This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Wednesday, August 25, 2010



   The Rider I is an individual with hopes and dreams of either working to properly secure safe, fair and competitive domestic and international markets or to further his advancement of a life long economic theory know as Indivisimus Maximus in achievement of the Nobel Peace price in economics and a current creation for a defense of SOE Cartel Economic Blitzkrieg. As such the Rider I is not at this time a professional, it does not have a license in law nor does it have enough experience in economics to be stated as the Rider I said so. All information stands alone on its own and all who read should create their own individual ideas and oppositions as debate is truly the truest form of forensics and learning. Socrates.

   Therefore, as the research firewall has been denoted as one individual I would say that the relevance of this blog post is purely to create an interest and not to advice. The file storage on the side of the page is to help back my thoughts and ideas as I find out more about Chinese Cartel activities and possible relations to the world economic crash. At times it will use those files to create punchy and straight forwards statements. These statements are made as the Rider I as spent many months searching reading and analyzing the information that is being presented. However, at times the Rider I may make assumptions that seem logical regarding the extension of a thought. These thoughts are merely one individuals ideas with great hopes of being able to help one day secure a properly free and competitive market place.

     The confidential nature of this cite is because it is directed to what the Rider I believes is an extreme left economic group. In which has shown propensity for physical anger and violence for those who do not follow the beliefs of the extreme beliefs of a book written by Karl Marx's.

    The Rider I has no relationship to the government of which it rides and has no relationship to any documents or analysts that is placed on the blog. There should be no thoughts that the Rider I is working with any such activities to create a conspiracy. The Rider I stands alone and merely assumes relationships based on similar ideas and thoughts of the things that it seeks out to find and analyze.

   The Rider I does understand that there are restrictions to the 1st Amendment as through the scope of an individual. As such the Rider I will try and abide by those laws and regulations at all times. As there are grey lines if a reader or onlooker who feels they cannot post a blog due to the same reason the Rider I uses its name in pseudonym then please fell free to send me a pseudonym written reprimand for passing over any lines the 1st Amendment provides for. As the Rider I is navigated by a human and is prone to errors like even computers make.

   As such the Rider I wishes for you to enjoy its thoughts ideas and analizations or analogues creations in hopes it is understood that the Rider I is not a professional, wishes not to be recognized as an arm of any institution (unless one would like to pick it up and place it in its perspective place, which the Rider I would humble bow to), that the Rider I understands the nature of speaking out against extreme parts of either political wing, and that it is understood that the 1st Amendment does come with reasonable restrictions that will duly be followed as closely as a human who makes errors can do.

 I am saddened that neither my first blog or this one has created any comments opposition or even debate on this cite. I do show a high propensity for knowing a lot about economic warfare and in scope will learn more about cartel activities. However, that does not mean the Rider I understands everything and does not want to be taught through debate. Even though the Rider I does keep an ego so big when it walks around it bruises its ego.

Rider I

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