This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Monday, September 20, 2010

How to Stop SOE Cartels

Much like our founding fathers and mothers. When they found economic warfare such as British unfair trading conditions, or Southern Communal Enslavement of human being's. The best way to stop it is from allowing it to spread in the States. However, we have already started to allow the SOE cartels of the Chinese Communist party to spread in the US. In industries that China would not allow the US private free enterprises to spread into. Again the creation of SOE's to purchase China's SOE's would at end game cause wars as country versus country is war were business v business is competition.

To me as an economic warfare specialist. It makes no sense to see how we would keep up this theory of infiltration through infiltration. When for the last 10-15 years we have been borrowing from China as they purchase our debt and we have allowed our trade deficits to slip past huge points of return as jobs that would allow them to equalize have also been lost. At this point right now I hypothesize eve if China was to start bringing down their intra tariffs like SOE cartels, market sharing tactics, bid wars via monopsonies. It would still take America and other free markets a long time to try and equalize trade. Which by my civilian duty is a violation of Constitutional rights in which I see as a complete obliteration of the Protect and Serve clause and the Commerce clause with foreign nations. At the point when you say that we will never be able to equalize trade. I say that is what our founding fathers who had no clue about American spirit and freedom said to our founding fathers who believed we could out due easily Britain and Spain and France and become an equivalent trader of scale of economies. So do not try and give me that mindset of defeatism.

It is my true belief that at this time. I will be able to easily make cases once proper as the rights through citizens to bring articles of economics and first amendment theories. In regards to the US government allowing through failed theories and detrimental theories to turn the tides. As such, I know and complete understand the infiltrate through allowance of infiltration theory. Again, at the point were we have lost the high tech absolute advantage, we have lost the manufacturing advantage, and all we have left is the service absolute advantage which brings no international liquidity during times of end curve of the Free Market Business cycles. While China has gained a huge absolute advantage on all things that bring in international value to their country. This is not a friendly game this is competition. Country business v free enterprises is war, and I see our countries allowing our free enterprises to be pillaged. I find this as treason, and believe me in the Constitution it says that our economics shall be properly administrated to stop such atrocities as the British or the South, in paraphrasing decades of anti-imperialist attacks on American Freedoms. I say, I call again for the 6 time. The theory you are using have been used passed rev points and is creating high friction inside of the Free markets. At such points were transmissions and proper play backs after the end curve of business cycles have become harder hitting and longer lasting. Simply stated my depression dooms day theory of 2024. Makes sense when you see how hot the transmission is getting because China will not allow the Free World to shift into another gear through their massive economic warfare campaign. As seen through my observing eyes.

Rider I

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