This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Strategy in the Eltromagnetic Age.

Electromagnetism is the idea that vibrations created in the air between molecules which transfer energy can be controlled and manipulated. These ideas where first found and perpetuated by Tesla. Who, after deciding what he had found was to powerfully for anyone country to own, in the name of Democracy, spread it out to the major powers of the time. In which the Russians where able to beat the US and the other's to a prefect working model. As such, we where able to see in the mid 1900's a perfect electromagnetic economic warfare hit perpetuated on New York city. This was done by using proper placement of submarines and ships along with satellites, in which where able to pulse the electromagnetic weapons through out New York city to cause a complete black out of all major electrical facilities. In which, caused major economic damage.

The Russian's went on doing this for sometime. However, they found that causing smaller damages at intervals was better than causing major damages. As, the US was very well capable of reacting to such attacks. The US then was able to come out with its own satellites and after which was able to repay the Russian favor of electromagnetism scare. As the Russian's did not understand the innate nature of all humans to want to own themselves and not be enslaved to others or to one. The Russian economy came crashing down.

Prior to this we could see during the World War II stories of the British messing around with their Tesla given cognition. This was primarily the so called Bermuda straights scare and the historical creation of other ships sinking in that area when foreign ships came close to the test grounds and had to be sunk. Then again, the British are a little more snug with their Freedom of Information acts than the US.

The strategy then comes down to today. In a world where countries can control weathers create earthquakes and level who countries without even setting foot on them. This then creates a necessary race for what we call magnetism. This magnetism is very similar to the nuclear war race we saw of old. As such this is primarily because there are so many ways that this idea can be used. Meaning that high technological parks have becomes today's old physicist parks of old. We can see the Communist Chinese easily getting away with creating massive high technological parks inside of the US. Primarily in Idaho where Communist Chinese have been allowed to buy a literal whole gold mine and they are currently being allowed via a Communist SOE to build a whole city around their intelligence base which the Communist Call the Torch program.

The defenses of the free world again are at a horrible placement. Where as before, it was well known and understood that electromagnetism and nuclear physicists was something we would never work with on a non Democratic country (no domestic checks and balances of power). Today we see a complete lack of electromagnetic strategy in the US's foreign and domestic policy. It is as if the new wave weapons do not exist and the government really thinks that they could ever keep anything from a people who's first and foremost right is the right to freedom of speech and assembly of media.

Therefore, the US's current electromagnetic and high technological strategies need to be very similar to the old electromagnetic strategies and physicists. In which, we took very seriously our ability to keep non Democratic countries out of the US's domestic industries so the US could have a competitive edge. As Communist and other totalitarian regimes can easily create a much better edge and stealth stolen technological advancements than a country that is more worried about its individuals whims and desires and making sure that freedom is a foot, rather than world domination via cold war weapons.

So, much like Russia was able to get one over on us. We now are seeing the new Communist regime power get one over on the US. It has been four years and counting that the US has been in a serious high technological deficit. With the newest form of energy the Green technological field being the highest and most valuable form of industry as it is an energy industry being given away at the rate of 80% of our stimulus money to the communist. While now, allowing the Communist to literally build electromagnetic and high technological Communist cold war weapons of SOE's named Sinomach in Idaho. There is no doubt we lack a proper consistent electromagnetic and high technological defensive strategy.

Rider I

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