This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Done Karl Marx's theorized himself right back into Feudalism.

   The natural check of individual ownership, plays out as the leaders of industry and their own labors and work can check the leaders of state and their political agenda. Of course there needs to be regulations to keep them separate as much as possible. However, you see with a government separated from commerce except for regulation as stated in the US constitution. It allows for natural competition between individuals and corporations avoid of government ownership. This then breads a healthy market in which can be stabilized through proper regulations.

   However, Karl theorized himself right back into feudalism. He stated that some basic root theories of the individual rights of ownership will collapse because the poor will up rise and destroy those who own. This might have been true in his time. However, now we have some of the best regulations on industry we have ever seen and they keep progressing. Then he states that the class system should be abolished in this violent revolution. He states this will allow the working class to own all of each of every bodies things. However, in truth there will still be a leader, then the leaders favorite or the next leader in charge, and then there will be different levels of workers. So if the commune owns everything, instead of competition and fair governmental laws regulating who gets what and how much each should get. It has played out since the ancient times of Feudalistic Communism, that the ones who find themselves ruling in a Communist type are those closest to the political system. Meaning that if you live in a Communist society and you do not own up to the ideas of beliefs of the Communist it is very unlikely you will get far.

   That sounds like Feudalism to me. Where the whole commune owns everything and each gets the same share or close to the same share as the other. The reason why is that instead of having the leaders of industry being able to check the leaders of state and vice verse, it will be just the leaders of state and the political party who have the power. As if you want to be in a position of State owned enterprise industry and wealth you will have to be in good with the popular Communist leaders. This is much like what happened during the times of the Feudalistic style rulers. Those who had more political clout had more.

   However, in a Lockean theory. It is based on competition and how much each deserves is based on how much they create or output allowing them to own their own if they are the smartest, brightest or can social appease. This then allows society to progress at a faster rate and gain more humanity for the earth. As competition is what breads creativity not, communist contentious order. In Lockean theory yes it is a socialist theory, or a middle ground theory. In which there is a pro viso. That if read in a proper light shows that those at the very lowest level of competition or age or health should be taken care of. However, at any other point it should be the natural order of freedom and liberty for each person to own their own, compete, to bear their own, and to try and make their way on their own. As such each individual is allowed to live the American dream. As our forefathers and mothers came from a land where Communist religion was forced and they wanted more freedoms, or where Communist ideals of the King ruling the land and all the land belonging to everyone under the kings rule and authority was not liked. So folks moved to this land to be their own kings and queens and to be their own. To create their own little place where they felt safe away from Feudal Communism  or slavery to the whole. This is America, we have are the bright shining star of individual liberties.

   At last though of the last 30 years we have grown tired and allowed our defenses down against the very thing this country has fought so hard against its whole entire existence. The ideal that there should be leaders who gain more and the rest should all work to receive the same. We are not the same, I make no draws that I am unique and you are unique. You are better at one thing and I am the best economic warfare analysts alive at least in my mind. That is what I do. So that is what we do. You do not own my labors and I do not own yours. If tomorrow I decided to stop reading and writing with focus on Communist Economics. Then the world would be dimmer from it. However, that is my choice not yours. My day job is my choice and it is not yours to own. My body is mine and it is not yours to own. The land I protect and feed and nurture and live on is mine and not yours. The wife I take is mine and not yours. My children are mine and not yours. Our of good heart and good faith if we help each other that is great and brings us happiness and peace. However, being forced to enslavement of the commune because of state leaders not being able to regulate an industry properly is not right, nor is it freedom to take someones business away from them because our government cannot protect or properly regulate, so as to give it to the whole. That is not right, and shan't happen. Our leaders of state and industry have long lead the way in the world. This is because they have some of the toughest constitutions to fall under. It is not easy to write and weave under an individual liberty of light. It takes proper time and management to make sure each industry is regulated. The stealing of ones citizens property or business to give to the commune or the poor because the government cannot protect its economy, is not right and shan't happen. Of course with exceptions of necessity and domain as confined to certain individual instances has been upheld. However, strictly regulated and very very taught against.

    Therefore, the Constitution was created in the light of Feudalistic Communism and as such had the Bill of Rights written for individual rights so that the people of this land shall not fall back under Feudalistic Communist style economics, leadership, checks and balances or the such. So our leaders need to spend more time behind the pin writing for freedom and not for government stealing.

     I plan to write a full dose on Communist theory is actually a circular reasoning and leads back feudalistic style liberties instead of progression forward for humanity and liberties.

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