This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Monday, April 11, 2011

The IMF is Favoring Cold War Weapons over Free Markets.

The IMF is Favoring Cold War Weapons over Free Markets.

The IMF Recognizes the Free Market Soviergn Debt and the Cold War Weapons Soverign Surpluses. However, they still give more clout those entities which hold the cold war weapons and are supposed emerging markets. We can see this by the recent move of clout in the IMF from the Free Market Countries to the major Cold War or neo mercantalist countries. These countries are considered emerging. However, Germany, Russia and Communist China all have very big cold war weapon policies. In which centralizes their people's money in the governments hands and stop is from being able to properly spread out via the individual whims of the market place.

These differences of the free market versus the neo mercantalist economy then give the neo mercantalist countries a distinction of having more displaced income inequality. Which, the Communist Government has juts written a full scale report on the US's income inequality explainging that it is just as bad as the Communist Chinese. At this rate we see the other two Russia and Germany are really not in any shape to be called emerging markets. They are in no way a new economic stable powerhouse. They have a for long time been able to keep up with the free markets. However, they are just holding back on actually fully transitioning into free markets.

Then the IMF states that because they are transitioning markets they are allowed higher clout in the IMF. Then again, the Communist Chinese regime has come out and blatnatly stated they will not transition into a free market economy nor a Democratic Political economy. As such again, showing that IMF is really not properly dealing wit the neo mercantalist. All they are doing is favoring the rich elitiest countries that prefer to create income inequality via centralized cold war weapons instead of allow a proper free market to spread out the wealth of the countries.

This then preference is actually because the IMF has been properly coutred by Colonial Maoists and Bolshevkian believers of Communism. These people then have decided that the world is a better place off if the countries of high cold war weapons have more clout in the International monetary system than the actual real true beleives in proper fair and just competititon the free markets. This again stands firmly with the idea that the IMF has created a single international currency reserver system. Which it has stated it wishes to use to take out individual countries and cultures currency and value of their currency and implment a Communist Bolshevkian idea of a single currency for international trading that is related to anti Democratic or even anti free market value system.

This favoring of the cold war weapon countries or better known as they are tyring to word turn, as the neo mercantalist countries at the top of the clout. This then means they get priveleages for loans and abilities to help other countries develop. Again showing how the Communist idea of a single international one world order and currency is taking over the IMF leadership. As the those nations with cold war weapons will develop countries in the image of the Karl Marxist manifesto instead of the Lockean, Smithian or Marshallian ideas of individual ownership of labors.

We already see this happening in developing countries. Where the Cold War weapon countries are gaining more favorable termsn from the world bank and the IMF. In which they then turn and are able to create more sales of durable goods and positive income creation goods to developing countries. This then leaves the free world in a service bell curve reliance which is a major detrement to the free world without a proper check and balance by a produciton curve to bring in positive income for the country.

This then further hurts the world. As the real countries that are developing like countries in the EU can't gain the proper fair loan treatment to create a more civil government and stable country via free market ideas they have accepted right away. Where as compared to the neo mercantalist that would rather keep their cold war weapons for power and reserves. This then does not help the neo mercantalist as they will not use the better terms of economic privelages to actually help their own citizens, nor the citizens of the countries they invade with their Cold War weapons. As such, this leaves not only the free world market big boys and girls out of the cold, but it stops the real emerging free markets from being able to deal with other real emerging markets so as to create even more markets for all.

This idea that the major neo mercantalist or cold war weapons holders should hold more power in interational affairs is very unatheical just out right disrepectfull to the basic ideas of the free market which freed most of the world from full blown communits cold war tactics. Along with that the IMF has more than smacked down in the face the way of the free market. As in Communist China's report to the world regarding US civil affairs. The US is not much better off domestically than is the Communist Chinese. At this point with the very lead neo mercantalist who took power in the IMF stating that the US is equal to them.

I must say the only differences I see in Communist China, Russia or German is there cold war strategies of SOE's and Soverign Wealth Funds as compared to free world markets individual whims and power to the people via leaving the ecconomic wealth domestically for individuals to trade instead of having government entities act like economic military take over machines to destory real emerging free market places. While also creating the worlds biggest oxy moronic idea that the real developing and emerging markets of the world like the ones that accepted the free market strategies in the UE should be crapped on and the neo mercanatalist who kept the Bolshevkian and Communist Chinese ideas of cold war weapons should be allowed to not only crap on those real emerging and developing countries but to destory any possible Soverign Wealth balance. As the neo mercantalist constatly create huge amounts of Soverign Wealth funds with their communist cold war weapons of SOE's, which take away from their domestic market place and strip foreign domestic market places of their ability to own their own labors.

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