This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Should unemployed people have to work for their pay checks.

It is a well known fact that most unemployed folks don't and can't look for jobs every day as there is not that many job openings. As such I have proposed an old New Deal style work force. When we have such a high unemployment as 10% and our competitors have such a low unemployment rate like China of 4%. I think it would be a good economic warfare defense to use those 15 million people who are out of work to produce value for this country instead of just draining it dry.

   As such the proposal goes like this. The defense against this is that it will flex our private economies and business to much to have such a huge socalist work force. I agree. However, these folks do not have to do skilled labor. They can things like painting public buildings, taking care of other unemployed folks children, who could not afford to pay for regular private sector day care anyways. And dig ditches in certain areas, plus pick up trash, and clean graffitti. We could even use some of the more voustrous ones to do things like become observers for certain things.

   As such the implications of this would be two fold. As the jobs the unemployed would have to do. Oh ya time bases. They should have to work at least 20 horus a week, then look for a job the other half of the time. This is basic economic value. And right now we have a 15million people draining our taxes and not giving a darn thing back for it.

  Oh the they paid for their welfare through their pay checks. Well some of them might have and that could also be implemented into the plan. Most however, have not been able to pay for their full unemployment wages through pay checks. I believe. As such any person who wishes to use their credits of unemployment which they paid into could do so without working for their pay checks allowing them just to look for jobs. However, after the point at which their pay ratio to take home ration expires then they shoudl have to wokr and create value.

  This will also cause folks who once made to much money from the service industry to want to take any job that they can get because. The menal labor that they will be doing for their unemployment will cause this effect to give them an incentive to get off welfare and get back to creating value. Along those lines, I believe the US has lost its old mentallity of the New Deal work hard for what is yours. This is because our government after the New Deal has not used such a wide program as I am proposing. This would create a cognitive process much like we saw in the old timers of the New Deal. This again will cause another benefit as the unemployed who are doing menial labor will want to either start their own business or work hard in something that is fruitfull instead of basic menial public servant jobs.

This has been a Rider I Research and Analysis Production of my brain storm. Wake and write like Stephe Spielberg. I dream in economics, weird but I am telling you it is like my heaven, trying to help defend against economic warfare and to stabilize the international marketplace. Can't wait to suit up, tie on shine the shoes and jon the other international economists in due time.

Rider I
No time for grammer or re-read have to move on. That is why I need a secretary.

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