This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Friday, July 23, 2010

Done Pay Go is very important.

   The idea that state or federal legislatures are allowed to make legislation based on cloud economics needs to be regulated. Our Chief and Commander Obama did a good job when he started the pay go regulations. We need to make sure that these ideas are placed in State Legislators by our state Legislatures. Of course the Fed's should not force it because of State Sovereignty issues. However, it is a needed regulation. It becomes ridiculous when I see politicians asking for more money and another politician standing up and having to explain that the State is broke, maybe you do not understand. If this state has no jobs, then we have no taxes and as a matter of fact the jobless are eating up more of our taxes through state welfare programs instead of placing more in. It is understandable to take our deficit for such things as the defense of this country or even to feed this country. However, what is more important is the realization of psychological warfare.

   If you know anything about military style propaganda you know then that the reality is to win without blood shed. To get the other side to bow, or to beg for help, or to even allow it to peacefully take it over. This is what is happening. If we do not use Pay Go in our legislation it will become worse as the government has to raise more taxes on business and mom's and pops and others cannot afford to even start up business even with all the start up benefits. As after a year or two they just go under once the back end of the start benefits go away.

   This none use of PAY GO and the reality of having to Raise Taxes like some of the Old Clinton Administration believe in. Leads right to exactly what the Communist Economic Warfare Manifesto explained they would do. That is to get the US to completely submit and allow the Communist Government to purchase their citizens business and economic infrastructure like oil, banking, agriculture, finance etc. This is because only the Communist with their strategy of monopsony resource control and monopsonic style government ideological perspective would be able to compete in a world that they crashed.

  As such if our legislatures keep up their massive spending to look good so that they can be voted in again, then we will have no choice but to raise taxes on those business still left. This will make it harder to enter and stay in the market if we have to compete against Communist SOE's that are allowed in our economic infrastructure like COSCO buying one of our only Middle California Naval shipyards.
    So go PAY GO. You pay for what you write Legs, or you do not get it unless death and destruction are tied to it.
   My Chief and Commander had to influx our economic system with the financial stimulus. If he did not we would not even be able to protect our business from Communist acquisitions because we would have been so hard up that we would have been down and out and they would have looked like help. However, they are the wolf in sheep's closing.

  So said so is, Go PAY GO or go home. Vote no if they cannot fund it with real money not cloud economics.

I hold.

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