This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The ideal intellegence report.

A report is something that states a matter, and represents the views of the writer. If it is done for a state intelligence matter then it has to be as unbiased as possible. If a bipartisan group is interested this is of the utmost importance. If two different Senators from opposing groups ask this is still very important. The matter is and should be written with as many facts and middle ground thoughts and ideas for solutions that can be thought of. In which will give a balanced view of what the problem is and what the solution is. As such, the writers views should be necessarily their own but a matter of cognitive analytical perspective in regards to what both groups would think is important. So an unbiased report is very necessary, with proper application to the values that the US.

Another very important factor that I have learned over the years in report writing is write to your audience. If you know that a particular Senator will not actually even read the report but a young stallion clerk will. Then fill it full of good cognitive remembrance for later ideas when the clerk is working their way through proper areas of debate. If the Senator is likely to read the report then it depends on the Senators. Which means that some would call it brain washing, but in my field of the legal perspectives knowing your audience is just good game. As such, having a proper profile on hand that shows who your Senator is and what types of things they are likely to understand and not understand is also good. For example, lets say that I am a Senator. I will have 9 degrees in many fields but primarily Business and Social Studies. As such in these studies a writer could presume that I understand things of that nature, so as to just have to cite but not explain. However, if it is something that I dabble in like electrical motors, energy generators or the such, then a proper explanation with a multitude of cites that may not even be being used might jar my interests to learn further. Then such matters would have to make one say, that knowing your audience is a good call for a report.

Along these lines, I would have to say that the most important part of an intelligence report is to understand that you are the master and the most knowledge in the field when you write. As an I, there is no one else above and you are your countries back bone. They look to you and they expect that you have dug as far and deep as you could. While creating logical inferences for future questions, and also create specific table and data sets. The reason why this set of understanding is the most important is the fact that you have to write with full confidence. As the people who you are writing for are going to be making very big decisions based on your articles.

In the matter of article creation for written intelligence briefs, I would state that having a handy go to guide for the Senator would be a proper thing to do, if time is allotted. This is because, reports are long, and if the Senator has a place on hand when reading to write notes, and to highlight pages on the brief, then this can make the Senators life or the clerks life much easier while still allowing the writers mastery of the craft to be properly placed forward on the best grounds possible.

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