This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Shutting down military bases during the end curve of the business cycle.

Shutting Down Military Bases during the end curve of the Business Cycle. 

   In America we have seemed to have the same council advising the Department of Defense Chief to shut down bases each time we go to the down part of the business cycle. This is a huge detriment and another affect of economic warfare. I understand that the business personnel that are probable giving the advice have little to no analysis on economic warfare and potential dangerous weakening of defense operations. The West coast had huge base shut downs. While the Chinese government used its SOE cartel acquisition or my blitz theory during our last trough to acquire the biggest intelligence base ever made on foreign soil. Which is COSCO ports.

   The US will never be able to gain backs its bases that is shut down. The military power has well lets say not been replaced since the shut downs. The US seems to think that it is invincible and forgets historical approaches to countries like Rome and Persia who had the highest technology and supposed highest economy. As such now the US is furthering the peril of allowing the impacts of economic warfare to hit our defenses by starting to shut down intelligence bases inside of America.

  To make matters worse the business council that is advising the Chief D has chosen the Joint Command for shutting down. The reason why this is such a bad decision is because in economic warfare the worst thing you could do is not be very friendly with your allies. As China is using its massive SOE cartels in any form that it can to place its interest in foreign countries above the sovereignty of that country and above the friendship of the US. Much like what we saw here at home. With Ansteel a Chinese Communist SOE government owned steel company which has been being prepared for international SOE Championship through conglomeration of other small SOE's, just started a nationalization campaign of the American steel industry. In which the SOE cartels of China are the single board of control are now proud to say they have their trojan hoarse.

   However, back to the bases and the detriments of their economic impacts. This area of intelligence bases that I hypothesis will come under attack will be weakend heavily during this recession. The intelligence bases will be said cost to much and the US can't afford them and they create no value. However, taken from an Economic Warfare perspective, the international cooperation from Generals and intelligences soldiers of our current allies is paramount to basic bad economic analysis by the council that is still sitting for the Chief D.
   Economic Warfare is based on simple intelligence theory of implosion. We saw this theory be slipped into the public when McCarthy brought many Communist economic warfare spies to justice. This allowed the spies to admit their implosion campaign for US economics. This implosion theory is only defended from high country to country military ties and research through intelligence. The more international cooperative military drills we run the better friends we become from Generals hanging with Generals and become friends

    So, lets get down to samurai to the head type impacts.
1. Shutting down the Joint Command will create a loss in DOD personnel. This will then cause less research and even more clutter as the intelligence is not properly protocols or collected.

2. This will cause less push for international programs as a black cloud will be brought over the program as shut theirs down and not mine. This will then cause the international cooperation's to start to slow. Allowing the SOE cartels the Communist party to start stoke their way into military powers and generals through economics.

3. The fact that such a mirror can be placed from Chinese strategies from the .com service trough to the mortgage service recession shows that it is very possible that their mountains are moving towards an implosion theory much like the Soviet Union did. I would suspect there might be key Communist Spies in ares of economics that wills top America from getting backs its balanced GDP so that it will be forced to be dependant on China, again Soviet style tactic with centralized economics through SOE cartel activities.

4. Generals will not be able to hang out with other generals. This means that friendship and good nature causes will not be called on. As such if China is to move like they did to protect themselves from any international spot light on the world crash through back door politics. This will definitely cause generals to not think about calling American generals to say hay. We just had this Chinese delegate over here talking to one of our politicians about you and boy were they stabbing you in the back.

5. The necessary reports of the cooperation's and preparedness units will be hampered.

6. The technological reliance of Americans first closures will not matter as the Joint Command is the intelligence bases that creates research to make sure that the troops abroad can get cooperation from our allies to make sure they make it home or get what they need.

7. The globalized world is all about international cooperation. Shutting down bases that are specified for that purpose against leaves America to the whims of the Neo-mercantalist and old Soveit Economic warfare strategist of the Chinese Communist intelligence. As such, we lose ground on international cooperation at its worst points which is military, ties towards observers and protection for US troops in the field.

8. Technological communications and advancement projects will start to be shut down. This means that our allies may not have the ability to function and properly connect with our troops in time of needs.

9. Military techniques and ideas plus know how will start to be lost. As the US has to focus on only last minute face forward issues. This will leave less means for multiple strategies and ideas along with plans that are solid like a rock. Which have been gone over planned so many different ways that if we need to cooperate with any country in our allied forces we will have the plans and kinks and quirks worked out. However, after the Council that is advising the Chief D now gets down with our intelligence bases we will lost that. Refer back to number 6. We shut down our physical bases via technological reliance. So if we do not have the technological know how to cooperate with our allies and gain support it leaves the US vulnerable in the field and at home.

10. There will be numerous ripple effects to the economy as those personnel lose their jobs and then fall into the pray of the ripple effect theory that I have created were one good job can create up to 3 other jobs and such the taxes that they think they are saving is truly actually less as the stream of economics will go stagnant in those areas.

11. This will stop the expansion of international cooperation intelligence bases abroad as we will not even be able to keep the black cloud off them at home. This means instead of going further and pressing on to our allies and creating intelligence cooperation's bases abroad we will be shutting them down here at home and not even mustering the ability to carry them to our allies to work together to fight terrorism or even yes, possible big country warfare.

12. Personnel will not be fully ready in multiple areas and will not be able to be specified as they will have to become generalist with minor ideas of areas. This means were we could have a general who great knowledge of communications we will have to have a LT or Major that has multiple understands without having the depth and ability to for see possible new experiments or strategic plans for international cooperation.

13. These bases will never be rebuilt. Much like what we saw with the West coast huge military shut downs and other areas shut downs after the .com trough. This means that again we will be left with a void in the area of international cooperation and intelligence protocol, strategy, gathering, experiments, friendship creation, gaming, loss of defensive preparedness in the field to cooperate, technological know how, and future just given you a heads up.

Rider I this is without proper analysis. I wish I had only the time to go into further depth instead of just scratching the surface of economic warfare impacts bring when intelligence bases are closed for economic purposes, of balancing our budget which we have lost anyways because China just loaned us an extreme amount of money again, via debt purchasing. So instead of dealing with the Problem like Senator McCarthy did and standing up and saying something, we self deprevate and act scared, and allow the satellite position from China via old Soviet Economic Warfare tactics to be placed upon us. What happend to the Rough Riders? I know we did not die.

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