This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Done They theory of comparative advantage is flawed. So Scotty, this Ameican Mutt has to resolve the flaw.

Picture, an American of different cultural blood and inherent multi cultural mindset, sitting inside of his study with books all around, a dark wood, a small lamp lit, a pistol and a knife, along with a glass of whiskey and a smoking pipe, listening to Prince. You see the theory goes we should export jobs so that we can concentrate on high tech jobs. However, what is flawed is those with the highest manufacturing get the best resource contracts for further research and have the highest tax base because they inherently have more jobs for the middle class. This means that foreign governments can obviously gain advantage over the country that is allowing the unfair advantage to continue. Therefore, if they go unchecked they can become a huge threat to economic stability and world peace, World Crash, small belligerent countries feeling they are untouchable and threatening peaceful nations with proof of their attacks.

 As such once a country obtains such a high resolve as to be able to need a set test, then there should be proper laws to allow another country to also catch up. How ladies and gents? Well, we need to start using algae tech to filter out our manufacturing plants output of carbon dioxide as the hair dryer theory (place a bowl of ice in a bathroom and then turn on a bunch of hair dryers and the ice will melt, link to ozone any kid can see that) shows we are seriously hurting our environment. This will stop the inherent killing of our earth. As such the next country that wants to be civilized and have civil amenities like running water, electricity, proper military defense from foreign or domestic terrorism, etc, should be used to properly protect the earth.

Because as my other calculation besides this blog posts economic calculations will show the number of trees compared to cars, humans, manufacturing plants, waste output, and natural carbon dioxide will cause this planets air to be toxic in a very short time. Along with our natural resources like oil, wood, water, and rocks and minerals, that should be mined from outer space and shipped in via individual or corporations avoid of government interest so we can find Eden again. But that is on my other blog from a different server and you have to have had the invitation to read that to see it. That is a little to much light for some to see.

 So lets play fair and allow another country to have the chance to become civil like President Nixon did for China. Shall we, ladies and gents progress into a green earth so our grandchildren can enjoy the same bright sun shiny days and cold cuddly winters as we have? I think we should and basic theory, proper legislation, and international cooperation; can do. We just need proper individual economic progression regulation to do it, as individual ownership causes less wars. We can do it, I know we can we just have to move and groove properly. So regulate and do not steal from your people, individual ownership is the highest form of international peace, with the proper laws. Legislatures need to stop thinking lazy and start properly constructing and weaving so as to create a place for our children to dream of owning their individual industrial shops and be able to give their grandchildren what we should give them. Maybe that is just the Native American India coming out of my blood, or maybe it is just peace and natural competition.  Either way, we can find what we need in this solar system. We just need to properly regulated countries from using their full forces of government, military tax base, to do this. This will allow for proper regulations as the Governments will not be interested in their SOE commerce as much as they will be interested in civil laws like proper exploration of space, and green technology. I believe when we have SOE's it creates an imperialistic economic domination business plan that stunts properly needed green tech and civilian liberties, and causes economic crashes, and wars. This means we have to think more about our internal countries and rebuilding them after the crash than we do about helping foreign countries with poverty. Lets work together to create a world with proper regulations and non government interest business. I think we can do it. As Karl Marx's theorized himself right back into feudalism, I theorize the human species into outer space and exploration while being able to keep the earth intact till that day it becomes a super nova. Properly.
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