This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Through economic rootology Afghanistan can be a place of peace and prosperity.

   It has long been known that the basic economic warfare between human and state is to keep the human busy and allow them to feel like they are hunting or gathering for their own individual needs and wants. The country that makes sure that the market place is booming with jobs and civil things to do, is the country that usually is at peace. This is due to the percentage of those who want to die, kill or join an extremist group is much lower than if not a proper balance of state v human. However,  Afghanistan has ~30% unemployment or around there. Obviously some folks would rather join extremist groups and work for the terrorists because they do not feel like they are doing anything and they are angry, hungry and have lost their pride and would need to regain it. So it is easy to take it out on the country that is trying to help their government secure their nation, because, they look like it is their fault and it is an easy rhetoic plow for the terroist to prove it, so it makes it easy to turn anger on the helper.

    This leads to the idea of circular reasoning of military strategy. Of course military strategy is needed for security purpose. However, instead of fighting these people and killing them because they have hatred and  no booming market place or commerce to keep their minds busy. I know the world needs huge amounts of technological advancements in batteries, green tech, chip tech, and other areas where Afghanistan has huge amounts of resources in. Well then, guess what, that means that Afghanistan has huge amounts of jobs just waiting for them to get started. This would allow their citizens to be fruitfully, gainfully employed, and proud to bring home some bread and shoes for the wife and kids. Instead of being angry and joining extremist groups which any city builder knows in high unemployment civil unrest goes up.

   So lets see, we know China is funding Venezuela for oil, China is also using their massive SOE Cartels and uncapped government spending to acquire strategic resource contracts unstopped in Afghanistan pushing out a possible Afghanistan corporation or even venture capitalist that could turn into a hero energy, so I say lets fund Afghanistan for resources jobs. Keep them busy like China is keeping Venezuela busy. However, we have to allow them to do the work. This will extinguish terrorism by the feeling of being whole, and proud to be able to supply ones family. Which intrinsically will lead to a ripple effect to moving out of terrorist extremist groups to smaller amounts in which they could be called gangs, like we have seen before when building a peaceful society.

   So how do we do this?  The state could allow wealthy Afghanistan's to buy the mine rights and then the state could properly regulate the laws and restrictions for the mine workers avoid of ownership. As there is multiple mines, there should be multiple mine owners of different Afghanistan culture so that it is equal and fair for all, so there is no civil uprising. This will allow the fair play of non-monopolistic commerce  while giving the government a fair share to actually be able to regulate the mines without government owned interest to treat the employees bad to earn more money for the state. However, these contracts should be left to Afghanistan owners only! As, yes, even the big boys in America or the Communist Cartels in China should allow Afghanistan's to be able to build their own country and employee their own countrymen. So long as big bro makes sure they are not using the money to kill or further terrorism. Which would defeat the purpose of the mining expeditions all together. As our greatest city builders theory goes, you allow them to work and be happy to see their wife's and kids at the end of the day and they will not want much more than good pay and a good work enviroment.

    The purpose of the mining expeditions should be to fully employ Afghanistan citizens creating a ripple economic effect like staple economic industries do and 12% unemployment should go down to 12% through the rootology affect correlated with the ripple affect of a root industry creation then leading to the hero partiotism affect. This then would lead to, food vendors, clothes sales for the Ladies, toys sales for the children, ball games or smoking time for the men plus proper penance for the clergy. A due warning though  no extremist religious owners. That is bad business all city builders know that.

   This could also lead to energy production from the ability for Afghanistan's to be able to buy it from other Afghanistan venture capitalist corporate producers of energy. Plus, Afghanistan could tax each industry just from the basic root industry of mining to allow Afghanistan to create and maintain a proper police force, military and to start the structure of sewage, water, and electricity I like building cities. This is where it gets good for everyone, so follow my basic outline. Now that Afghanistan has a protected industry to create its economic roots, we can all start to import machines, technology and all kinds of products to help them produce a civil and secure society much like we did for China, Isreal, & Japan.

   The reason why Communist Cartels and American Big boys/girls should be left out is because of basic examples of patriot heroes like Mr Huntington and the Mr. Hurst. Heroes of the Afghanistan community could lead their country to be a proud nation of resource and energy production without any foreign or domestic government control. This pride is needed so their citizens do not feel like they have to act out against those who want to help them Along with that most men would rather go home after work to their wives and kids than join an extremist group if they have a good market place and folks outside of religions to look up to.

      This would mean that one individual or corporations avoid of governments OR YES Y'ALL LEAVE THE MINING TO THE AFGHANISTAN'S OR THE TERRORISM WILL NEVER BE SOLVED AS THEY NEED A ROOT, no foreign ownership of their mining companies. There should be only Afghanistan bidders so there is no monopoly of government or foreign individual or foreign government ownership. Trust me y'all I have studied the leaders of industries and some of the best city builders ever and it all starts with a mine or a root manufacturing company. Not A Communist country owned mine, nor a foreign Capitalist venture. It needs to root by them, they need to own their root and have pride in their cities and feel like they are doing it, or it does not work. Read the good cities builders of life theories. When they found a root in their country they where able to create pride and strength and build security and freedom for their country. Trust them, all humans can do it if properly placed own a strategic road.

    The detremental theory for Afghanistan Economics is that if the Communist own the mines the surplus money goes back to the Communist SOE Cartels. This happens with foreign capitalist too. As a corporation or individual avoid of government interest might not partiotically invest their surplys money back into the community to further build and structure while making tons of money on building their country like Mr. Huntington did and Mr. Hurst did. That means that the root of their need is taken away and minimized by a substantial algorithm of loss of profits of Afghanistan to feel the economic ripple. Example huge amoutns of lost money and economic energy: Communist China purchase a mine, they then control that mine for SOE Cartel strategy, all the extra money that they receive after paying royalties, is placed into their Communist SOE strategy to further their national beliefs and not into an Afghanistan's pocket; or lets take an American venture capitalist, they own the mine and all the surplus money goes into his pocket, he might as a venture capitalist be interested in Afghanistan start to invest back into the community like Hurst or Huntington did or more likely he will place his money in a secure holding or other investment.

        Now lest take the actual needed strategy of Hurst and Huntington style city building. The mines are proper split up between Afghanistan owners. Those individuals knowing and understanding their countries need for investment and infrastructure see the mass wealth that could be made by being a patriot and investing in their country. Then they turn and start taking all the surplus money they received from the mines and start to create other industries that ripple Afghanistan economy. Unlike the Communist Cartel national, military strategy to build Communist interest, or the Capitalist interest to feed his American investments and individual freedoms.

          This is what you are doing wrong in terrorist ridden countries. They need heroes, for themselves. Not Communist Cartel Abuses, nor American intellectual strategist. As y'all know one individual can take on an SOE any day baby give me the whole Communist Cartel heads and I will still take them on and win, dam right. But this is not about my ego. It is about ridding the world of terrorism or at least getting them down to easy watchable levels. This is why American was so able to bloom because of great American city building heroes, while keeping the Scots, Irish, Indians, Russians, Chinese, all in a reasonable quill of social order.

   So, shall we free Afghanistan or shall we keep killing hungry, angry, religiously brain washed human beings because they blame it on the US, AND NO PENTAGON AND CHINA WE DO NOT NEED SOE'S TO DO IT nor do we need foreign investors to do this.Truly they can pay us in resources for strategy and machines before hand, but, they must own it themselves to feel the pride of a nation. Let them feel the economic ripple effect of industry and trust me you allow 4-5 big boys or (women) to own some mines and start feeding people properly and the terrorist will be winged out by their own people. Just like in the US  with the Irish, and Scottish folks not wanting trouble when the mining times where good and proper regulated by the government for good working conditions.

     It starts at a root, you all have forgotten how great America came to be on basic root stability and the ability of the government to regulate an industry without the government having their hands in it. Freedom and liberty is what we should stand for. They have to do it themselves, if big bro and the Dragon do it for them they will never feel proud. And trust me feelings are a big part of the emotional field of economic warfare and physcological warfare. So and endless fight of circular reasoning, or a proper free progression of jobs, wealth and family talk and life.
Same channel same bat time, if you cannot figure it out call me I can I am the master free city builder.

Rider I

edit later.

Do not get me wrong I am all against the Terrorist extremist and if called would go in a heart beat to protect my family and the world from the spread of extremism. So get me proper I am a city builder and I build dreams of freedom and individual ownership that make people strive to be good and want to see their babies and wives faces at the end of the day. Of course this strategy is a minimal outline. It would need to be properly structures to about a hundred pages or so.  I could do it but right now I am working another job, you would have to pay me if you like the outline and believe the theory. It is sound like usual. The root economic theory is not new however, like Lockean theory it has just been lost over time.

  Basic phys is humans take part and feel ownership in things they like and dislike which creates their to own cognitive process. However, if there are no heroes to show them how to properly create commerce without terrorist ideas, then it is hard. Then again I do not know there could already be huge commerce figures in Afghanistan creating massive amounts of jobs and creativity and Afghanistan citizens could be working the mines, under a hero, while their wives and kids spend their money and other folks create jobs around the international value creation of the mines. Then the US, Communsit SOE Cartels and others could purchase the resources from them and allow them to properly start a root economic ripple effect,heroism to errode terroism spirit, and create the capitalist venture, video game, shoe shopping, clergy happy with big churche spirit; from my heart.


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