This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Exercise name the quotation and create research paper on the terms.

Do you know your Economic terms?

Another Exercise class. Tell me what the name for each quotation is in a specific scoped cited research paper:

(1) "A Combination of firms that acts as if it were a single firm"

As such the actions of the SOE cartels of China now wish to conglomerate themselves to further their market shares and maintain a high level above 25% of their market shares for the State Owned Enterprise. The SOE's wish to keep their cartel market shares in the industries that once a (2) "product is consumed by one individual it may not be consumed by another individual" like manufacturing products, hotels, or other private industry market shares. They can do this because the relation of the SOE cartel who sell at a (3) "price lower tha[n] what is costs to produce it [at]" because the SOE banks are (4) "charging of different prices to different individuals or groups of individuals" for loans compared to what the SOE banks charge the SOE's.
As the SOE banks give loans to SOE producers based on government ownership and not on liquidity of fair competition. This gives the SOE's a high level of market shares in industries were  (5) "payments by households for goods and services" are predominately for personal consumption of individual use.

  A (6) "Table showing the output resulting from various combinations of factors of production or inputs" would easily be able to show that these loans at different interest rates or even no interest rates at all hugely affect the ability of domestic or even foreign private industries to compete in the SOE cartels market shares. This creates a wall blocking off any real economic stability in market share ownership.

(7)"The merging of two relatively unrelated business" in the SOE market shares has stopped proper economic balance in the world. As China is allowed to use their massive SOE's to acquire more market shares at home then use them abroad unfairly to acquire more market shares in foreign countries. This has placed a hamper on other countries  (8) "Princple[s] that the consumer's wishes to rule what's produced." As (9) "A model of oligopoly in which barriers to entry and barriers to exit, not the structure of the market, determines a firms price and output decisions." Which is the market theories we seen in foreign countries in relation to the Chinese barriers to entry of their market place. Which leads to a "inflation that occurs when the economy is below potential output" as countries cannot gain fair market shares of employment and jobs along as the Chinese use (10) "A Combination of firms that acts as if it were a single firm."

This "inflation that occurs when the economy is below potential output" leads to high levels of  (11) "unemployment resulting from fluctuations in economic activity" once (12) "the demand for factors of productivity by firms, which depends upon consumers demands" has lost its gusto from the lack of job opportunities from countries losing their jobs to the Chinese SOE's (13) "[...] Combination of firms that acts as if it were a single firm."

This (14) "inflation that occurs when the economy is below potential output" also is furthered by a (15) "curve that shows the maximum amount of labor, measured in labor hours, that a firm will hire" when it is correlated to (16) "the upward or downward movement of economic growth activity, or real GDP, that occurs around the growth trend" of American to the industry that (17) "perform[s] any of the business functions auxiliary to production or services." As that certain industry takes up about 70% of free markets market shares. This leads to (18) "something that roues or incites to activity" through (19) "the deliberate change in either spending or taxes to stimulate or slow down the economy." In which President Obama has no other choice but to do. As if the US would have fallen into (20) "a large recession" it would have fallen to. The Chinese (21) "[...] Combination of firms that acts as if it were a single firm" that wish to start (22) "a merger in which a company buys another company and the purchaser has the right of direct control over the resulting operation" of our economic infrastructures. Which would have left the US and her allies very vulnerable to  (23)" economic polices followed during wartime [...leaving] (24) "The purpose [...] to capture critical economic resources so that the military can operate at full efficiency and/or deprive the enemy forces of those resources so that they cannot fight the war properly" accomplished as SOE's are controlled by the government of China could easily slowly erode the economic sovereignty and ability of the US to be a watcher of the world for checks and balances through a bipartisan country.

I would like a full paper written using these terms on our scope. Which is currently Chinese Cartel Activities as applied to their SOE's. Please do your best. The outline should be to use the actual words in concert with the numbers like this (21) "word". Good luck I did not make that this easy. The Bottle whiskey and box of cigars goes to my best researcher. Who will it be? Good luck, I think our voted in secretary is going to spend a nice size on this grade. Of course smaller grades will be given at less quantity of value.

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