This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Sunday, August 29, 2010

We pay for trade deficits with our economic stability.

   There should be no question that China has the biggest market in the world. Yet, we find China also has the biggest trade surplus in the world right before the crash and the cloak. Along these lines, China has been proven to actually pad their economy with SOE cartel activities and government subsidies which keep government ownership of market shares high while foreign companies can't compete. Along those lines this is truly founded in correlation to a whole international macro policy I would find. I have not yet dug this but I believe I can hypothesize what I would find would be post dated: that the worlds trade deficit to China would out way China's trade deficit to it. This would show in plain view of such a study that China is inherently using price fixing, market share blocking, and strategic centralized SOE cartels to keep it so. As such this benefits China, it allows them to be able to pad their economy and keep a central reliance on upwards of 40%-50% of their market shares. While the free markets allow China to sell products freely inside of their countries without properly calculating a multiplier effect to loss of jobs or taxes, and not properly using algorithm's to calculate a ripple effect of reliance and impacts.
   The Free Market trade deficit to the worlds biggest market has caused the World Economic crash for the second time. This is as China has the worlds biggest population and worlds biggest market yet it does not allow the same percentage of market share's as per trade surplus trade deficit calculations as does the free market world to it. This is because, it creates monetary, fiscal, legal and political protection of its market places so it can keep its trade surplus. China usually around this time once everyone starts looking at them will loosen their market shares and play down the trade surplus by building underdeveloped countries. While still running very high trade surpluses with Free markets. This is done by the Communist Political party using the blitzkrieg economic theory. This is were the market is torn apart from a spike business cycle instead of a hill business cycle. As such this allows China to not focus on production and to focus on acquisition as it uses its financial surplus and new founded political strength to acquire more territory in the name of the Communist Political Party. Each crash is similar in the Communist Blitzkrieg strategy.

   This is because after every spiked Free Market business cycle. The Communist Political party uses its new found padded economy and stability while the world can not compete against its contracts to acquire strategic ports for its SOE cartels. This is usually how it starts its roots into countries. Much like the SOE cartels did to the US. This allows them to keep SOE dumped products stored on cite for easy SOE contracting of price cutting strategies to keep money flowing into the SOE's to fund its cycle pyramid scheme. Then Communist SOE cartels will go after more resource contracts in the time that no one can compete against their SOE cartel's ability to act like monopsonies. This allows them to draw attention and political sympathy as ohh China is losing their trade surplus, they are being affected too. However, in reality the SOE cartels have just changed focus to the blitz part. Get in fast. This also draws attention away from the actual Blitz as by first glance countries see that China is being affected too. Yet, however, somehow they find a way for their SOE cartels to use positional economic warfare to set themselves up to do it all over again. Every time expanding bigger and bigger internationally with their Communist SOE cartels. While free market business can't compete with the cartels and it seems it would just be cheaper to have them do it.
   This is were the weak get cut from the line of reasoning and strong stand up and start walking around to finish reading.

       The US and free markets now at this time have to sell assets like bonds, buildings, whole blocks, technological advances, military strategic ports or other areas, and monetary currency to try and get out of the mess it is in. This selling of capital furthers the reliance on the SOE cartels and then again allows the SOE's to begin to build up another Trade surplus once the criticism and government research has blown over. Then the next round goes. Each time Free Markets losing strategic economic developments, technological advancements, economic sovereignty,a nd trading patterns as China eats them up without fair competition. Then after China has exhausted its abilities to blitz as other countries start to slowly come back from the spike of their business cycles creates by the reliance on Communist SOE cartels. The SOE cartels start again. This time they will not just gain trade surplus from their already conquered through SOE cartel markets but they will have gained their new conquests markets to conquer and control their Business cycles as well. This means that like prior worry, the Communist SOE cartels (or old school called blocs) will be able to actually squeeze out any countries leadership, opposition or check and balance through economic reliance on SOE communist cartels and their SOE funding pyramid scheme along with their redphone tactics. This will in the long run fulfill the leaked Communist Parties economic wishes for slowly eroding Free market influence and the creation of reliance on a central country and a single political party.
    For those who think that this is a conspiracy. I would suggest you read up on the Cold war and why we were in it. We still heavily regulate Russia heavily for such tactics yet they have become closer to political freedom than China minus the KGD rush on leadership positions, ahh skull and bones do it too, happens, as long as their are two party checks on it. The US was at defense to Russia's use of what we used to call bloc tactics but now call cartel tactics and their ability to create unfair competition and heavy reliance on one main country with other countries becoming named satellites. Much like what the Communist Party of China has been able to start doing to free markets. As more and more Free markets are vulnerable to attacks of their business cycles, through SOE cartel strategies so as to create a blitz period for further advancement of Communist Political Party Economics.

The main stay is that the trade deficit being run is created by SOE cartels (or old schooly called blocs). Then this allows for the Communist to create a reliance and political empathy. This is followed by easily controlled and nudged free market business cycles to watch and wait for them to crash why the centrally padded and strategies of economics of the Communist Party reaches out its arms to acquire more territory.

I would propose a research project on .com trough activities of the Chinese SOE's and then correlate them to similar actions of the mortgage recession. I would hypothesize that after the .com China gained ports and advancements in technology with ease as no one could compete against their SOE cartel contract acquisitions. Then I would suppose they also slowed their trade surplus then too. As such correlated to the now I would suppose that China gained port's and resources much like the .com and every slowed their trade surplus then too. I would then wish that a person with more time than fractional would do a research project to create a cycle pattern for the Blitz and then prepare a proper prediction for when Chinese SOE cartels will kick back into trade surplus strategies.

Rider I

I need funding, straight to me for my research so I can present it to rebut these horrible self deprivation ideas I am hearing inside of the US. So far in my mainstream wishes to hear seminars on economics. I have not heard a proper theory about Communist SOE cartels and their activities of Blitzkrieg style economics.

I would gladly do a proper report and present it. Naturally I am a researcher. Which means it is easy for me to read apply and distinguish things. I may not be an economists or an attorney. However, I believe my ideas are unique in natural economics. I also would make the reports proper and politically correct without intrusion to insult unless the finder so wished for a brass report. Cause you know I can be brass and polite at the same time. I have a wall full of plaques and brass outlining around them. Brass.

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