This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Done Prediction of the path of the Warriors of the Communist Economic Warfare Strategy or Unconventional War.

   I would guess that the Communist SOE holdings will further their conquest in minerals and resources in which they hold the contracts in foreign international markets and others have to buy from them. Instead of an individual business or cooperation avoid of government interest. This mining part of the war will lead to Chinese control of who gets to manufacture and who does not, by easily manipulated selling and or bidding out by the Chinese SOE cartel brothers and sisters.

   Case study prediction. Lest say the Communist gain a further hold in foreign lands and their imperialist arm of the Communist Economic warfare machine gains full, to almost, monopolistic style holdings on certain resources. Then they could easily sell to their allies or those who bow to their bulling military and economic cloaked threats. Which will create what we have seen recently in the IMF. Which have started going agaisnt free markets and Democracy in favor of the Communists. As such, if a society that they do not want, or they see as a threat, or an enemy they could easily have their mass holding of SOE cartelled arms come into bid out the countries individuals, or business avoid of government ownership; would then mean, that the Communist would be able to see what company was getting what resources and if they deemed them a threat. In which means they could easily use their military arm of the Communist party to infiltrate, sabotage or spy to see what the company is up too. Therefore, in the national interest of the Communist party and its Economic warfare strategy,  I believe, they have ascended on mines, minerals and resources to gain pure materials for technological advances while making it harder for their competitors like India, Turkey or Russia to compete with their mass holding of SOE resource companies. As such they move for national interest and not for the fair business or market shares. As they usually only fund back to their cloaked style of SOE stock holders who never own more than the Controlling Communist party. Which is no more than 20% at the majority and 40% at the most while the Communist party keeps 60% of the profits for themselves. With hundreds of SOE's nation wide in mining and other strategic economic infrastructures this cloak works well for them.  It keeps away the anti-trust laws by acting like they do not control the company when they still do. Plus, it allows the Communist go gain more money for their expansion. With at times having their SOE's actually not pay back their investors or they just steal their investors money.

Rider I

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