This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

New agency needed to watch Business cycles in similar equivelance to the SEC which watches over the stock market.

As I have created the Service Bell Curve and pretty much correlated through a vague data set the values of demand correlated to the service industry to show how the actual cycle is run and looks very similar to the American Business cycle we are seeing.

   I would suggest that a proper business cycle paper be written on all industries and how they correlate together. This can be done by using historical data on each industries business cycle. Once each individual industrial business cycle has a proper realistic narrowed data set, and shows that industries business cycle. Then each industrial business cycle should be placed next to the other and compared to see how each may effect the other. I would suggest in a biased view of course like most theorists of of their theories that the Service Industrial Bell Curve (business cycle for borrowing old timers) would probable lead the American Business cycle for the last 30 years in either causing to start, move or shift other industries business cycles.

   As usual this is just off the top of my head. I will search to see if there is an actual break down of each industrial business cycle and their correlation to see if my brain child the Service bell curve really is the champion of mountain moving like a presume it is. Should be fun can do a lot with that research topic.
   The basic means and output needed would be to show how in my biased opion one industry could seriously affect the other industries. Then a proper reading of the industry cycles and the causes of the shifts, which I presume will be Servy Bell Curve to create a sort of SEC style industrial watch group so that the crashes will not be so bad and will not cause such a back draft for those countries that are predominately based on service and consumption. As I also have know that if the consuming countries go down they usually take the other countries with them.

   So they you have an order Master Non Economists, Economists on a proper study and a creation of a new watch group that could stop such massive crashes from happening by watching the key factors of each individual industry and their business cycles (or for the cool ones the bell curves, its cool cause I say so LOL) Then again they may already have this watch group and the study may have been already done. If so, they should hire me to keep watch.
   Ideas that could be used to stop leading Servy Bell Curve from working to hard then crash afterwards, could be:
     Slowing loans to industries when their business cycle seems to be rising to quickly. Finding the correlation between the industrial business cycles and when one starts to go downwards on the bell curve slope prop up the other industrial bell curve with loans, advancements, certain key legislation's, etc.
  Then of course any proper regulations to help defend against servy bell curve from going to sleep and making the other industrial business cycles sleepy too, would have to be shown in light of implications and possible side effects. As such if a service industry like the mortgage industry is shown to have implications with the banking systems as many servy bell curves I believe have shown this, then proper regulations of slowly allowing loans for certain service bell curve industries so as not to allow the bell curve to get ahead of an equal demand supply curve. As I believe if to many loans are given out for to many service providers it causes the side effect of huge gainful employment then a massive lay off on the downslope of the servy bell curve, which causes a rift in the macro economics as those losing jobs can no longer pay for the things they used to.

   In turn these regulations will also help to defend against such SOE communist economic warfare as the attacking on the plateau when the American Business cycle is down and there is no money so as to allow the Communist SOE economic warfare to acquire more assets. You say how Mr. Rider I so. i say, well it is simple once we have each industrial business cycle broken down and then shown each effect to the other industrial bell curvers ( or for the old schoolers business cycles, cause you know I am schooling you and I am the new lion in town) as such a proper regulation agency resembling what the SEC does for our stock markets, however this new agency if it does not exist, ( i sure hope it does not exist because if it does they are either infiltrated or they need to hire me) will watch over the industrial bell curves (bc's) much like the SEC's watches over the stock market. Then if anything happens to the bell curves then proper alignment to keep the bell curve going up and not going down, or at least slowly going up or down could be started and prevented and I am the King baby, crown me.

   Make it so, or if it is already so then hire me cause some folks ain't watching their industrial bell curves (business cycles very well) and they darn fore sure ain't playing the proper angel protector like the SEC does proper either. Ain't is a word in my dictionary. You been schooled by the coolest fool Rider I

Do it.

  I am the defender of economic warfare hear me roor. LOL
Rider I
Whiskey is good tonight.

i guess at the end of this some of y'all would think that the SEC did not stop the market from crashing. Well they did stop the stock market from crashing. It was not their scope to stop the Servy Bell Curve of the mortgage industry from crashing and in my applicable theory the huge loss in jobs and the massive quick acceleration and then even faster deceleration of the mortgage servy bell curve actually caused way more damage than Goldmansach's playing the loop whole system. Sorry teacher, you did teach me well in those few moments though. But you are wrong it is my theory of the Servy Bell Curve that crashed the economy. Goldy loxes was just trying to stay in business why the industry business cycles where being driven down by the servy bell curve. Love ya, but I go to lead ya.

I can picture much like we do with the the stock market in creation of real time data and analysts showing peaks, possible down turns predictions and then correlations between connecting industries. As such warning signs could easily be created from historical data and then implemented into a moving calculation. However, since things change and move it would be necessary to also use human asset analysts to watch over and make predictions. However, a macro approach to watching the business cycles could work.

Warning signs, unnatural downward slopes, massive amounts of movements in employment as compared to certain industrial business curve.

Now some may not like this because it may call for more government hands on and they would rather crash the cycle than actual prevent a crash from happening. However, just like it was and is important for the SEC to watch over the stock market it is important for a business cycle agency to watch over teh American business cycles in macro and micro. Personally I would much rather have some nerds with something to do watching over it than allowing the Communist SOE's to go on ragging acquisitions through their SOE's each time we go through a really bad one like the .com or mortgage servy bell curve. Plus, if I am correct the insurance bell curve will run a much higher impact than the last two because we still have debt effects and lose of military bases from the last two, and they are currently starting to cut into intelligence military bases for budge purposes this time. The next time, if the Business Cycle Agency is created there should be no next time. The harsh ups and downs from the American business cycles should be turned into bunny slopes and maybe a hill, not valleys and downward spikes. However, that is if we do not already have this watching and protecting agency in equivalent to the SEC. Then again like I said, if they could not see the mortgage servy bell curve running its affects on the other industrial bell curves they need to hire me, or at least come and pay me to give them a good lecture on it.

Ok thoughts off, time to relax and prepare for my day job and don't worry I am not going to quit my day job. LOL, funny man tonight.

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