This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

R I R&A Has created the Economic Warfare Institute Blog post

I figured that France has an Economic Warfare Public institute and I have not found an American equivalent so as I have started a huge collection of data. I might as well start one as there seems to be a huge niche there. Along those lines, I know that the FBI, CIA, NSA, & Sector 5 will probable someday all look to my Economic Warfare institute as a corner stone for economic warfare defense and preparedness.

Slogan for the Economic Warfare Institute and my card that I will hand out to prospective creators of knowledge

"Learning that Creates Stability" (R) R I R&A 2010
Seeking Knowledge Creators

"Knowledge Creators defined in context of R I R&A:
Those who wish to bring forth ideas to the world so the world can properly moderate and create a balance through the creation of those ideas" (R) R I R&A 2010

Now I just have to figure out a moderate picture and color scheme.

This horizontal cite will be open to all forms of study into economic warfare and any possible areas of economic warfare in the world. It will mainly be a place where the creator of the Rider I who's mains study is the tactics of neo-mercantilism in the form of Cartels via Communist China's economic strategy. However, this new blog post will hopefully gain appreciation and enlightenment to the area of all forms of economic warfare and were they are happening in the world. This is hard work, so it will take me sometime. However, I find it is hard to get anyone to write or blog on this post as it is so polarizing. However, the Economic Warfare Institute blog post I pray and hope will become an open source of information for world wide economic warfare analysts and defense tactics, along with key indicators of such antics by corporations, business, or governments.

you can find the new template for a world wide view of economic warfare at:

The Rider I will keep its concentration on the Chinese Economic tactics as it has found them to be the most prevalent. However, I will try and create a proper professional Blog Institute that allows other writers to post and feel like they are adding a knowledge base to a very needed and oh so unenlightened field. As it would seem Economic Warfare and its antics have not seen a proper light. Well wish me luck. I still have the Blitzkrieg theory of economics then a proper review of the Chinese SOE cartels to do. However, I might make the new blog post look inviting to some volunteer researchers. As I do not make money of this one and will not make money of the other one unless someone picks it up to sponsor it so we can get more in depth research blogging, maybe for some young college economists who would like an adrenaline fueled economic research project; of course all from the comforts of home.

The purpose in my strategy will be to allow college students an outlet for their blogging of economic warfare research and proper reviews into as such. I chose not to use the anti- as I have here because it may come to pass that a very smart young economists may have a good plan that they wish to share so that someone can create a defense to it. As such it will be left to a broad perspective of economic warfare. This will allow me to start to become a moderator of the cite and a very needed study for this world of unconventional warfare tactics. Along with that it will allow young economists to show a place of professional distinguishment of where they can cite to being published on a blog cite.

Of course I will have to come up with rules and standards. Like a certain amount of cites, at least a one page article, the understanding that any view goes from the far left to the far right. As the point of the Economic Warfare institute is to teach each other moderation and middle ground by writing what one thinks. I think that this will be very fun and indeed. I think In my wildest dreams I might be able to become a forefather of economic warfare defenses in a public view of freedom of speech & education. Along those lines I might be able to help create the next economic warfare defense or tracer of the future generations of this world. Middle ground and moderation is found only through extensive forensics of a study.

Ok so excited can't wait to get started.

Oh one can dream, now I have to go to sleep and go to work tomorrow.

Rider I
Plus Plus Plus, I really want to stand up and give a seminar someday and well I have gravitated towards this and find it intriguing. You never know, I might be able to have a Chief and Commanders ear for a second on something very valuable to this world. Oh dreams oh so cool.

Ok gonna get fired if I don't get up for work. Have to go.

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