This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Monday, April 11, 2011

As a Free Enterprise how to deal with cold war weapons when they attack you.

Currently I have been on two citizen run checks against cold war weapons which have unfairly competed against free enterprises. First, was the idea that Ansteel which started the rare earth resource cartel in Communist China should not be allowed into the US to buy a US steel mill stock. Nobody listened because we have a bunch of weak leaders who bow to economic warfare threats. Then I was on a citizen committee outside of the government NGO. That looked into the Communist possible attacks on the BP platform. As the relation ship between the explosion and death, the Venezuelan platform owned by an SOE going down smoothly and then Hugo stabbing his people and the his people's best economic ally in the back was to much to bare. As such, we where able to get a proper funded entity to write a report on the matter proving the Communist had actually been hacking the oil enterprise to compete unfairly with them by using their financial information for the benefit of the MSS and SASAC to plan future hits on static point and other bigger style economic and unconventional warfare so as to help their oil wells become bigger and better than the free worlds.

The main thing you have to understand in this world is that if you own a business and you want to go international you need an economic warfare analyst to help you. You can gain all the information you want. However, once the Communist find out you are going to go international they will see if you are weak or not and if you are they will shut you down by static point attacks on your business. The council has seen way to many business shut down and lose thousands of dollars and possible business transactions all because they where free enterprise's American enterprise and because the Communist wanted to give their business a better edge. This is illegal. However, if you are not a major corporation, or do not have a proper economic analysis watching your systems and possible major intelligence attacks, you are royally screwed. The funny thing is that this is even if you kiss their butt they will still attack you . For example a Canadian civilian committee watching communist economic warfare found the Communist too. They had actually attacked an entity that was being nice with the communist. But the Communist took the niceness as weakness and hacked the server which was lead back to an MSS and SASAC tied agent of Communist China run server system.

As such, if you really wish to have a small business go international you are going to need to pay a professional economic warfare analyst to help you out. This is basically because, the US has completely lost its nerve regarding cold war weapons and would rather be conquered and destroyed then create strong defense against cold war weapons of SOE's, cartels and the intelligence teams that manage the whole communist economy.

I would say that you need to find someone, who has the experience with server defense, economic basket reports, and the necessary defense skills to properly obtain areas of structural defense against static and other types of economic warfare. The US government no longer is able to protect its own business from the Communist Cold War Weapons. This is primarily because our representatives as a majority do not recognize in public the threat that the Communist Chinese SOE's and cartels have against US business. As this would upset the ruling single totalitarian party. They would rather keep being funded to allow the Communist to destroy our international market place and political clout than actually stand up and say no, your king style SOE's and Sovereign Wealth funds are supposed to be being disbanded so your wealth can spread out in your domestic market place. So as to create a bigger market place for other developing countries to trade with their market places. Not to use your cold war weapons to own foreign market places with troops and intelligence agents.

Therefore, since our intelligence no longer can sustain a proper defense to the Communist Cold War weapons you have to protect yourself from a foreign government attacking you in commerce yourself. I suggest finding a professional to help you out and make sure you are either under the radar or if you are already being hit like some companies I went in and advised for. You might want to have a proper outline to be followed before you lose millions in courteous due to static point upsetness, lost business time due to dealing with minor problems constantly and many other areas that can cause a business with a few static points to completely crash. I saw one business lose thousands of consumers mainly because they would not listen to me when I told them what they needed to do. Then again, it is not like I am self proclaimed professional economic warfare analyst. Then again, the business I have saved where a lot nicer than that one. That business entity went against its very values that it preached. Nothing I can do if you don't pay me or if you do not wish to listen to the demo outline I gave them. I mean even the demo would have stopped major static point attacks long enough to catch them back up

Hiring me at this time will be costly. As this skill is a big niche and there are very few people with my skill set.
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