This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Possible times of SOE cartel attacks.

During the time when the leading indicators of a recession after the servy bell curve has run the American business cycle to the hill then starts to go down for a rest. It would be possible that if these indicators are seen a proper full scale intelligence attack could be implemented to artificially bubble it to stop the effects so as to peak it or to help emphasize the down turn into a spike:

"Leading indicators when a recession is about to occur

1. Average workweek for production workers in manufacturing.
2. Average weekly claims for unemployment insurance.
3. Manufacturer's new orders for consumer goods and materials.
4. Vendor performance, measured as a percentage of companies reporting slower deliveries from suppliers.
5. Index of consumer expectations.
6. New orders for non defense capital goods.
7. Number of new building permits issued for private housing units.
8. Stock prices-500 common stocks.
9. Interest rate spread-10 year governmnt bond less federal funds rate.
10. Money Supply M2."
"Only rough estimates"

Well in reality China can blame the US all it wants however, these leading indicators seem to me to be excessive brought on by the Chinese SOE cartel activities as they have the biggest market place in the world yet it is so well padded that they produce more than they consume which would seem impossible in a competitive market place while the free market societies seriously affected by the SOE cartels and their abusive red phone tactics actually consumer more than they produce, as they can't receive fair legal, political or market shares as has the Communist Political market in the free markets. Truly it is not the US financial institution or sector that is the problem. It is the illegal use of cartels to force the leading indicators of recession to be boom spike instead of a nice rolling hill. As such I fully reserve the right as a individual American to rebut the Premier of China and his Communist Economics when he says it is the US's fault for the world economic crash. As truly the Cartel abuses of the Communist party has caused the leading indicators to be like this blog blown up I am thinking of another world though oh yes inflammatory.
   The financial sectors then respond to this by having to try and counteract act it with more service jobs which then link into servy bell curve blog below. As such if anyone is to blame it would be the worlds biggest market share, centralizing using of SOE cartels, controlling international price index's and intra domestic market shares while fully exploiting free markets to the point of serious detriment in regards to inflaming leading indicators in time of downturn to create recession.

   The game is not played in the short term for Communist Constitutionality as based on Marxists constitutions values to spread Communism world wide in long term economic gain and strategy. Unlike a constitution that seeks freedom to be the constitution and not communal enslavement to the leaders without proper two tier political checks or citizenry leadership of industrial checks on government leaders: Night and Day, Sun and Moon, in natural law two are needed in each pair of coinciding invents to check each other and create a peaceful medium. The Communist Parties long single domination resembles no that of the truest form of leadership which is a two tier system with different ideas so as to check each other. Instead the Communist Party has long been allowed to seek its dominance and constant economic strategy to manifest the circular backwards theorizing views of Karl's Marx which wishes to take away two power checks as in its theories could only be logically assumed would happen if they were summarized and properly outlined it would lead to a single power dominance like every time we have seen the extreme left communist party gain power in a country without wishing to natural create a check partner

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