This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Done Isolation is bad. However, proper regulations are good.

 In such a drastic crash as the SOE Crash of 2008-2010. It is important not to let the light of actuality get the better of us. It is important to keep globalization open and a free market for individuals and corporations avoid of national interest. This means that if we start to protect against a countries individuals or corporations avoid of national interest the whole advantage to globalization is gone. (globalization in a vacuumed comparative advantage scope is not good but that is for indi and me to decipher and explain later, here we are on proper regulations of SOE"s in international markets.) As such globalization creates peace between countries as our individuals and corporations avoid of government ownership compete and interact and leaders of state avoid of their interest or partners who are leaders of state and leaders of industry create fair laws for all.

    However, protection against foreign economic military uses such as complete domination of certain resources rich countries, or the use of one state owned conglomeration of financial, market, manufacturing, and shipping is a huge problem and causes unfair advantage for those who wish to enter the market and start competing. This means that the use of SOE's actually stumps the peace that globalization creates. As such, that is because corporations avoid of government ownership and individuals cannot compete and are therefore, let to the mercy of those governments who have the biggest SOE conglomerations. i.e. imaginary Case study. Lets say, someone makes a computer chip that can track crawlers embedded in mother boards or other forms of computer technology that was usually thought to be in the micro processor. Then a certain country steals that technology for their military use and then starts to allow their SOE's to produce that technology. The person who created the technology and had it patented tries to prove that they stole it from them and they had a world patent. However, a certain country as it is considered a now state secret cannot release what in a free market we considered as ip or natural business documents. So then they are allowed to flourish in their own markets and markets where they have substantial control. Then as the creator has spend so much time and money on lawyers and trying to fight for his rights he goes practically broke. So when that country or SOE that is producing the chip comes to knock on that producers countries market space. They easily enter as they have cloaked there way through the market. As such, that same country just happens to have a darn good grasp on the technological resources, minerals and the such for the creation of that certain chip. So as their SOE's and their national interest has deemed the item of national state secret. They can easily make the resources need to produce at the original ip holders home just expensive enough for them to be cheaper and start to gain the mass contracts it needs to beat out the original individual who wanted to go corporate but before he could was beaten out by State Owned Enterprise strategy.

   You see this is why SOE's should not be allowed so much strength in international markets. As when a country controls with their political party the commerce they control for their national interest and not for the fair laws of good business practices, or anti-trust, or even just peaceful resolve. As such, free markets have had to start using more SOE's to try and compete with the Communist who's old regulations where tight but now the SOE's find themselves in a world market commerce because of their use of military and protectionist threats if we actually do regulated their SOE's we find legislatures in free markets afraid to stand up and so no you may not have your advantage with national interest SOE's. However, your individuals or corporations avoid of government ownership or national interest may have the table. As your SOE's have caused a world crash with your national interest of economic military strategies. And they further impeded on peaceful international markets, by wishing to control resources, and use their national interest markets to unfair compete with our individuals and corporations avoid of national interest. Yes, we understand that there should be a minimal amount of SOE use. However, a full scale economic warfare strategy as such used by the Chinese and their hundreds of cloaked SOE's which they try and say they only have 100. However, under those 100 names you will find many different market SOE's and strategic financial SOE's. Therefore, we have the resolve to stand up to you say stop threatening us with your protectionist ideas each time we try and properly regulate your SOE's. We are tired of your ego's, your scare tactics, and we would like peace in international commerce. At least if I stood up to them that is what I would want to say. If they pulled the same old Communist if you protect against our State Owned Enterprises from conquering your countries free business we will not allow your individuals or corporations avoid of government ownership into our markets nor will we allow them our SOE's resource control. As such, if they do say that it needs to be explained to them, SOE's bad individual and corporations avoid of government ownership and national interest good. That was cheeky sorry. Just the way I feel and this is my individual cite and I wish for no harm just proper regulations. So Cheeky I am and no lazy one that does not mean that we should have more communist style resource acquisitions SOE's here at home, because that will create war in the long run. That means the Communist need to stop playing unfair. We allowed them into the market place to see how individual free markets can help them and now they are abusing their privilege with their conglomeration of SOE's. In my cheeky stern belief.

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