This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Democracy is a Political Adversary System which is like the Judicial System of the Free Worlds.

Democracy is a Political Adversary System

I. Democracy The People's Government

Demo means in a common text, to show part of, or to destroy. Cracy usually means the literally term of having one move from one side to the other, or to erratically have movements. This idea then keeps any one entity from gaining to much power and becoming tyrannical to a certain entity or group of humans that are living in their midst. The way that this work is that more than one tribe is allowed to gain power without oppression from another, as long as they are peaceful in their beliefs and ideas. This idea is the basic foundation in all free countries. As, history will show that anytime one entity like a family, or political tribe, gains to much power they are very likely to oppress a certain other tribe. The basic idea is order through chaos. The idea is that the human brain is a never ending area of thoughts and ideas. Which is naturally shown in the projection of the power that governs the human beings under a natural order. This means that the chaos is a never ending battle, done peacefully. Which is known as debate or forensics into things of  nature or matters. These things apply to the people that are being governed by the major entities wishing to have their ideas in the spot light of writings being held by the middle ground. This then allows the people to live in harmony as they can know that their parties ideas as much as possible will be represented by one side or the other. This then creates a sort of non oppressive totalitarian calm over the people.

The opposite to this style of governance, no matter how you state it, is, a, single party totalitarian rule. Where only one party forces their ideas on all of the people underneath them without a fair and proper representation in the power of the governance. The single party totalitarian rule usually has an ego and they think they know everything. This means they think that they can do best for the whole of the people, because, they are smarter than the rest of the population. This usually as time has shown leads to the oppression of other ideas and the smart intellectuals who have opposing ideas. Therefore, the single party does naturally what all humans do when in power; they become tyrannical and oppressive. When there is no way to check them. This is a natural order of things as if you give a monkey or a guerrilla a stick in a group of others.Then only give that monkey the stick each and every time the gorillas meet. The guerrilla with the stick  will do what ever it wants when the group meets. Then the other primates no matter how much they want to try and take the group a certain way will not be able to as long as that primate has the stick.

This then leads into major battles over the stick over time. Either the stick leader will lead the group into a battle against another force and upset their balance, or, the stick holder will not properly take care of its inner circle.Thus, others will get tired of having nothing and a major other primate will take it from that primate with force. Such, leading right back into another single party rule for the primates that have to follow that ruler instead of listening to the pack as a whole. In which would allow a proper movement of stick holding; via who should be peacefully placed into the power so as to move in a different direction. These peaceful movements stop the oppression of the inner circles and also give a proper check and balance from ego's getting their group involved with other groups.

This examples of primates can be seen in major human political groups over time that have lead groups of humans. Major examples of recent times can be seen in my examples. Primarily in those who have taken Karl's Marx's one world economic warfare weapons as their countries primary international policy. These countries include the Soviet Union, Communist China, and the Socialist Party of Germany:

During the Bolsheviks (Soviets for cover name) reign which is responsible for the worlds single party dominance ideas lasting long into the 21st century. In their reign they showed exactly how a primate with a stick can oppress hundreds of millions of people. Their single party rule, which did not represent any other ideas except their elitist of their parties ideas. Went around conquering other countries and just placing them under their name which they called the Soviets. These people then killed people for believing in religion and for trying to own their own things that where not owned by everyone. Which, usually, just meant that the biggest meanest bullies in the society that pushed for more, received more; as they would get away with it. This is because in a real life utopia humans that are not properly checked get very greedy in power. This then ended up horrible. The whole of their governance got tired of the oppression and depressed itself which collapsed that single party rule. Which then allowed the separate entities to become free to properly allow multiple parties representing multiple ideas. In which today are more able to battle peacefully instead of shooting each other in the head because one wanted to own thee other.

The Communist China was taken over by the Bolsheviks. which had plans to incorporate them into the Soviet Block under their ideas of Communism. The Communist idea was in no way a Chinese root idea. The Chinese had just come out from under the rule of kings and tyrants and wanted to be a national society of free people. However, as the Democratic countries did not have the power to stop the Bolsheviks invasion of China via intelligence troops and machines. The whole country became enthralled with Communism, that did not want to share power peacefully with the National party. Which landed millions dead who wanted to have their own lands and freedom. Mainly because the Bolsheviks marched their troops in under the Command of Colonial Mao; along with using the Bolsheviks machines and pilots.

 However, after the National party resistance did not die off and had to go underground. They did not like the idea of the Bolsheviks puppeting their own leader. So they decided to properly fight against the Soviets take over. Which then became the reason today why the Chinese Communist are treated so differently than the Russians. Mainly as the Communist Chinese are the main reason why the Soviet empire fell. They stabbed the Soviets in the back very hard at every turn, thanks to National party dissidents cloaking themselves in the Communist party leadership. Who did not want to be part of a one world order idea of the Bolsheviks. This then allowed the Communist Chinese to make a proper deal with the USA and free world to become Democratic. When a cloaked National party member took power in the Communist government. That leader made a vow to turn its country back into a proper Democracy that they once wanted before the Bolsheviks invaded China. In which the Soviets tried to place them under a one world order. However, today we see the greed in the single party rule overthrowing the wish for a proper Democracy. The Communist Party is acting like the Soviets. They are starting to force three sovereign states to be part of the new version of the Bolsheviks one world international currency and order. The National Party and Democratic world are all still waiting and hoping they will let go of the greed and their international stick policy which wishes to create a one world order. I know the Nationalist party decedents are all still hiding in their caves hoping for that day that the communist can share power, Much, like, the Nationalist wanted a long time ago. Before they where genocided by Colonial Mao. Mao was considered a Colonial by the Bolsheviks. Primarily because he had very little strategy and the Bols generals helped him out with most of his major strategies. This is well noted in secret documents in old decedents of the Bolsheviks wine cellars. It is noted he mainly just sat their and took orders, then in the field acted the know it all. Then again the ladies would really have to love you sent and rhythm of your voice to get you that information. Daddy I,  you love the limelight girl?

Next up, the worst government every known to the modern day, the German Socialist party. By the way which we can contribute to the worlds worst theories ever in governance. That's German Nordic wish to rule the world for you though. Its in the blood. These people used the Marxist idea of cold war weapons of enslavement of the populace to the elitist leaders to create the worlds biggest economic and military conquest. Event though their country was very small, Karl's Marx's theories when applied with military or intelligence is very powerful (hence the cold war's, lol). These people however, went one step above Karl and used Nicoli which then created an enemy of the state to create more power and centralization of hatred and economic power. Much like we are seeing today in the Chinese biggest conservative party the Buddhist religious folks. The German Socialist picked the biggest holder of free enterprises in the Germany society at that time. This was the Jewish populace. At that time the Jews believed in competition very heavily and would rather own their own business than work for someone else. They where good at it and Hitler new that. He confiscated all of their properties and monkeys (your being coded by the master I) and created a unified front via a bias which is a fascist idea. More or less, fascist are just communist with a bias, sometimes they are socialist if their non biased people own their own and are to powerful to have it taken from them. The German Socialist Party killed millions in the idea of Karl Marx's one world economic order They also went further and tried to create the most perfect commune via genetics. This is also part of the Communist manifesto; to perfect a blood line that is obedient to the commune as a whole and works without rebellion. It did not work. They finally upset the worlds biggest rebel country and we created to many rebels in their communist fascist regime which they then imploded. Got to love Bourbon and good old American Music, or should I say natural bio engineering. As music and alcohol makes the soul wild with ideas of freedom. As any neighbor hood where they served alcohol and listened to American style dance music, loved to rebel and accepted I. Druids know each others souls when they meet. As such, with these examples of human primitive government style ruling. We should look further out into the reasons why it is better to have a Adversary Political System; far out in the club of out of this world, she is.

I. Peaceful Adversary Systems 

An adversary system is where you have to opposing forces in a same system with each other. This is a natural from of any house. As the majority of humans have to have some kind of mate to live with or be with. This means in a hetero example, the opposing forces in a house would be the male and the women. This then is a creation of two opposing forces with no matter what you do, or how close you are to each other, they will always be opposing as she is a feme (again don't call my grails females they will grapple to the ground, just me they are for them, if they like or love you then will be for each other). As such they will always have opposing ideas and will have to debate and come to a middle ground on issues. For example, for my favorite tear jerker is the choosing of linen for the house. Now me, being royalty, want a dark wood with candles on the walls and dark red and blue curtains, with leather chairs, and a fire place as my motif. However, I have not found a girl I have dated that would allow me to decorate the House that way, as it is very hard to keep candles lit and leather is cold. So I would have to debate on the matter and come to a middle ground. Then again, I will probable have to come to a middle ground where my office and underground armament is mine and everything else is hers.

This idea then can be magnified to bigger examples. In the primate example. We see when two primates are given a stick. At times they will go at it and they will try and overcome each other. However, the ones on each others sides usually stop the matter unless one has completely lost its ability to provide for its side. However, other times they will work together in separate but respected equals. If we then take this example to governments we can see the example of the US. Which is basically, as free as a government can get without actually allowing full scale tribal councils to work together in separate and distinct tournaments. This major political tribal action allows for the US to come to points and to balance. These balances are come out of the ideas with debate and proper forensics. This allows as much as possible the many ideals of the US citizens. As there are millions of different tribes in the US usually being able to side with one of about 10 major or minor tribes.

This idea is the actual true idea of human nature at its highest element of freedom. So much so, it allows for, instead of, a few strong humans in the society for millions to become strong and feel like they have a real part in their world. Where as a single party governance only allows a small few to get through to gain power and feel like they are actually representing the many tribes of their lands. Currently the idea of adversary systems is being seeing in the conservative parties of the US. In which the Conservative side has allowed the extreme Communist side to take to much power in the world . Therefore, we have seen a whole tribe come out based on the idea of throwing off the docks of America the single party political tribe of foreign that taxes us via debt and takes our civil and social security via loss of jobs and taxes for domestic consumption. This then means that the one side that felt that it was not being properly represented by the major tribe will now have to battle with its side that feels like it was being misrepresented. This then will end up in two ways.

 History has shown in the US, one, is that the adversary to the major tribe will overcome and take over the current major conservative tribe. The other way is that the major tribe will overcome them in the long run and dwindle them down by regaining their ranks favor by properly representing their people in economic balance against allowing a foreign single party to run the US and cause high taxes due to single party totalitarian government run entities taking our jobs and taxes! I. Theses two ways of adversary system allow for a more proper balanced representation of the people's views of America and their anti-single party totalitarian government run entities, taxing the US citizens, by allowing a foreign power to take our market shares, and causing more taxes via their unfair economic warfare against US citizens. This then would allow each party via an adversary system to check and balance the imbalance that has been caused by the weakness in foreign policy.

I. The Tribes are the Jury of Who Should Represent the Ideas of Each Party

The Tribes or what we civilly call Parties. These are the people who have made it to the top of the ideological perspective of the representation of ideas. These can be anyone from a eye Dr. to a farmer, to a school boy with some college. It does not matter as long as they can adhere to what the Party believes is their sides ideas of how their people wish to be free. This then creates a proper adversary system within each party. This adversary system causes a proper balance of debates and forensics into each possible Warrior to go to the battles. This usually means who ever can raise the most value for themselves and the most votes. Will be able show that they have peacefully won their tribes adversary system to be taken to peacefully battle against the other tribes ideas. This then allows them to see if the masses prefer to have them govern this time around or another.

These Jurors are a representative of the populace as a whole. As anyone can climb to the top if they think that they are the proper representative for their side. They can also properly give value to the warrior they wish to have represent them. They, the jury of the tribe can always go around picking people up in buses if they wish to vote for the same person so as to their side win in the inner circle of the jury. This is the fairest, and most peaceful way to allow Children to go home at night, and for men and women to worry about their whims. Instead of worrying if their children can someday properly and peacefully represent their ideas of how they think that their ideas of the world would better govern themselves. On the other hand having to worry that someday the government will come and take you away for having different ideas from the single party rule.  

I. The Peaceful Warriors of the Tribes Ideas
The Sociological perspective of the people is represented in the idea of public media broadcasting and written word of who can represent your mindset the best. Each set of tribes has their own ideas. From the idea of almost complete anarchy, where the strongest survive. To the complete idea that each individual should be enslaved to a complete sterilized THX environment to the commune. These ideas are the complete extreme and the majority of US citizens do not wish for these idea so they are moderate to operate living standards via debate and forensics into the constitution of freedom.

This means that there needs to be two advocates or more from each tribes ideas to help prepare the best peaceful solution to the necessary element. However, some times things are so against one sides ideas that they will never come to fruition, because it goes against ones ideas. Then if one side pushes to far it could cause major affects and political back lash which could cause complete destruction of the society due to one sides greediness of ideological perspectives. This is what the two parties work to try and stop. As each one will keep going they have to properly deal with the things that are placed in front of them. The adversary system is a balance that must be kept and proper adhered to. The Peaceful Warriors try the facts of their ideas in front of the judges. The judges are populace as a whole that they will be governed by the warriors.

I. The Populace as a Whole is the Judge of the Political Adversary System

After the Juror has picked the proper fact triers. Then the Warriors have create their peaceful strategy. They have to try their ideas in front of the populace as a whole. As there are millions of tribes which usually half of which are happy as long as their rights are not being taken away, or they are having to pay more out of their pockets for the government, in my opinion. As such, those folks who are in the battle and love their system of voting instead of swords, go for those who they think represent their ideas the best. This usually means some folks just vote purely on the name of the party. Other folks actually look into the candidates, and see if they are for their ideas in each individual category of. This is my preferred way to go as sometimes a party member can be very extreme. Thus ah, I do not like extremism, and love my basic rights and do not want them taken from me. Even though, I have not voted lately as I am choosing a higher calling which is keeping the middle ground and making sure the swing happens.Therefore insuring that no one gets to extreme or to powerful. Much higher calling, a very few partake and understand the ancient tradition of just loving freedom and being able to moderate the grounds. As no matter how much I feel about something, if I am asked to moderate I can take myself and my interests out, and then moderate based on weight. This skill comes from years of debate, and speech, along with moch trial and moot court tournaments, as we have to properly try all sides. On the other hand if I am left to my ideas there are only two I go nuts for, my 2nd Amendment and my 1st Amendment.

Thus, then people can have their own free will on how they will judge the Peaceful warriors and how well they competed for cognition of different tribes ideas of freedom. This allows then for each individual to feel like no matter what at the end of the tournament cycle each person can say, I voted, and I had the chance to either squire, or actually try and be the warrior for my side. If I lost then I have to adhere to the principles of the game. If I won, then I can gloat and get drunk and say boo ya. However, I am just happy now when the proper terms of the swing are adhered to which again is a much different feeling of true understanding of root peace, in the world.

I. In Conclusion

The Adversary system has been proven over two hundred years to be one of the worlds best ways to govern many multiplicity of ideas, and keep each in a proper adherence to peace. Freedom comes at a high price and there are those that take advantage of it and give it a bad name. However, the feeling of peace that is felt when you can go home at night and know, no matter what, there is not going to be a big war in my country tomorrow, is, the main principle of Democracy. There is no conspiracy to overthrow it. As the conspiracy is just one to get their warrior voted in. There is no way to overthrow it. As everyone will not deal with anything except a voting system of peaceful battles. In which no matter who tries to overthrow it they will just be thrown out via voting.

Of course there are problems in the Democratic system. However, it is the two or more party power sharing system that allows for the least amount of tyranny. As each party takes different sides and ideas. Which they then have to fight. If one side gets tyrannical then any-of=us can properly rebut under cover of the other party because it will make them look better in the next election.This is the basic root idea of Democracy. If you are a good person, and have ideas to use the proper peaceful ways to fight, you can, and will, be more than welcome in the house of your ideas.

Rider i

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