This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My recommedations for the WTO, editing is needed not complete, yet.

  As it has come to my knowledge that for some reason the the Working Group on the Interaction and Competition Policy is inactive. I would with full force and regard to this research page call to pens and search the such group that has been inactivated. As such an area I wish for a proper analysts after my own individual analysts would be:

  The provision on hardcore cartels:
      possible bid rigging by use of cartels, (for resources), price rigging by use of State Procured Business and their conglomerated use of financial systems, manufacturing, resources and shipping, acting against the very nature of open free trade and the expansion of free trade as inherently if found to be acting as a cartel, the SOE's can act in coherence with each other to out perform any individual or smaller country without proper regulations to slow their Government strategy so as to allow proper international commerce and further expansion of civil liberties for those countries who cannot afford to compete with a massive cartel like structure of the Communist Party and its possible strategic use of SOE's to rig prices in favor of their national political interest to grow their economy without regard for their fellow nations and countries in the world.

      "Guiding Principles

The following sets out ICC’s recommended guiding principles with regard to hard core cartels:

1. Horizontal agreements only. In section 8 of "Discussion Points on Information Sharing in International Cartel Investigations" submitted by BIAC to the OECD Global Forum on Competition on February 15, 2002, BIAC suggested that hard core cartel behaviour means (i) horizontal price fixing agreements, (ii) horizontal bid rigging, and (iii) horizontal market allocation. (A copy of the BIAC Discussion Points is attached.) ICC supports this definition.

Hard core cartels ought to be confined to horizontal agreements between competitors, and should not extend, for example, to an agreement between two or more undertakings each of which operates, for the purposes of the agreement, at a different level of the production or distribution chain."
ICC Hard Core Cartels Discussion Paper Prepared by the ICC Task Force on Competition and Trade
Document n° 225/577

27 June 2002

To distinguish from the limitations set forth in id cited document, No 2
 I would believe that a full scale use of a single political parties State Owned Enterprise cartel like activities of such scale use of resources, shipping, manufacturing, packaging, financial possible investments for and against weaken markets, strategic alignment of trading partners to oust non government agents so that their cartel like interest can be obtained from that partners industry, (China's loan to Venezuela, Venezuela stealing American individual business oil rigs), along with dumping tactics, maneuvers to acquire certain industrial economic strategic business with their use of their SOE cartels and further then halting any help what so ever to further the growth of a stable world economy by simply raising their currency value to a country that can produce more than the eldest advanced country.

It has been shown that further mergers of those big type cartels and their activities are bad for smaller economies as they will not be able to compete with them and they will be left to their mercy, if not properly regulated.

Therefore, the Trade Review Board if so found by the Working Group on the Interaction and Competition Policy should properly review and watch the use of the Single Political Party of China which has in not so many wasy stated the very use of their SOE cartels if for political agenda gain and not for fair trade or even to help other countries with their trade as through my scope, which is not a proper regulatory scope as it should be researched.

As there was welcoming in the cartel laws to regulated the huge prices differentials from Swiss vertical cartel like actions linking into offshore resources sites, Switzerland May 1996 PRESS RELEASE


CONCLUDING REMARKS BY THE CHAIRPERSON  30 May 1996 Horrible cited I do apologize.

I would call for if so found that hostile cartel like strategies where used in the Chinese Communist State Owned Enterprises for control of their Mergers and Foreign Acquisitions of their SOE's to slow their uncompetitive nature so as to allow smaller countries, individuals and corporations avoid of government control the ability to compete fairly with the Communist SOE cartel like activities. As such at this time their cartels after their probable use of vertical alignments of uncompetitive nature are on a huge acquisition of uncompetitive nature so as to favored the cartel and to not benefit and even place caps on the growth of smaller countries, developing countries, individuals and corporations avoid of government ownership.,

I believe the detriment of this nature could possibly be more countries only being able to have a service economy and being forced to really heavily on one country for resources and produced materials, like technology, and other basic manufactured necessities.

It is understood that Communist Regime of China does have a very good natural labor pool. However, it is thought that the cartel like actions could be possible a reason and a cause for the last crash as more countries had to be dependant on service economies as their nations, individuals or corporations avoid of national cartel strategic government ownership could not compete with their unfair business campaign, and cloaked conglomeration of smaller SOE's into vast huge government well placed steam rollers of businesses.

I will further my recommendations later I now have to get some sleep. These recommendations come with a notice of need to edit, and that I am in no way a counselor of any type and I do this for fun and am an individual who just worries and sees something I think has grown way to unfair for others.

Rider I, that is why I hide my name as I fear for myself.

I will edit and try and do a better job, these thoughts came to me as I was going to go to sleep. Before, I embarked on this track of research I was having nightmares of people in the world in poverty because of no jobs, and no ability to compete with dumping and over surpluses without proper regulations. The dreams were more or less fathers and mothers crying that they could not afford to provide better for their children. I used to wake up gritting my teeth. Now I can sleep, as I feel I am doing something. I do not have those dreams anymore.

I will edit later.

You see China wishes to be self independent of the world with its SOE use of strategic holdings and conglomerations. Its beliefs are it can make its government, military and communist political stronger if it conglomerates it's SOE's to more power. Then they wish to hold mass resource acquisition so that their SOE's can be well funded and they can under sell the minerals to their national individuals and corporations to keep up the jobs and taxes, so their SOE's can expand, while also using foreign investment money to expand their SOE's.

You see currently the Communist SOE cartel strategy allows for China to be domestically self sufficient while forcing other countries to depend on them. They produce as much as they can for dumping tactics, then the rest allows them to be self sufficient and they only import things on a substantial level that they cannot produce themselves. I believe their SOE strategy is veering very close to the Soviet Unions strategy of causing economic instability so that they can be self Sufficient and selfish without worrying about the worlds economic stability. Further it is the Communist Chinese Central Economic planning and strategic growth of SOEs through that centralizing of and conglomeration of their SOE's that proves to be the biggest problem much like was the fault of the Soviet Union.
pgs.7-8 on the reasons why the Soviet Union was not allowed into the Free Market society.

It is further relevant by the Communist Chinese massive proliferation of conglomerating SOE and resource acquisition that they seem to wish to stay on the path of centralized domestic self reliance and none cooperation and defiance of free market values and fair competition. As was shown with their last minute raise not even putting in enough money to help any country compete with them for more than a couple years on their plan. Which strategically by then after their Cartel of SOE's gets its strategic foot hold they could raise their prices and then just raise prices on resources and manufacturing items and it would level out to a still unfair playing filed because of their centralized economic strategies.
  Also it is major fear that the Centralized economic strategy of the Communist party will use their Centralized connected and controlled financial investment firms some times even being part of the actual SOE to further create unfair competition in the markets. At the level of Centralized planning and strategic political incite of strategies plus the blatant disregard to fully work with and be humble with the other members of the WTO to help reform the economic world instability. It would be my call to say we need to form and convene on the Chinese Cartel matter, without regard for their military bullying as such if we do not the next crash will be bad and it has been all world leaders can do from having their people go into civil unrest like Greece's poor situation and cause homeland terrorism to go up. As the next crash I predict with the this cycyle of Communist Cartel unregulated strategies will cause a crash that is twice the one we have seen, and governments will have a major time trying to fix it even with inflation and stimulus packages.
I wonder if the same questions we asked Russia would be found very proper to ask China,however, in an even more strategic level as I believe China has taken their Centralized economics to an even higher status than Russia and an even more potential threat. As I know the political fall out from the Cold War and Communist invasion through military forces is still there. I find it funny that when you ask someone if they new if Communist China was in North Korea, or Vietnam killing Americans and Free World Society members citizens they say they do not think so of they do not know. However, you ask about Russia and the Cold War and they know right away. I think that this misrepresentation of the two sides of the Communist Party has been fallen, as the Chinese Communist Party is now the culprit we need to regulate as they have gone unregulated for some time.

China has also started to go back on its reforms of being a more market based country and less of a self sufficient or SOE economic centralized country.

These are rough draft notes I will place them in a precise article later on. Just note taking right now.

I need to read this as this sounds good. point arrow up.
These should also be an interesting read.
I disclaim now I am not a lawyer nor counselor and make no qualms to be. I am just reading and writing and expressing my individual rights, as I believe this topic is very important for someone to stand up and say something.

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