This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Sunday, September 5, 2010

My Views on Chief Economist's Bernanke's Report to Congress

This is my rough summary bot in chronological order of stated or written but as I see it through my scope.

      In hopes to understand the new service curve and to create proper observance and regulations. Chief E Bernanke started with the service curve. When he states "the most prominent one was the prospect of significant losses on residential mortgage loans to subprime borrowers that became apparent shortly after house prices began to decline." This then lead to the Chief E to dissect the events of the cloud economics surrounding the service curve of the recession. He also makes statements as to the regards of to big to fail not being properly regulated. However, he states that they were the source, as he starts to try and analyze away from the service curve. He does by saying that because the to big to fail companies were not properly regulated or watched that this is one of the reasons why the domino effect of the financial industry dragged down the economy.

     He then moves into the small bankers as called shadow banks. In my inference I believe he calls them shadow banks because there again was not enough oversight and regulation into the banks. However, I believe he did not correlate strongly enough the last service curve into the equation. As the Chief does make comments that there was regulations and enforcements that could have been used but they were not properly used. I believe that this is because of the main stay of the service curve. Along with leading to big to fail government duopolies like Fannie Mae and Indi Mac creating protecting by the dollar and economic stream that the service curve was creating.
    These shadow banks then got caught up in what the to big to fails and the duopolies started by creating bad loans to get the service curve going again. Much like what we see in the .com service bell curve. As such the to big to fails and other banks we had started the service curve and road it up the curve, then started to sell and repackage the loans to smaller and other big banks who did not have the proper technicians working the service curve and to see what side of the curve they were on. This then allowed some banks to get out from underneath the loans. But still created a problem as the service curve went down we say a ripple effect of the loss of mortgage workers and incoming money. This then created a liquidity problem in the market place. As the banks that had gained money from the repackaging were no longer willing to keep up the cloud loaning. This was due to a necessary and usually idea of wanting more liquidity for loans. This then made the service curve keep in step and lock going down. As more folks were layed off, the mortgage industry had to keep up trying to find ways to keep mortgaging.
  This then created a sort of shadow bank frenzy with medium and some bigger banks still playing. As such the mortgagees needed better terms to keep the housing speculation going. Which was fueld by huge foreign players specially in my mind SOE's from China. As such China just recently created a domestic law that their SOE's will not be able to use speculation cloud economics in their domestic real estate industry. However, their international financing law I believe still allows for SOE Communist business to create speculation bubbles abroad. MMM, curious, why protect at home but allow abroad, MMM. That is an area of economic warfare point I found.

  Then the Cheif E speaks on another area of Economic Warfare which is the aggregation of small point failures to gather a huge impact. As such the Chiefster Economists himself stated that proper legislation is being created. However, I found that in some of the legislation that was spoke of it leaves way for easy pin point infiltration through a centralized and not a sort of committee oversight. This centralization may be a place of worry and concern for the defense team to watch and use proper algo's to predict any economic warfare.

   He then goes into more detail of what I believe is the natural fact that governments. Which is they will not regulate and properly enforce on their own duopolies or natural law of service bell curve if it is seen in the short term that it is a benefit for economic surplus. (which is just a dream as the service curve will never bring an economic surplus) As such they government did not (or should I say has not, will not as the last service curve we saw the same similar regulations going up to watch the cloud economics. However, none to watch the service curve which drives the business cycle. That is why will we see the same effects again. Because we are going through a dry time and as soon as the next service curve kicks in we will be hungry and we will eat. As such this report in my mind did not do justice to the root problem being the service curve) This lead to the government not properly use the existing enforcements and regulations to hamper the only business cycle we have had since the last service curve bell leading the cycles.

    As yes my cup of tea. The to big to fail. Where Chinese SOE's are at a constant benefit from their closeness to the government. The US sees that free markets should be left to theirs. This means we do not want to help them but properly regulate them and if they fail allow them to do so. This is so that we do not create existing long standing government duopolies through the stimulus style help each time they crash through bad investments. However, it is necessary as the bigger entities create a ripple effect of economics which could shock the economy. Much like the service curve downward slope shocks the economy every time we go up then down. So the idea is to properly regulate them. However, this regulations should not be to keep them standing against competitors of free markets inside of America. As such this would create a totalitarian commerce effect. So what needs to happen is a healthy competition and a proper watching to make sure they are competiting fairly.

   The Cheif then shows how allowing duopolies that are protected by political and legal government actions can lead the way for other business to do the same thing. As other to big to fail business see that Fannie Mae and Indy Mac are getting all of this help and do not think that is is fair that they did not get the same help in which created a screwed market share acquisition plan that forced the private to big to fail business to investing risky investments to try and compete against government duopolies which have the favor of the government and leading political party. This is as such because Fannie Mae and Indy Mac where allowed to gather market shares above poverty level. This then creates a shock of fear to their competitors in the private industry. Which in turn start to try and create or find new ways to keep up with their duopolie competitors. This duop competition again was not done justice to the detriments of such government protection and subsidizing in a free market industry.

   This allowance of duop government protection has been seen through the US government and the Chinese SOE financiers coming in and creating speculation booms and busts. As such they are protected by their governments and each has its own agenda to keep allowing them to do it over and over again. The US government sees the Duops as a way to create a boom in the real estate investments so that the money can start flowing again and the ripple effect of the stream of economics can create an artificial monetary surplus. The Chinese SOE financiers see it as a way to keep the US in a service bell curve and speculation boom bust as it will create drastic problems for the US economy each time the mortgage service industry bell curve is run. Whether the government relies on it for its major leader of the business cycle as it did through lenient laws the last time or if it is just a service curve in the whole picture of the American business cycle. As such this is a small in a bigger macro point of view point in which aggregates the service curve and the business cycle to boom bust each time the Dopolies start in with their speculation investments.

   As such I would state as a proper regulation so as not to scare or to cause a sort of financial stampeed or feeding frenzy in the other mortgage business of free market competitors that Fannie Mae and Indi Mac and other duop du ah's should not be allowed to create speculation mortgages. As such these are easily seen as houses that have quickly gained value through a speculation market. Also as houses that wish to seek more than one mortgage for purposes outside of normal having another kid, or grandma pa is moving in so we need a new room. This will allow the free market mortgagees to be allowed to deal with speculation real estate investments as we are of course a free market. This then will make it easier for the proper regulatory agency to watch a mortgage business that might be causing detriments to the economy. Because the analization of the duops du ah's will be left out and the cloud economics's that have been attached to the duop du ah's being allowed to speculate will also be left out of the equation. This then will mean that the government will not take into account its own pocket book when regulating speculation or the mortgage service curve. Because it will be running like all those good little banks who relied on proper good business and did not get caught up in the free market allowed of course housing speculation. This means all those hound doggies do not have to worry about their jobs because the governments ledgers will not be placed into account. As the doup du ah's will properly only have mortages in their ledgers that are less risky than not. The Chinese economic warfare strategy as to speculation investment through financial SOE's will be left for a full article.

  So there you have it, another great helping hand from the R. I.

Mortgage Duopolies should not be allowed to get caught up in the speculating mortgaging. Allows for proper oversight of the whole industry as the governments books and ledgers are not taken into account.

The Chief E and team of hounds need to properly spend more time with the service curve and its correlations to how it leads the US business cycle.

Proper economic warfare analysts needs to be done on any new leg's or reg's so that a full 360 degree watch can be done on any factors leading to foreign econ war strategy.

As such, so said so done, my ideas and thoughts to help properly curve off the American Business cycle peaks and spikes.

Rider I
Living for adrenaline fuled economics oh ya.

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