This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Is China Creating a International World Centralized Economcy?

Old Soviet Union wishes to dominate the world through their centralized economics.
resource acquisition and totalitarian control.
Find and or create theories of why the US feared Soviet Economics.

Absolute advantages in areas of resources, manufacturing, high technology might get past that red line from comparative to absolute.
Create or find the red line when comparative advantage leans into absolute advantage.
Apply Senator Sherman's theory of why absolute advantage was bad for capitalist, then applicable shape it to correspond with whey allowing a whole country to have absolute advantages is bad.

Define what a centralized economy is. Explain the stream theory of free markets compared to the dam theory of centralized SOE Markets.

Compare and contrast, China's care for the world compared to the care for their own benefits. If it is a healthy one like America.

Wish I had time and money for this.

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  1. Economy, environment, and ballast water, why waste stimulous money?
    NY state wasted much money in creating ballast water laws, if the state is already granting passes to foreign ships because of lack technology to meet their requirements, and if thay are now willing to wait a idefinete period for technology developement, all we have is, a lot of money wasted so politicians could look as though they tried to do something. Since the President has ask our governor to step aside in mid term election, you can only wonder if the next governor of NY will accept whatever weak coast guard plan comes up, and do away with NY ballast water requirements in the presidential election year of 2012. This recovery will be temporary as there is a recurrent theme of economic globalization with this administration and considering the last two decades we have had two political dynasty's that have both disregarded our countries core values, and our independence, by mixing our "free market beliefs" with a communist country, who controls the size of their middle class work force to manipulate the stature of their currency in the world, leaving our country dependent upon them for our future. It is amazing there is not a insurrection in our country as the constitution, suggest is legal, in support our right to freedom. This sell out of America can not be more obvious than reluctance by the Senate or the Presidents to address ballast water, nationally as this would cause the cost of foreign imports to rise according to a DEC 2009 report for congress detailing the cost of such legislation would be mainly incurred by foreign ships. Remember China is one of the biggest ship builders in the world, yet we can not regulate the carbon footprint hidden in their manufacturing, nor address the dirty water trail or carbon footprint used to deliver their manufactured goods in our waters even as Americans are out of work as this would hurt economic globalization as the plan for recovery. Ballast Water is a national security issue in every sense of the term. Why after historic legislation in 2008 passed in the house 395-7, for ballast water legislation, killed by one Senator Boxer 2 years later no call has come from any Senators to address this problem. Despite a report for congress in 2009 suggesting that because most of the ships affected would be flying under a foreign flag bringing foreign manufactured goods into our country, and the cost of imports would rise, they are still not capable of acting. It should be noted that, the Vice President eluded, it didn't matter which of the three members of this administration took which position, as they decided who got what job in this administration, while one Senator alone from their party killed this legislation. Is it just coincidense that they were all Senators during this time. We need national comprehensive ballast water legislation as the law of the land, not regulated by a non transparent two decade military plan subject to "change" by the next commander and chief, or using the International Maritime organization provission in an International Law of the Sea Treaty. The time is long past to bring back Americas independence, we need to correct their control over our country now and let the historians figureout who was the least guilty.