This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Support your local boxing rings, gyms, dojo's, sports teams, and intellectual competitions.

It is a place where young kids with a lot of testosterone and anger can go and legally and properly take it out in a competitive manner without turning to gangs. In dreams of making a match in Vegas.

Some of us are just made with more fight than others. Let them properly be taught how to control and release it. thank you master, for all the teachings, rest in peace.

You see the dream is to take the guns, drugs and gang signs out the young people's hands and teach them how to control their anger and properly address problems in certain situations, like debate, boxing, dojo's, gyms, or even real old school beat boxing, dance wars, or things like that. To make the it available for their anger to come out and compete and solve problems without guns and drugs. Cause you all know, sometimes you just have to get in the ring with the gloves and just duke it out. This are things we need to teach out inner city young ones as there will always be those who are made with more fight, sports are a very good way too but some folks are more individualistic than team and beat boxing, hip hopping, or just plain throwing it down in a ring is a lot better than having them shoot each other. Lets make the it happen, Support your local youth clubs, gyms, in this time of need after a recession we need folks to sponsor and help out until the US can restart its replenishment of jobs in the service sectors. Give them a chance for something to do after school, besides gang bang. Lets keep them off the streets and on the way to a good job, house family and the such.

As the US economy has been reliant on a neo-mercantalist countries economy so we could help them in the macro become safe and secure while they were younger and not full grown. It creates pockets of poverty and low welfare for the US. While China is allowed to be built up. However, they are grown our folks should not have to suffer anymore, they should compete fairly or properly be boxed in ring style.

The high risk kids need something to do. Like park games, gyms, boxing lessons, or dojo's. However, I understand the paying dojo's and boxing rings. But as I believe in poverty style welfare I also believe in poverty style youth gyms. This means that for a kid to get very cheap time at a boxing gym, dojo or lower quality than the free enterprise gyms. The parents should have to be fill out forms stating as so. If the child can't get the parent to fill out the form then a school teacher, or otherwise authority should be able to vouch.. I know y'all think what but some parents have to work so hard during recessions, or because they are first gen legal immigrants they just are afraid to fill out forms. Therefore, these kids then become very high risk for gang activity and for shootings and joing gangs. Were if we could get them into sports, gyms, or other places for them to release their anger for being poor and not having anything, then it would help. As right now we are going to see aggregate levels of anger possible rise. As in the next four years. Kids who used to have things are now because of the reliance on a service bell curve going to go without. This will cause anger issues. Meaning that they need some way to release it and not miss rich thing, talking about does not work. They need to exercise it and compete it properly out of their bodies. I should know, my family has been hit hard by circumstances of each recession as we are truck drivers family and when we go through a recession or after a recession products just don't move. Plus after NAFTA my families value went down the drain going from Nike Air Jordan's, Levis and steak and potatoes, and nice things without holes or smells from not being able to afford to dry the cloathes.

   As such, we need to address our youths anger at this time of the economic cycle until we can get out of this cycle based on a neo-mercantalist economy, which is now safe and secure, and we need to go back to trading with minor economies like Pakistan, India, and others so we can raise our core value through exports of machinery and products,this means our competitor China will have to play fair to place our adults back to work in a stable business cycle. Either way,support your local youth gyms and places were kids can compete either in teams or individually through boxing. I have heard horror stories of places shutting down because no one can pay and the kids going to join gangs to release their anger at the world.  As some of us know what it is like to be vulnerable to the business cycle either by first gen legal, or industry ties.

  And No you cold hearted person. It is not their parents fault that this country was worried about China's security and Russia's security and wished for them to be secure. So we allowed our economy to go to a service economy. However, we need to go back to a fair split of producing and service so as to balance and lower the high risks that unemployment naturally causes. All you economic warfare buffs know what I am talking about.

Rider I

The reality is that the US needs to start producing international value through production of machines and goods that underdeveloped countries need. This then will create a new economic system for all countries to trade with. Without the reliance on one major neo-mercantalist country producing it all. The next major point is when to stop babying a neo-mercantalist country which was allowed to be so to develop but is now so developed they are using economic warfare like resource quota's and SOE Champions to conquer and control countries. Once a country becomes a pure threat of expansionism, plus has the ability to hold a strong and long trade surplus and gains huge foreign currency and foreign debt holdings then they should become like Japan, the US, the UK, Canada, and the others. On a close playing field to each other so as not to create economic warfare impacts to each other.

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