This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Thursday, September 30, 2010

It is not the Worlds fault China spends its money on SOE strategy instead of intra-quality of life.

I will return the House of Levy fight later tonight. I have to write this down.

I have read articles that state that China should have a lower economic currency because it has a lower quality of life. However, in these articles they don't pay any attention to the natural fact that China spends more financial capital on SOE strategies and allows more market shares for centralized massive SOE's instead of allowing more business to start up to create a stream of economics.

My natural law of economics through stream as applied to US small business and SME's and how major centralized business actually cause more problems much like we saw in Soviet Style SOE's in which China holds onto for the basic power principle that we were all afraid of during the cold war.

Inherently, China spends huge amounts of money to make sure they have 95% of the worlds resources through foreign acquisition of resource contracts via Monopsony style unfair contract obtaining. This is done by China using more than one SOE which is controlled by the SASAC which is a centralized government agency, much like an intelligence agency however, for economic SOE Champions.

This then would go against the natural fact that China claims it should keep a lower economic currency because it has a lower quality of life. China is more worried about economic expansionism and keeping high resource control at 95% than they are worried about their own countries quality of life.

They then argue that by obtaining such an unfair uncompetitive advantage on foreign resource contracts that it keeps up their economic powerhosue which then can create more jobs for the itnra economy. However, they mainly use Massive size SOE's in such areas. Just as Ansteel is currently or has already merged with one of their rare earth resource companies that hase nodules necessary for certain metal production.

Then again some economists believe heavily that China is using these strategies to make the whole world dependant on them for rare resources. Which at a high 95% control via intra and inter contracts. I would have to say our free world guardians are lagging in protecting our economics. Matter fact I will say it.

Therefore, in conclusion my primary statement is that China should not judged by their low quality of life. As it is the governments ability to either create more service jobs intrally or to keep up high contract monospony style bidding, in which one centralized agency using more than one business in which they control really can't lose. As such, China has become of lately a new threat much like Germany and Japan were when they were obtaining huge amounts of resources and hording them before world war I. If I am correct on that matter. Cold war is my thing not World War I. If China is allowed to keep up this strategy their poor me syndrome will become the worlds syndrome. As it has been proven in micro applied country economics that freedom of economics and liberalization of economies creates higher welfare and higher quality of life. However, centralized strategies such as what China is doing in international and intra create less welfare and lower quality of life. This is much the reason why China has such a low quality of life. As, if China followed its obliged agreements in why the free world was trading with them in the first place and stopped returning to centralized, satellite economic strategies they would see a higher increase in their quality of life. Thus creating a higher increase in international economics.

I thus have to deny China their low quality of life. As in certain economic theories institutes, military desires, and political domination is always part of the full economic calculation. I also call out free world economic intelligence agents to a dull if necessary on allowing China to reach such a high unfair, detrimental control of rare resources through foreign contracts as applied through monopsony style bidding. You know were to find me down by the river, bring your best beer and your best inter tube and we will debate, or shall I say you will just be slaughtered by my massive egotistical niche of a chunk of memory. Feeling like tubbing and dulling intelligently style.

"Rare earth is necessary for military production" "China may be completing a similar strategy to other expansionism countries of low military participation in international safety, high resource control and major production of materials"

Rider I
You ladies and gents feel like getting wet. Your Professor will out inner tube you, out drink you, and out debate you, you will learn. Hooorah.

Be there or be a circle square, maybe a triangularuar concave dare. I think I found a new rock to safely jump off. Did the recon and depth level plus tried it out a couple times. Seems safe. You learn with me, you learn.

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