This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Saturday, September 11, 2010

My Poem to the Twin Towers.

 Freedom is to me not to get things for a cheaper price or to get them for free. Freedom is to me to be able to make my own choices. Freedom is to me to be able to pick up any material of knowledge read it and decipher my own intellectual pathway from it. Freedom is to me not to be held underneath someone Else's view of the Divine. Freedom is to me to be able to marry who I want. Freedom is to me to be treated equally with the understanding that everyone makes their own choices. Freedom is to me the ability to understand folks make mistakes; however, that means they have to start over and work harder than those that did not. Freedom is for me, knowing and understanding that there are hundreds of programs out there that if I was on the streets would help me enough to get back on my feet and start again. Freedom is for me, the ability to go to school and learn what I want when I want, within reason of the set programs. Freedom is to me to be able to compete in a fair market place for the creation of ones value. Freedom is to me to be able to hang out with anyone no matter their creed, skin tone, cultural heritage or gender. Freedom is to me to try and treat out planet as good as we would treat our own; as it is our home. Freedom is to me to understand the night and day make balance and as such create a natural need for two things checking each other. Freedom to me, is to be able to speak about things that others would not without reprimand from those governing. Freedom is to me the ability to be safe and secure in ones papers, thoughts, home work and car. Freedom for me is to understand each other and to try and come to middle grounds. Freedom is to me the understanding that I am a King so is my neighbor's who are Kings and Queens as well. Freedom is to me the understanding that I am a titan and if any spiritual being wishes to play force spiritual force will be played back. Freedom is to me the understanding of the uncanny and the natural . Freedom is to me to theorize into outer space and exploration and not to earthly theories. Freedom to me, is, well, IT IS The United States of America. That is Freedom, the long hard civil battles we have all fought to get here and keep fighting to gain more freedoms for each individual, who come together in times of need. That my friends, pupils, governors, darlings, distinguished competition is Freedom to me.

Rider I
I stand for freedom, above the divine with the divine and along side the divine. I am an American. May the souls of all humans who have fought and died for future generations to feel freedom and their individual beliefs and values, all rest in a positive place of spiritual being. I stand lighted and united underneath the ideals of Freedom.

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