This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Monday, September 6, 2010

"Can we really have deep economic integration between authoritarian, strategically guided economies and democratic/laissez faire economies?"

"Can we really have deep economic integration between authoritarian, strategically guided economies and democratic/laissez faire economies/"
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I would say yes we can. The thing is we just have to watch carefully those entities that create unfair competition such as some SOE cartels that vertically and horizontally interact between each other to create unfair competition so as to create a neo-mercantilism affect.

This can be done easily be only allowing individuals or corporations avoid of government ownership to compete in international trade. Unless found that there is some underdeveloped country that needs a proper agreement between WTO countries that allows that a country to then help a country develop with their SOE's through a World Trade Agreement, with specific research on purpose for the use of the acting countries SOE's.

However, currently we are seeing  an authoritative economic structure in China as their SOE's  are being carved into SOE champions via cartel activities. This will be a big problem in free trade countries with the majority of trade coming from free enterprise economics. However, again, this can easily be solved. As such a proper analysts of cartel activities needs to be done and should be implemented from keeping any first world economy from using their SOE's to incur neo-mercantilism affects.

As neo-mercantilism creates unfair competition which as shown through many reports hampers globalization and the market place. Which in turn creates such detriments as satellite country effects which we saw in the Soviet Union era and now can possible be being seeing in the new dragon era of hybrid economics from the Chinese Communist Party.

Still though, a proper trade agreement can be reached. Cartel activities and affects just needs to be watched properly. A proper watching idea could be seen through an algorithm of what we used to use for tariffs against neo-mercantilism countries like the soviet union and their satellites (new word trying it out) . This rhythm could include the costs that it is for one country to create the product itself in such small ideas as unemployment, ripple effect economics and then the production value to also be able to sell a product internationally. If there is a substantial difference in the cost to the price then of course there should be something done to keep intra economics stable.

I think that this algorithm would be a normal idea. However, it has seem to be left behind through a comparative advantage theory. Were the US and other free markets allow the neo-mercantilism's to create an unfair advantage and they can then concentrate on high technology and other areas of industry. However, the algorithm is showing that this idea is not working. As we are seeing the main neo-mercantilism country taking huge strides in high technology trade surpluses as the free markets have substantial trade deficits in high technology like computers, nuclear reactors (this one i believe I would have to read the report again to name more, see hangman in negative effect on the right side). Further, the neo-mercantilism is creating a "beggar they neighbor" effect much like the above cited report states. This in turn creates a central effect of sort of satellite narration of economics. Where the countries that are dependant on the neo-mercantilism have control via credit lines in mass economics like bonds and other forms of government to government loans. This then makes it even harder to create a proper stable economics or even to push for less neo-mercantilism. As such if a country is owned through loans and a huge foreign currency reserve deficit it makes it hard to fully stand up and make a stance against neo-mercantilism. This is because it could easily turn into erosion economic warfare. However, I believe in my non-professional opinion that is already seen through my view. However, again, I am not a professional. But, in my mind it is already happening so the free markets should say something about the biggest neo-mercantilism country leader and proliferate of the idea,  China.

This would be an easy thing to do as a proper economic theory I believe in my personal opinion can be made for public cartels causing unfair international markets through a failed comparative advantage theory. Which is a simple theory to make and is actually what is going on in a more major aspect. Which I have still yet to find a proper analicital paper on so I can cite it. Then again I think that is my cite. I just need to work on that after the Chinese Communist Economic Warfare theory is done. This theory after applied would allow the free markets to properly address the neo-mercantilism and actually make it so both the liberal free traders and the authoritative neo-mercantilism could trade with proper balance and international stability. So, I guess I should get to work; then we could explain the theory to China. SOE champions sounds so bad to me.

Rider I
I am getting there it takes time on ones own. Don't worry ladies and gentlemen the Rider I will save the day and do a report on Cartels so that the authoritative and the liberal traders can have balance of international economics. Time to Ride. My grandpa and my dad always said if you don't like something do something about it. Well I can read and write so, here you go; My something.

After thought: if we want to be really picky we could also do a proper algorithm that shoes either the positive or negative effects of Chinese SOE's padding through cartel affects in their intra economies for their private industries. Which I believe can be shown either way. Still though I think the cartel activities is a start to a proper international fair competitive market place. As SOE Champions sound so Draconian in international use and what they do inside of their country is their thing. However, once it hits the international stream of commerce it becomes the WTO's thing. At least I believe in my non-professional opinion.

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