This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Monday, August 2, 2010

Economic Warfare is usually Correlated with Psychological Warfare.

   Infiltration into economic government boards and then schools that would would teach or create an perception that is not real but yet wished to be projected is a one way that economic warfare is coupled with other areas of un-conventional warfare. Another area is were one country actually uses its small amount of intelligence to force the other country to use massive amounts of intelligence and military spending to lose track of its technological advancements and national security protocols. As such what happened in Afghanistan with Russia and our small lateral application of guerrilla warfare, that economically collapsed the Russian Communist Dynasty would be one of the better shows of it, or Vietnam on the flip side, and possible Afghanistan without a proper economic rootology theory now.

     If we look passed  the raid on Saddam for the Genocide after we thought he was a good guy, then 911 with is possible ties to the terrorist who hit us and the extenguishment of the Democratic Kurds who favored freedom over theocracy or Dictatorship, I believe. We see an exact duplicate of what we did to the Communist being done to us. However, they have gone one step ahead. They have been able to keep all the political pressure on Russia which posses a less economical threat than the New Crowned Communist rulers of China. This has allowed China to use its full potential of economic warfare. While the US and her allies have been so worried about terrorist and the middle east being stable. The Chinese Communist have been worrying about their soft power economic political dynasty growing. Like Iran, as a new trade partner and another outlet for Chinese goods & North Korea. So they can keep the battle of main land China will fighting on North Korea's soil. Also Venezuela which has just stolen more business and land from its own people to progress Communism than I have seen before. Along with the Chinese SOE Cartels backing the Venezuelan full strategy of seizing of US American corporations oil rigs without paying them; any good banker that gives 20 Billion looks into that, I would guess that seizure might have been part of the deal to hurt the US economically and gain a psychological bust for Communism in Venezuela.

    We have seen one of the worst ever Communist infiltration into our government. I will just go through the last three presidents terms and show the psychological warfare attached to the economic warfare:

         Bill Clinton had a huge technological defense leak to the Communist government and would meet with High ranking Chinese military and intelligence officers without their proper equals from our government being there. Leaving a country boy very vulnerable to mind manipulators at their best. This has caused a huge military technological deficit and possible equalization of tech v tech as we now see Chinese technology surpassing the US and her allies technology. i.e. computers, locomotion, manufacturing technology, military technology and Internet social hacking technology. This leak was covered up by a very flimsy Mishapp. The intel leak should have taken center stage in our country and the President should have stood trial with his  administration while showing the US that we are truly under Communist intelligence attacks. So the US people could have reviewed and seen the Communist infiltration. Yet, it was decided against the proper knowing of what our enemies are capable of and given a rock star story instead to allow the US and its leaders to not properly be briefed on the issue. Causing one of the biggest Communist psychological warfare stints ever as instead of showing the head of the Dragon in the belly of the US, it was hidden allowing Communist Economic Warfare to be furthered without the US's citizens properly taking an interest and wanting to know more.

    They are a threat. Many Americans see it and do not understand it. However, many more would have seen it if the psychological warfare would not have been played out for our the Communist. Yet, our leaders and those who help them along their way for some reason have allowed it through a comparative advantage scope that is no longer there. It leaves room to believe that the further pushing for an economic theory that has caused a huge determent to our society leaves way for infiltration into our economics.
         President Bush my boot scooting Pres's admin allowed a known Communist soldier of economic warfare to be nominated for a Budget and Management committee. Then then President Bush's term leaders allowed her to become the top advisor for the lead Republicans. Allowing a well played strategic Loss of the Panama canal to a known Communist SOE subsidized entity. Further allowing military and weapons into North American via illegal shipments, to keep our neighbors in turmoil and to fully equip Communist Maoist guerrillas to slowly erode North America's developing countries that could be the US's top export import partners. However, with psychological manipulation those countries will prefer to trade with the Communist Chinese instead of the US. Further leading to a bigger trade deficit for each country, as Communist China will not allow them to produce things there and import it to Mainland China. The Communist will probable want each country to have their own government buy up the business infrastructures and go in debt like the Venezuelans did via Communist Economic Strategic counseling. This keeps Venezuela in debt and take them into a feudalistic style dictatorship like Kim Jung (at its worst if Hugo does not step down for his countries freedom.) This further Communist counseling of economics leads to a country of poverty much like what we saw with the Russian style bloc's as the old Imperialistic Communist centralized party would only trade with those countries that it benefited, politically. Even then their SOE Cartel style counseling did not work.

    Now to my Chief and Commander, President Obama. So far the Chief has been doing the best he can to keep the Communist SOE's and economic warfare soldiers at bay. I would however, reiterate, that the Secretary for Energy and possible an energy advisers who lead way to far on a really bad theory from Spain, seems a quite nice culprit for the expansion of Chinese and foreign green technological job markets while not even spending half as much to develop the green technological jobs here at home for American manufacturing developments, root jobs and proper tax bases of new things for the US to export to underdeveloped countries while creating an international value.  Which is really the only way to get us out of debt, back to economic 101 cold war and export technology produced in America to foreign countries while helping them build the basic root network of manufacturing for themselves.

      Of course, the nature of this Chinese Economic Warfare has lead to a service boom and crash twice in American, do to a heavy reliance on service industries. 60% I believe of American jobs and taxes are now reliant on service jobs that boom and bust much faster than manufacturing jobs. However, as i told the Chief, service jobs do not create international value as root manufacturing jobs of high technology do. This means we are not bringing in any fresh currency to replenish the American Dollar for strength and political clout. Still, it seems though, My Chief and Commander cannot keep track of his administration like the Presidents before him. Those allowing way for the economic warfare and psychological warfare of the Communist Chinese continues without evening knowing they are doing it. As China told the Energy Sector it would be cheaper to have them make it in China and let them figure out the technology and advance their machines, and human assets in high tech jobs, and you can save a bundle. That is psychological warfare that they fell prey too. It is not cheaper to allow our high tech jobs to be create by others. As we lose the advancement of machinery, human know how, and the massive tax dollars that comes from the jobs being done here and not there. With these losses of jobs and high technological advancements being paid for by us to the the Chinese to learn and advance in, it is no wonder why the US and free society people sit at home with no money and no pay and hope to get a welfare check, while waiting for the next service industry to start.

    Therefore, we have gone through three presidents and the known admitted Communist strategy to attack our economics via psychological warfare.. However, when you are right there in with them, it is hard to see it happening. I mean President Clinton was allowed by someone to have meetings unattended by his American intellectual guards; Boot scooter allowed someone to advise Cheney to make a decision based probably on that she would be able to help. However, once you work for the enemy it is a little hard to actually fully be able to help. Especially when that solider helped lose a major security port to known illegal gun runners and Communist guerrilla starters. (North Korea, North Vietnam, Venezuela etc.); while after that Venezuela has been falling to extreme Communist control.  Plus, I am pretty sure that Obama had no one telling him or advising him on economic warfare or psychological strategies to get the US to lose its know how and tax dollars to fund China on the theory that it is cheaper to pay the SOE laden Cartels to do it. President Obama again is so caught up on properly helping out Afghanistan so that they can become civil and stop creating bad folks for the world, that he can't see right in front of his face. It is basic blinding techniques. Things are so close folks forget to focus every once in a while right at home to the possibility of foreign infiltration.

  Economic warfare, is the use of currency manipulation, foreign SOE property speculation to control the market, foreign SOE financiers to bet on crashing an country to gain money and political insight instead of normal playing for money and hope to build, the propagating of a psychological economic theory that keeps a country in debt of jobs, technology, currency, and human know how. Along those lines funding countries that have ties to their political beliefs to steal other free countries individuals business is an economic warfare movement. Furthering that, the idea of talking badly about the very country that keeps them safe from extremist in their own back yard. While they possibly fund terrorist to keep the war going so as to stop America from using proper resources to stop economic warfare. This forces the world to wait for their help. While they acted like they had no part in the World Economic Crash. Then, they only acted to help out via their ego's. Or waiting to per'fect the selfish plan that will not do anything as their SOE's grow stronger and their strategy actually takes hold, the Cartels will control through international monopoly & monopsony ownership, being cloaked through different named Chinese Communist companies all owned by one political party and controlled thereof. Further leaving way that monetary currency manipulation is a basic elementary form of economic warfare, compared to my theory.,..,..,. Plus, the actual strategy of huge abusive economic cartels in the international market's show that economic warfare is tied to psychological warfare. As all of things had to have some sort of psychological warfare implementation to keep them going. As any leader or group of leaders, or even individuals in a country seeing a full economic attack on their countries should have started major research groups to defend against it like the Old Economic Defense board that was infiltrated then torn apart.  As the US was not the only country taken down so the Communist could start to acquire economic infrastructures, much like a physical war without blood shed. It only makes sense to understand that psychological warfare is a huge part of economic warfare, to be able to cloak their obvious Cartel Abuses right in broad day light.

    This is something I would like to spend more time on. The actual ability of the Chinese Communist to create a mindset via lobbyists, economic theorists, infiltration, and foreign cloaking. That would lead our leaders to think that it is ok to actually allow Communist Economics to destroy the world economy. So that they could go around and pick and chose what economic infrastructures would better their political and military strategy. Which would then stop folks from dissenting against them via their control of economic infrastructures. This is something that I know is a huge part of economic warfare. However, I have spent so much time on my other definitions, I have not spent enough time on the actual application and understanding of the psychological perspective.  I am working on the forefront of how to properly regulate all SOE cartel abuses in the world. As I saw this crash like some of my colleagues, but could do nothing because of the psychological warfare implemented. So now I use some of my own psychological warfare.

    When the Chinese Communist party waited till the last minute, to help the world and spit in the world face by saying they had nothing to do with it and they would not raise their currency. Even though, now, they have way surpassed France, Germany and the UK on production and exports. (to hold that title they have currently created free trade with some of those as their leaders have not been properly briefed on Communist Cartel abuses and how it will keep them in debt to China while they further crush their markets for more shares for their government procurement.)Yet, they still wish to keep the uncompetitive advantage. This has created a rage inside of governments as they know that their people's business can't keep up with China. The Communist because of their economic strategical departments of government all working together with their massive SOE' cartels and their properly placed psychological warfare actually are able to quell any rage from inside of the countries they are taking like a lotus blossom slipped in the night air. (oh ya, just because there are few names does not mean the actual businesses or industries that the SOE's control went away or under different privatization, so yes it is still massive).

    So, I say to you, do you feel safe with our businesses collapsing, Bankruptcy law becoming the leading law in the free societies, our leaders not being intellectual protected, while having administration that blatantly plays patty cake with Communist Economic soldiers, then we keep losing our high tech jobs to stay on welfare and wait for the service bell curve to crash again. So the next service industrial can eat our debts more and create another (no matter how you regulate it it will go through its natural business cycle of service industry) economic crash. As we are not creating things for underdeveloped countries like the Communist are doing and we sure are not properly creating a new lean, green root creating machine for international market exports. So do you feel economically safe?
Rider I

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