will start to go down, as clients only wish to at this point seek cheaper services as they already are provided for. Then employers will start to lay off employees to bring prices down. This will keep happening all the way the service bell curve. Until, at the point of normalization for that industry and the bell has rang.

    We have seen this cycle run twice so far with the .com and then the mortgage. The effects are disastrous for the government, and economy. As legalisation is based on the ripple effect of the service bell curve. Along with investments of humans pensions, retirements and government funds. However, once the Bell is rang and it is normalized there is a huge fall out of all those who now do not have a job losing all of their investments as they need them to live, and they can't pay all of their loans because they do not have the jobs after the bell has rang. Then we go right back into exactly what the Communist want us to be.

     We borrowed money from them after the .com, mortgage and we will more or less have to do the same thing after the service bell is rang. This allows the Communist to further their military, political and SOE acquisitions as they are able to purchase and go on spending sprees when the bell has been rung. This leaves the US, Canada, and the EU at a huge detriment to allow the Communist to use their SOE's who own 40% of the Chinese industrial marketplace to keep our labor and production jobs that we need to stabilize or economies.

   As you see the correlation  between , com crash and the mortgage crash and the unemployment levels are obviously similarly.  A service industry goes up so does employment. Once that service industry has gained all the workers and the clients are serviced, then prices fall and workers are laid off. As the clients have their providers and the acquisition part is gone. Then we go through the loss of wages and movement of money and the ripply effects and we again crash.

    The only way to get past it is to find a root manufacturing ability like Green tech to sell to the world. However, we are letting high technological producing jobs go by the thousands;  80% of our Green Technology stimulus was spent on foreign job creation and importation of parts to allow other countries to further their technology advancement of manufacturing and creation. So really, I would buy property now as it will go up in about 10 years then sell when it peaks. As after the insurance service bell curve starts to bend downwards prices of houses and commodities will again start to fall as more and more people lose their jobs as the loss of one job that cannot be replaced it creates the ripple effect overtime to the loss of three jobs correlated with one.

  The Bell curve goes up and goes down, service industries run their cycle no matter what. It is the root manufacturing of technology that stabilizes a country. This allows a country to help other countries through underdeveloped construction by selling products, equipment and machinery needed to help them produce a civil society. That is why the Communist Cartels wish to have a strong hold on technology lines, resources, and shipping lanes. Because, they they can control whole governments and countries by just one little twist of a basic economic infrastructure. If the control the whole market place with proper strategic placemen of SOE cartels, then they can keep a government under a certain well strategies economic theory. If I can do it, I bet you a room full of communist economists helping prepare SOE state secret strategies can do it.

Facts of backing
The US and other free society markets have lost their manufacturing sectors to the Communist SOE padded markets. Countries based on my service bell curve theory that crash the world because of reliance on a cheaters market of SOE Cartel strategic economics.
Countries based on my Service Bell Curve theory:

Canada 76% of GDP is based on Services: 
 EU 70%  of GDP is based on Services
US 70%   of GDP is based on Services
UK 74%  of GDP is based on Services

The SOE Cartels currently have an economic strategy to take a hold of each of the US's allies to slowly erode the power and influence of each country over the Communist Blocs.

    Just ask I can help you defend against it. I just need enough money to live on to do it. For some reason I just see this clearly as day, or through an owl's eyes at night.

     So more or less if the Cartel activities persist and a balance of proper manufacturing and service does not return; we will see the Communist countries becoming more and more powerful after each SOE Cartel strategized crash; politically and militarily. You say it is hard to find the nexus, I say is because you are looking to closely. The strategy is played over years and decades not seasons or quarters.
  Again trust me if this economic defense strategist can create an economic strategy so can the Communist.

  Rider i
Anyone could not have done this or they would have done it already, so do not under mind my genius theory and defense against the Cartels strategy. The genius of it all is that it really is that simple when you put it together and the defense is the enlightenment process. As minds light up, they will have no choice but to defend against it and I will create a ripple effect of enlightenment much like my predecessors during the dark economic middle ages.

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