This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Monday, April 11, 2011

The Reason why Soverign Wealth Funds and State Owned Enterprises are a threat to the Free World.

State Owned Enterprises & Sovereign Wealth Funds are a Threat to a Free Market
I. Freedom
                                                                         Freedom in the sense of government does not mean that one gets something for free. It is a term of endearment for the natural order of things. This natural order as represented by the Druids ancient belief in natural things. Has come strong and holds strong inside of the US and other countries that believe in a free government. This then represents the closeness of the government of the people as to what nature would allow a person to have. The idea of Freedom is based on the principles of individual ownership of labor and property.

                                                                        The root civil indispensable right of all humans to own their own labor comes to the form of a natural matter. In nature if humans where allowed to be. They would thus own their own food and chose to participate with the others in trade and barter for their trades. In which would be deemed based on the value of the market or the value of the community in which each material that an individual had was worth. For example, if the ability to catch and have butterflies around a spiritual human that told stories was considered a valuable thing. Then in that society that individual could sell their stories to people for the exchange of goods in the form of a place to own and have for their own and other things that that butterfly story teller deemed valuable to their selves. In today's world we call these people entertainers. Much like the Druid culture of old these individuals are valued at the highest form of value. This is mainly because they represent the freest form of wish that the majority see as the ability to be free. In which allows them to tell stories and create butterflies. This then shows the value of the society as a whole in regards to freedom based on individual labors. As, when a society places value on an individuals ability to create butterflies and tell good stories, this then shows that the the basic idea of enslavement to the commune is not a high standard.

                                                                       This is because the ones that are enslaved in an unnatural order would then place the highest value on the enslavement of the human beings. Which is very similar to the opposite of a free market which is an State Owned Enterprise and Sovereign Wealth market. As these markets with regards to individual labor are seen with having the slave drivers at the highest form of wealth and value and the freest and most inspiration for natural freedom are at the lowest. In such the idea that artists are low scum and the enslaved are the highest form of value. This then is the complete opposite of a free market with regards to natural order of freedom. This being the regards to the ability to own ones individual labors it would be similar in a natural order that the human would wish to have their own area to call theirs and store their things so that others could not bully them out of it or even take from them without a fair competition.

                                                                       Fair compensation for an individuals value usually comes in the form of one of humans most innate natural feelings. The ability of no matter who you are in the majority when you see an open space and it is roomy you feel free and your spirit flies high above the clouds and stars. This then explains the natural feeling of one allowing one to own their own property is such a high standard. One can see that in places where the human species has more parks or open space or even more square mileage for their own personal soul use, they are inherently happy. These studies have been proven by city builders and also soul cognitioners. One of the main things to help someone get over depression or other soul problems is to take them into a field and intoxicate them with proper chemicals and allow them to be free. Where as in places of high concrete jungle density. This being the idea of little to no open space and walls everywhere. It creates a sort of human consciousness of encrampment. Which usually leads to high levels of crime and other sorts of innate soul cognition able problems. However, the idea is then to allow the governance of the human to feel as free as possible. This then causes as little as necessary cognitional problems. Being primarily cognited through a form of a free market system.

I. Free Market
                                                                     So with Freedom in the sense of government meaning placing value as close as possible to a natural form of human relation between each other. We now look at the main place in which people interact in a daily practice. As such causing the worlds biggest areas of concerns and basically ali wei know is that we have to interact with others to get through live in the majority. Along with that most humans are social beings. Therefore, the market is a place where folks can get together to interact for their values and whims. These whims are based on their individual tastes and values. As one person could like humus, and another person potatoes. These are different individual likes. As such, this interaction then becomes a necessary place for people to trade value and their goods for people who have the whimsical desire for their goods.

                                                                      Thus if a market place is where humans interact to trade value for their whimsical desires of another persons values. While freedom means the ability of the governance to allow humans to feel as natural and without cramp as possible. Then we get a place where individuals go and natural through freedom trade their values with each other based on their individual whimsical desires. This then means that humans will be interacting with each. As when anything comes into contact with another things rules and values or fair interaction must be placed upon the interaction so as to fairly allow each to seek their individual whims without the other forcing via physical or other bully tactics their wish to have wealth via unfair and unjust manners.

                                                                      Bullies are usual the people that will try and enslave other people for the bully to gain further value for their whims over others. This then causes a major problem as it causes internal conflict and unrest in the free market place. This market place then no longer becomes a free market place and as such becomes a scum's slave driven market where they all work that one bullies ideas of whims instead of the proper spread out value and whims of the whole market being able to work for itself. This then centralizes the wealth to one bully and then starves out areas of the market place that could have otherwise been health and surviving if they proper individual whims of the market would have interacted without the bully getting involved in the pace of interaction.

                                                                      The interaction of the bully in the market without a proper check and balance then causes major imbalances and injustice via their unjust manners. The imbalances are caused by the bully taking the value out of the market and away from the individuals for the bullies whims. Which could be anything thing from international conquest to fancy things that impress the ladies. (the real Kings grail's do not care about wealth but love the idea of freedom and love for the people /||\) Either way it is unjust. As the value that would have spread the market out with a better cushion for the individuals was wrongly taken from the market place. Thus causing the market place to a leak in its values. This then becomes sort of a black whole. Which instead of helping create a moss style spreading of energy and value. Forces each individual to lose its ability to grow and expand as the bully then directs the market place in which it wishes so as to create more of its whims instead of the individual and the market place as a whole without the unjust behavior of the bully.

                                                                   The bully then must be dealt with properly. This is where we get to the free market as a free entity without bullies being involved in the market place. The idea then comes in the form of regulations and other forms of fair governance via a check and balance of other entities in the market place. This means that one person must have a fair chance to have their individual whims and value sold in the market place and a fair environment to be allowed to spread and grow. As such the bully who wishes to centralize the wealth of the market place for their whims then must be properly checked and balanced and forced out of the market place. This then was what the cold war was all about. The idea of taking out the single party totalitarian rule of the communist party out of the market place. As the Communist Party was using the enslavement and unjust bullying of citizens in State Owned Enterprises Carteld with each other, or Cold War Weapons for Short. As such, these Cold War Weapons create massive Sovereign Wealth funds that where bullied out of the free market to be used as international dominance and further proliferation of more bullies. As other countries can't compete with Sovereign Wealth Funds control and massive economic weaponry so they also have to build the weapons. Causing a bigger stealing of wealth from the individual whims so as to be placed into the hands of the bullies so they can use the stolen funds from the people for their idea of their whims. As the purest form of Democracy is to allow each individual to vote and have their own. As no matter how good one can represent no one can represent an individual better than their own ownership of labor and value. Thus, we see where the SOE's and Soverign Wealth funds become a huge detriment and threat to Free Markets.

I. State Owned Enterprises and Sovereign Wealth Funds

                                    The State Owned Enterprise and Sovereign Wealth Fund is an ancient Monarchs way to control the masses via wealth centralization and control of the market place via the Kings court. These ancient economic warfare weapons against the people and which SOE and Sovereign Wealth funds still call today peasants, I dare say with hiss in my voice and little spiders in their hair. Or should say dragon flies and crickets, that a Druids first soul cognition start small and work big. Spiders move veer fast and are hard to connect cognitively with/||\  The ancient Monarchs used to force each individual to work for the King in a SOE in which was supposed to be for the whole of the community with very little pay. Which was just enough to barely afford a few scraps of food and barley anytime to collect material to create a home on the King's SOE and lands. Then the King would create Sovereign Wealth funds. Which where primarily for fighting against foreign Kings and so the King could create a bigger better castle to preserver his SOE's and Sovereign Wealth funds. In which, where then used for such things as to create a close court of single party rulers that would help him rule over the land. Thus, forcing all of the people in the market place to live under the Kings whims.

                                  Today, we still this idea used. However, today instead of actual ordained Kings we see more war lords and single party totalitarian rule. With a very few left ordained blood lines. However, the true mery one has given up its Sovereign Wealth Fund and SOE's for the people to have a fair and proper market place. All so the whims of the people can feel free and live a peaceful life in Democracy. These entities primarily use the SOE's and Sovereign Wealth funds to create international political clout and control of other's market places via their bullying of their individuals free markets. This then allow them to create more places for their SOE's to go and bully and take from the proper spread of other free markets.

I. The Threat and Detriments to the Free Markets
of the State Owned Enterprises and Sovereign Wealth Funds

                                        A threat is a perceivable possibility of harm that can be caused to something. In which the major factor in the threat has been perceived to be able to create a harmfully substantial affect to another. As one can threaten someone to give a smile to, and that is a threat but it is not substantial and some folks might be upset by a smile and a kiss, but others see it as nothing. So we will talk about the idea of a threat as a major or substantial detrimental impact to the free markets. On the other hand a detriment is something causes an actual impact to a specific target in which forces them to receive a harmful affect. This harmful affect then is something that is enough to destroy the value of the target being threatened. For example, lets say someone threatens to give someone a kiss. However, they have seriously disdained from the idea. Then that person gives them a kiss anyways. This could cause a possible serious life changing even in that persons life especially if they are married and very conservative in their relationship. Again, this is not a major or substantial detrimental impact. As such we will talk about things that seriously affect the idea of a free market. Which will be the these cold war weapons to eroding the very foundation of a free market.

                                       The first attack from a Sovereign Wealth fund usually comes from the trade with an SOE. This is based on the idea that the holder of the cold war weapon will not do business with a free markets individually owned business unless they allow their bullies into their markets. This then being a threat to the free market system. As now the individual and groups of like minded individuals have to deal with whole countries have have their people enslaved to the King or single party rule This then means that they are constantly having to deal with threats from everything of having their business taken to actually full scale intelligence attacks by the government so as to allow their SOE's and Sovereign Wealth funds to have an advantage on the specific industrial market place that the business are interacting in.

                                     This one threat by a Monarch or Single Party Totalitarian rule allows others to follow in their foot steps a precedent to enslave their people for SOE's and Sovereign Wealth for the elitist rulers has been allowed. Thus, then we see a complete proliferation of smaller countries then saying that if free market countries want to do business with them they then have to allow their Sovereign Wealth Funds and SOE's in. As such this threat standing alone in itself threatens to completely destroy the very foundation of free markets. By proliferating more cold war weapons in the world instead of peacefully spread out individual whims market places where bullies are kept out and properly checked and balanced. We see that the idea of Democracy and freedom is completely destroyed. The best example is Venezuela. Where the US has allowed the Venezuelan government to keep doing business with them even though they have Communized their industrial entities under the SOE and Sovereign Wealth Funds of a Single ruler. Which is now using that monetary power to create laws to crush the idea of the adversary system. As such, forcing upon his people the idea of the worlds worst theoretician and biggest enslavement creator Karl's Marx's. Further, this then shows that a simple threat can easily turn into an actual detriment and cause major set backs to the spread of free markets and freedom via proper individual whims and the non allowance of centralized wealth for single ruler or party ideas.

The detriments of the cold war weapons are then easily seen. There are have been thousands of reports written on how SOE's and sovereign wealth funds cause poverty, starvation, corruption of power and the inability of the small person to be able to compete or even check and balance the elitist. This then causes major pockets of poverty. As we have seen in major cold war weapons holders. Like King ships and other non checked and balanced single entity rulers. Some of the King ships have allowed a proper check and balance on their activities as SOE's and Sovereign Wealth funds making it a little better but the stealing from the market place in the cloak that it is for the whole, which is then given to the elitist to control is still a very big detriment.

If we thus take the minimal detriment to the free market and the spread of wealth via fair and competitive market places we see the most detriment of all. The smaller tyrannical economic countries usually have SOE's and Sovereign Wealth funds just for things like oil or other major resources. However, we then can see the very impact of this smaller tyrannical action on the populace as a whole. This then destroys the idea that the people are the King and Queen and inputs it into the ability of serious harm to the market place as a whole. We will take the most obvious example and expand from there. OPEC which is run by mostly tyrannical entities like some very nice Royalty and other single party totalitarian rulers. We then see that the people do not have a proper vote and say in these entities. Which means that the people who have to pay taxes for the industry via protection and other forms of loss, then also lose out on the actually full benefit of the value of the oil. We can see this gain with the example of Venezuela and the anonymous leak regarding a single party ruler selling out his people's wealth to betray their best ally in the market place so they can then take over their allies business. This then could have caused a major back lass to the people as a whole. As the ruler did not act with authority of the real king the people. However, as the country that it backed stabbed is a very nice and understand country. We just alerted our personnel and properly tried to gain compensation for the back stabbing.

The stab in the back from the single ruler to the countries best ally in the market place, was based on loans in which they could have easily received without selling out his countries people's value. This was done primarily to show a supportive relation against his people's best and longest ally in the market place. In which we stood strong with them and helped them as much as we could. However, since he wishes to keep his single party rule he has to create an evil via Machiavellian theory to keep his chair instead of keeping peace and proper spread of the wealth. He centralized the people's wealth sold them out short, and created an enemy out of a friend and then locked his people into a bad deal. All in the name of his wish for power.

This then caused a major detriment to the free market place of Venezuela. As they had stolen the ability of other countries entities to do business in their country without the fear of actually having their entities stolen from them by the government itself. Which in a free market would not happen as it would be the strong and healthy individuals of that market place against the strong and healthy market places of others. However, they have decided to create weak and puny individuals in favor for a strong King and cold war weaponry. Along with that now any entity doing business in that country has to be a more powerful cold war weapon than their own. As any free market business will be afraid that they will lose their funds and entities as such making his whole country a threat to free market places. Again, causing more centralized wealth and bullies to deal with bullies instead of individuals competiting fairly with individuals. This then if one cold war weapon tries to take the business from another cold war weapon will cause full out scale physical warfare. As a country v. a country is war and an individual business v another individual business is just business.

This idea of my country v. your country then becomes a very detrimental impact not just to free markets but to stability in the economy of the world as a whole. We can see this by the Communists Cold War Push for more resources via their centralized controlled cold war weapons of SOE's and cartels of other entities working together under constant economic planning of a cold war intelligence agency of the MSS and SASAC. Very similar to affect of the KGB and its SOE run economic planner agencies. The only different today is that the Communist Chinese actually allow their individual business to become more powerful than other free markets while then trying to state they still need their cold war weapons to be competitive. Where as the KGB did not allow their black market free enterprises to get past the alleyway.

The worlds latest complete crash and collapse was primarily the fault of the Communist MSS and SASAC centralized cold war planning. Mainly so they could keep their single party rule in power and fulfill their desire to create more international clout than the Druid colony of America. Along with their Bolsheviks creators implementation of a one world currency and domination. In which the Communist Chinese did not want the Russians to run the world under the one world order so they helped the US and other free worlds stop the Soviets from creating a one world order. However, now that Russia is more on the side of freedom. The Communist Chinese party has gotten rid of the Bolshevkians. They think they can become the leader of the one world order. As in their warped mind they see the US as the leader. However, we do not lead anything. As all international matters are voted on in a Democratic free market manner. There is no leader of the world. There is a country that just seems to embrace the worlds cultures and ideas and wishes of all to be free, but definitely not a one world order idea of Bolshevkian theories.

The thing communist do not get about power that in a Druids mind or a Democratic or free persons mind there is no ultimate power, as power is always shared. Along with that there is no need for anyone to lead in the international manner as it would just cause unfair matters if there was a set chair of leadership. Much like what we see in the IMF with the Communist entities of China and old communist entities of Germany and Russia being placed in the lead of the IMF. We see a new world currency being created called the SRF. Which these still communist rooted countries wish to have someday be the one world currency. Again via bolshevkian ideological perspective. Also extremely against the idea of many different currencies and ideas of value coming together to work and debate on matters. The idea makes the pyramid to high and causes way to much disparity as we have seen in the very high peak creation of the Communist single currency in the Soviet Union and what we are currently seeing with the IMF's SRF currency. Which is favoring more cold war weapon countries of SOE's than free markets.

Therefore, today the worlds is being lead by the cold war weapons of the world. This is primarily true as we can easily see who owns most of the worlds resources, and holds the worlds most reserves. Thus, if there was a leader it would be the neo mercantalist countries that are controlling and stealing the free markets spread of wealth by centralizing the wealth in SOE's and Sovereign Wealth funds. That is the funniest thing they are so enthralled about leading the world as the one world leadership. They do not even realize they have already lead the world into a crash. Which they will do again in their wish to obtain ultimate centralized power over the international market place and domestic control of the individuals and of their country.

I. Specific Case Study
Communist Chinese State Owned Enterprises and Sovereign Wealth Caused the Worlds Economic Collapse.    

                                                                 The Communist manifesto is based on a one world economic warfare strategy. In which the elite completely enslave the populace as the populace are not able to own or operate their own personal matters. In which the theory states that because of individual competition it causes more problems to society than just enslaving everyone to a few elitist who will either make decisions or will mandate who will do what. As the basic idea of Communism is based on everyone working for the community so as to be able to own nothing and yet own everything. This means that if this is taken into smaller portions of this idea being implemented into industries like the hotel, bottle, or grain industries we get a very powerful  economic warfare strategy. As the main point of the Communist international and domestic policy is to use State Owned Enterprises and Sovereign Wealth funds to control the people who wish to dissent against the idea of a one world government supposedly run by the people. However, it is really just run by the bullies, as in nature, humans are greedy and Karl's Marx's was in my opinion one of the worlds worst sociological and government building theorist of all times. 
                                                                The Communist then use these ideas of cold war weapons to implement their international strategy. This international strategy is used to centralize power in the communists hands. This is done by two major communist intelligence agencies with a very big employment and the worlds biggest intelligence spending on economic warfare. The main leaders of these agencies are economic engineers. In which they learned how to engineer via Karl's Marx's one world economic warfare strategy. This is done by first making sure that their cold war weapons can enter foreign countries. However, they can't have them enter a free market unless the market is weak and much more worried about other things.

                                                                These other worries usually come from a trough cycle or a crash of a countries whole industrial bases. As the free world is based primarily on services since it can't compete with Communist Cold War weapons we see the basic root foundation. This foundation is that idea in which the communist build up a major peak in international countries based on their cold war weapons dumping tactics. Which over feed countries with low wage products so as to make it impossible for the country to actually keep a stable positive economic balance in any industrial trade source. The industrial trade surpluses are then cut down as the country becomes more and more reliant on the service bell curve reliance. After this is done we see an implicit spike in the countries economy. This is done primarily through a major faucet of static point economic warfare on a major scale. This includes everything from stock dumping, to cause the rift, all the way to prior housing market speculation to help drive up the service bell curve reliance and the idea that the country can keep borrowing as they can't see the spike coming up that the MSS and SASAC are going to implement.

                                                             The spike after being properly set up with the economic warfare statics points which will not be written on this cite in a row fashion of placement. This is mainly because I wish to make a proper pay for paper or career catcher with these theories. These static points which are easy to see if you know anything about financing or even production curve economics. Then spike the economy. This then leads to a major downfall of the countries ability to create a proper economic balance sheet. As the income that was once coming in via investments is know gone s there is no more liquidity to keep them on the balance sheets. As the industrial production industries have all tanked and moved to the cold war weapons economy. The country has nothing to rely on for a proper way to pay its bills. Thus it is forced to borrow more and to create inflation just to make their bills and try and restart their economy.

                                                          This is where the tricky part gets in and definitely shows me we no longer have cold war economic warfare analysts working to stop US and free world implosion. At this point in the causation and foreign controlled economic collapse the free market actually has a chance to regather and create a way out of the foreign controlled market place. This is primarily by creating a two pronged reliance on a service and a production curve. This then is properly stopped by communist agents who make sure the folks who are weak minded to Karl's Marx's one world order and enslavement to everyone sell out the US. We have seen this two now in the last three service bell curve trough.
                                                          The first time I remember it was the President Clinton. Which received huge amounts of illegal funding from the Chinese Communist party. Then when they took power to help balance the economy they sold out the US military physical security. After rwhich the Communist strategically gained favor of a communist sympathizer and the idea of a one world order. Which in reality much like the Bolshevkians ruling the Soviet Empire, is just a Communist Chinese empire rule. After which the maggot sells the intelligence security of the US to a rat. Then the Communist Chinese had the physical and intelligence security of the US compromised due to the foreign control of the US economy. We then can see this again in this trough. The I's being me, worked really hard to get the green technological a stimulus package. In which somehow our voices where drained out and a rat was brought in. In which decided that all the world we did to create a domestic production curve to take us out of the service bell curve reliance was not necessary and Gorbeck and a Spanish Madrid club in my opinion was able to get that person again to believe in the one world order of economics. This is such, goes like this. Why should the US have a production service bell curve, we are a one world order, you like Marx's theory right? You should get them to give your people's tax money to foreign countries where the communist party members hold green technology industries. It will be cheaper for them and you will be helping your brothering. That is basically how the rat maggot game goes. Just opinion will be edited out later.

                                                       Then the Communist again have foiled any attempt of the free market to gain an actual international trade surplus in a production curves. The reason why this is the most important part of the whole communist foreign control of the free market via bullies is because of flow of currency. The service bell curve creates a reliance on something that will in the short run bring in more negative income via, debts and loans and foreign housing speculation. Which in turn will create the same cycle over again. However, the production cycle which has been shown in neo mercantalist countries that protect with dear threat of complete economic tarriffing, that it creates a surplus. This is because production reliance is basically something that a country needs. The reason why the green tech industry was so important was the stubbornness of the US to pull out of Iraq until they had a decent Democracy set up there. This was easily projected in the underground democratic movement to create a cognition without any help by other single party totalatarian controlled citizens to also want to be out from dictators like we did for the shining star of Iraq, protesting with signs full world embassies ya baby, ya.

                                                           Therefore, it was projected that the oil reliance on liquid fuel would become very unstable as those countries seek Democratic resilience and some minor changes to power to the people. Thus, we have missed the whole production curves and are now stuck. While the communist parties of the world have gained funding via our tax dollars. And the main international Communist party which is in China, has stolen the whole industrial trade surpluses for green technology. In everything from solar, to wind, to cars. As such we see the Communist SOE's and Sovereign wealth's gaining the full control of the free markets of the world. The idea is thus know they can penetrate the markets with their bullies. We are currently in the part in which what the ancient warrior call the killing field. In which the army has been completely weakened and the heads can literally go in and taint their swords and axes with the weakened armies units that are left.

                                                          This is then pushed even further for the bullies of the cold war weapons by the lying of the MSS and SASAC that they will get rid of their entities if they do not expand. This means that the heads of these SOE's and Sovereign Wealth funds are now pressed to run into the very markets that the MSS and SASAC had completely killed. In which now citizens of foreign free markets can be completely enslaved to the Communist Chinese elitists. These entities then go in and where there was once a powerful free market where individuals owned their own labors and business. Now is a mass of SOE's and corporations as the only thing that can survive the killing fields thanks to weak cold war defenses is major corporations. Therefore, the Communist MSS and SASAC have completed their task to start to begging their push for a one world economic order like the Bolshevkians tried to do but where back stabbed by their supposed ally the Communist Chinese. This cycle then as the proper production cycle was stopped will start again with another service bell curve. The next time the free markets will be weaker. Thus, allowing the Communist SOE's at that time which will be the world strongest cold war weapons, will be able to easily either collapse and invade countries, or collapse and force countries to leave their international allies behind to be completely taken over by the Communist bullies.

I. Solution to the SOE and Sovereign Wealth Fund Threats and Detriments.

                    Now one would think that the best solution to the whole thing would to just stop completely dealing with the Communist go around and pick up all of their agents and boo them all out. Then after that place some whigs on our heads and dump all of their goods into the ocean that where not already paid for by a buyer. However, this is not the proper Democratic way to deal with an opposing tribe. As this would cause un Democratic style resolutions and would be very similar to the thing we disdain so much; an action of a tyrannical nature. Therefore, we have to play the game within the rules of proper boundaries and make sure our party comes out victorious. As such I have come up with a plan to refute this constant neo mercantalist caused business cycle of the free markets that constantly sets the free market backs at least a decade.

                  Moss ogsti then this idea is very in depth for the specific nature of the very probable future depression of the US based on the last three service bell curve trough cycles. Along with a look at the ever deepening deficit and inflation rate. The idea is to get to the root of the problem then sit down with it and figure out what kind of remedy will allow the roots that where torn apart and destroyed to regrow. As such the roots that seem to be causing the US major economic difficulties besides the Communist Cold War weapons, is the ability of the US to properly defend its business cycle and keep it out of the trough. Therefor, at first glance one has to understand that the US is based on a free market approach which would then mean that our main policy is to keep hands off as much as possible. However, the main problem that we are having is that after each trough cycle we create another heavy reliance on a service bell curve. This problem seems over the historical view of my analysts to be just like breathing for the US.

                   As such then the idea would be to properly implicate a realization of the problematic weaving of our economic legislation to create new service bell curves. This can be done on a matter of instead of controlling the actual industries of economy itself by controlling anyone who wishes to create a service bell curve. This then will be a two fold weaver control. As such the first will be that if there is an economic legislation that is on the table by either side that a proper adjustment cycle dealing with will be dealt with in the economic legislation. At current the populace as a whole and the economic legislation as a whole does not seem to reflect this key ingredient to stopping major trough cycles. This is because any legislation that is made towards a goal of helping an service or industrial curve will create a boom bust and a proper business cycle. Therefore, an analysis of a projected boom and bust should properly be implemented in all economic legislation. This then will give a better range of possible areas where the economy might need a little more watching from foreign SOE and Sovereign Wealth Fund agents. So as to keep the domestic free economy strong and to stop any foul play in the areas of possible up turn or down turn. Along these lines a proper two fold creation of any economic legislation should be created. This means that if someone wants to create something will help the apples at at a certain time the apple business cycle another thing like peaches must be helped out so as to not allow the trough cycle to kick in. This is theory as I have not yet began my proper MA in Economics to prove it. Should then create a piggy back affect. Where one economic business curve goes up then before it is to come down its net catcher to soften the blow will begin at mid or even peak prior economic curve. This then should be implicated in a less stringent manner so as to not create another major economic curve. But so as to create a smaller one in the major one so as to slow down the economy instead of dropping it on its head. This then should create a proper adjustment cycle which should have been the key factor to begin with. A

                   In theory if the proper predication of the necessary adjustment cycle is done we can create key spots in the business cycles and predict certain areas where probable foreign SOE or Sovereign Wealth Funds agents might try and control  the free market business cycle. Also the soft catch minor economic legislation to help the proper adjustment cycle should cause a much nicer slope instead of a major spike. This then will allow another proper economic legislation if something is found to be necessary. For example, lets say that the US has decided to increase its spending on defense. As such the military business cycle will create a boom and bust in this spending. Therefore, there needs to be a proper adjustment cycle done so it does not peak out and then spike out. Then once this is predicted a proper net catch affect like another minor economic legislation should be create like lets say something would coincide the best with that cycle to help it smooth out the sloop.

                   This theory is the best so far Democratic solution I could come up with. As such it is still in its theoretical stage, and I do not even know if someone has tried to do this before. However, on my basic very small research I have done into this matter. It seems that there is no such safety net for the economic legislation. Which form the mind of a weaver himself would seem a no brainer. That if you create something you have to plane for its many cycles. Much like a family. If you birth a child they are going to go through many cycles. In which a proper father figure should be studied on and read up so they can chose the best answers for their children's cycle activities as natures intellectual beings. As these questions should come from the proper grandfather units on each side. This solution should not be left behind.

In Conclusion

                      The idea is in American Legislation that when a problem is found that a written document on the matters of its problem and its historical nature, along with the necessary key elements to properly fix it should be coded in necessary codex. Therefore, as we have seen that SOE's and Sovereign Wealth Funds are  major threat and detriment to the US. It would only be natural to state in writing that to preserve the economic security of the United States of America the necessary key elements of any economic legislation should include a proper adjustment cycle and a necessary safety net catch minor economic cycle creation. If the necessary need comes to arise to find the author of this root piece of mastery. Look to the Rider I




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