This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Friday, April 1, 2011

The idea that the US is so far in debt do to an inadequate cold war team to the Communist it brought the vote for a tradition Owl Whooting.

This blog cite has been brought to you by the Mutiplicty, Democratic, Druid, Christian, Buddhist, anti Communists, Anti Facist (same thing as Communist just with a bais), 1st Amendment loving, way overeducated, Trinity praying to fight evil everynight, Lord of the I's, and the King of America (one of the 300 million rulers of this country).

If you do not like it then say so I will humble adapt on my cloak. If you know my name as some due, then before you judge I suggest you look at the symbol on the 1, the First Amendment and how our fore fathers acted towards Soverign Wealth Funds, Kings single party totalatarian rule, their etiquet when writing in papers under psydo's at that time, and the institution and long tradition of Democratic debate and balanced peacefull battles, along with liberty and the rights for all for economic and civil that my chair has brought and the tradition wil bring from here until Kingdom Come.

Rider I
Little red harley awaits my Mac A Valley ride to see if I can make it through the valley of the Shadows of this great country to see if she will take me as her leader, before I ask the People in 26 years to take me as their wise old Druid.
Tas mas og's bri's not matter untill unce freedom is all a clatter.

90% of the worlds resources they invade the worlds most peacefull religious colony, and their SOE's that are supposed to be being shut down and disbanded and they are conglomerating to uncompetitive heights and massive fire breathing dragons that destory free markets with their neo mercantalist economic centralized intellegence units of MSS and SASAC. That is alright, we got a couple up and running specifically to compete and check as much as possible until I can take the helm of my first, public seat of they people will have my ideas of individual economics, and safety nets and right to defense and proper spread out homeland defenses secure and ready for all kinds of un Democratic style battles.

I have two kinds of ideas freedom and those who are like a King, I have 300 million kings and queens, all free and all just as strong as any person in this country. darn straight I am not for any single currency, nor am for any one world government.

Each culture under its own civil right to be alone as long as peacefull so to physically soe no harm upon those who wish no non Democractic fight.

It has been a long time since this country has seen a Druid Representative, and no propoganda believer the Druid culture did not eat or sacrifice humans again that is Satanic, and propogated by the Catholic church much like we see in wars when they want their people to think that their opposition is killing the innocent.
However, do not get me wrong along the way many have become very evil and oppressive in their wish for magic, or what today is known as science
I should have about 3 patents by the time I am to run, so I should be able to fund a good part of my own campaign. Along with that I am sure by then I will align with one party or mayb even a minor as it sounds like fun to bring a minor party and hold the helm on up. Who knows, maybe they will recruit as they will see me as a powerfull debator, or maybe they will not. I have already been recruit for one council run, However, I am not read for paid public service. I want to run on the ballot with my full Druid title of 9 Degrees.
I figure when most moderate folks go they look for those who they have heard of know is for freedom and title looks like an American Bad.

Of course that was when I was fresh before I served a master as an apprentice and a body guard. I know am very dull and need to get back into school. I am going to lower my asking price for my heart beats after I sell my car and get a motorcycle and plan to work at a clerk place, or my home research writing business. So far, I cant keep my comptuer going long enought to actually get my darn writing business up and running. This little one works for rants not for pulling and holding six or 7 articles at a time to create my ideas.

If I get voted in if my 28 year plan works like I think it will. I will be the first cloud nine every. That is if I make it past my natural country test and I gain all three graduate degrees's and the rest of the story without, oppression from the soverign wealth funds, or single party totalatarian rules. I know the Communist are working up on mean strategy to allow the Democrats to take over the US. However, they do not know the love hate relationship our two majors have for each other.

Then again I could end up in a mess of sludge or beaten with a baseball bat, or hung in a tree by some folks who do not like individual economics or civil rights to say what one feels. It could happen, or they could just cut my rotted whisked smoked out insides out, and try and eat them, but trust me I am bitter old soul and the crows have been known to attack those acting a fool around me, ask the sparrow in the street, or the pigeons on the window seals if they have heard of me, birdy knows who the natural Three symbols is. First time for a cloud nine, I bet the trees will be whooting and hollowering when I ask the people if I can represent them.

then again the Cloud nines have never tried before. So nature might love us but maybe the people will not vote. I mean truly I could not see the point of disliking kings and soverign wealth funds if a cloud nine ever cheated the Democratic way, anywyas he or she would be taken to proper judgement by another, as the check and balance goes for Democracy must be a check and balance. 28 years I should figure out how to get the people to think I am cool, and learn a good majority of their likes and dislikes. I really want to read the President Obama's journal and what he has said about me in it.

Is Hudson the Hawk still haning out in the Congressional Library? Darn Privacy I have to respect not like you could have left it in the public area for a quick peak or anything. I will always respect privacy. So I will just work really hard to try and get the people's likes and dislikes down so they will vote for me. I am not so worried about either parties ideas as it is the people i want to represent. Again though I have to chose a side for proper debate. I am just guessing, with my ego.

weaver of time and thought, the idea of a 4 4 heart beat time is in every ryhm, the trees and winds are just party to the song, of a reality of gongs, in every ripple of word and thought has an affect you ride that wave for some time and something will probable show you what has happened to your ripples you have created.
It is an old weavers trick you say something, then you sit down and think of every possible outcome, then you start to mumble the words out loud like a chant, then after that you place some incense in a proper place, drink some wine and wait to see if the ripple leads to another ripple. I was taught it is like surfing the natural world of energetic waves. It is very interesting. However, if one is caught doing it in public they are thought to be pysco. The Pentagon, and any Druid will tell you what it is, start gazing some call it. I personally like to call it riding the ripples. The air is like water, in every thing has a ripple, if you can get a ripple close enough with your specific code in it, then you can feel the ripple affect of that wave. Thus, causing a compelte clarity of picture. it only works for those that the birds come to as children. At least that is the old folk lore regarding it Mums stated I was something special and she could not be around me because I was so powerfull she could hear my thoughts and see everything I did when she was close and she could get no peace of mind. I should have been taught by the Druids but they did not pick me up in time. as such, I smoked and drank until i was dumb.

Then again, my lady friend just thinks I am pyscotically cute, when she hears me mumbling and tracing ripple affects of things I have said or written or placed into affect. I trya nd make sure they are peacefull as such, that is what chanting was created and called magic. it is what newbie pyschics can't figure out why they can't say more than a sentence or jumbled picture, and why my great granny taught me and my father stopped me. Then again, who knows rant on young raven.

I remeber the day she left, what the feeling was I will never know she said, that there was no one who could help me and that I was completely unatural as she was of the jesuit religions and not of the Druid. her grandftaher on her side told me how to stop bothering her with my thoughts, and told me to focus on nature that it was more fun, so i did. I remeber sitting down with birds and asking them to bring me things, it was amazing. Then my great grandmother found out and she wanted to tutor me, then my father found out and he thought they where all crazy so he told me to forget about it then I got a video system that just came out and I was able to almost completey cloud my mind with eletric static. Then I just went dumb till about age of puberty when it came back, then I just drank and lifted weights and banged my head against other helmets and it went away again. Sounds crazy, but I found a Druid through my great grandmothers teachings I remeber and he said the same thing, you should have been allowed to finish your training as a youth. Now it will come and go and it is better to ignore it as you can't control it and wil not be able tell what is memory and what is clarity.

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