This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Sunday, August 29, 2010

I believe our American Business Cycle is vulnerable to attacks.

   As it would be logical to assume if I the Rider I can sit fractional time and find the weakness in our economics it would be logical to infer that the Communist intelligence agency would be able to properly employ someone 8 hours a day 5 days a weak to work on it. Therefore, some old guards suggestions implemented with this guards suggestions might be in deed called for:
   Business Cycle Administration in equivalent powers to SEC.

Some Declassified Government document as I would never write about a classified document in public:

" Effective Countermeasures Possible

    While the array of possible unconventional forms of attack on our economy may seem impressive, such attacks could be effective only if adequately prepared and skillfully executed and if not prevented or counteracted by adequate measures [as I have analyzed our business cycle is not properly be counteracted to curve peaks and spikes, My Chief and Commander Sir I commend your work on our financial sector, however, truly it was a red hearing to our specifically narrowed weak spot our business cycle and the peaks and spikes that cause the consequential impacts you have fixed Chiefster]. The inherent momentum, adaptability and strength of our economy should make its protection against attacks relatively easy if foresight and determination will be used. [again the business cycle has a chip in its armor and is being exploited] The following broad measures could be envisaged for the prevention and countering of possible attacks:
     1. Maintenance of a well balanced, fully productive and fully employed economy with continuous international and external readjustments preventing development of weak spots, [much like you got it the our business cycle as whole intricate industries to combine one business cycle] which could become targets of concentrated well-timed attacks.

     2. Readiness of suitable controls [with a proper strategic outline for proper regulations to stop Foreign SOE cartel activities from creating unfair competition and nudge and push for peaks and spikes] for detecting of irregular foreign sponsored operations in our monetary [much like the American Communist Party was in the past], financial and commodity markets, and for prompt counteraction of eventual enemy-sponsored unconventional attacks in these markets [like a proper BCA or DOJ unit specially interested and prepared for tactical and narrowly fast research of SOE cartel monetary impacts and activities].

    3. Establish definite industrial mobilization standards against which the performance of individual plants could be assessed [much like if a certain industrial business cycle or American individual ownership goes bellow a certain market share create proper protocols to research possible SOE cartel activities into the unfair competition and the correlation of the loss of market shares, much like the inadequate research we have seen regarding our manufacturing market shares and the ripple effects of the SOE cartel abuses] so as to disclose companies falling behind suspiciously in preparations for possible emergency [ much like what I proposed my BCA would watch would be the industrial markers that show when an SOE cartel economic is upon us and how to properly research and present the facts, narrative and evidence of the effects and were the unfair advantage of price fixing, vertical or redphone tactics and government subsidies on a constant or even centralized strategic economic plans could be breaking US anti-trust laws]. Maintain up-to-date information on industries under foreign financial and license control and rosters of administrative personnel of such industries. [much like allowing an SOE into a country as it is further held in Communist Party leadership with goal of more red phones in mind.]

      4. Improve the tracing down and counteracting of foreign propaganda campaigns [like intra country Chinese community run programs run by known intelligence agents wishing to further Chinese connection even though most of those Chinese immigrants ran from China because of the Communist Political Party oppression, or by back door funding of communist party officials, or by using inside extreme left infiltrated government officials to gleam important information to properly use that information to persuade things for the Communist Political Party and its SOE cartels], assure disclosure of possible alien influence on our associations and trade unions [much like an communist agent little boy blue taking hold certain trade unions to push for more communistic style economics so that the the Communist Political party SOE cartels will be able to slip right in past the guard as they will have a strong hold into theory and a wash of political sympathy] consider possible adoption of retaliatory legislation against abuse of our freedoms by foreign agents instigating subversive actions [like a head intelligence general using money, influence spies, to gain a strong hold for the SOE cartels (COSCO) to influence business counselors to the Pentagon and to shut down military bases and gain an empathy for the communist infiltration and biggest leak of technological advancement every in the US, were are the guards?]

        5. Consolidate and reassert economic leadership abroad through trade, [much like what the Chinese intelligence agents are doing at a massive size equation wishing to create free trade so they can impose their SOE cartel strategies on more markets to gain more political control for their single Communist Party dominance and red phone tactics, while the US intellectual guards are in a sand box, I apologize] licensing and investment [as we have seen huge investments in Communist Leftist countries from China the US and free markets would also need to bolster its investments for trade unions and proper political freedoms so as to stop and place the wand down regarding single party dominance through economic SOE cartel strategy], encouraging acceptance of our institutions and techniques [allowing more US teachers incentives to teach abroad about political and economic freedoms in underdeveloped countries, much like the Confucius of the Communist we are seeing now teaching Marx's theories through slight encroachments of the mental cognitive processes so as to create a single party empathy instead of a strong stance for a bi party political systems with checks and balances], carrying our of thje [BCA] program [while furthering connections into free markets regarding the watching of free market business cycles and creating cooperation in free world economics to watch and properly regulated the spike and peak creation of SOE Cartels who wish for their single party dominance of economic control over a secure and stable political and financial international market place, as any country that would use their SOE in such a manner would be logical to conclude such motives and thoughts], strengthening allied countries [that are for free markets and none SOE cartels or red phone infiltration of SOE cartel's] and preventing their being used as bridgeheads for possible attacks [as my analysts has shown; SOE red phone tactics inside of a countries economics will make it very hard to defend its brothers and sisters if the Communist Single Party dominance wishes for Military pushes or wide spread single party political dominance, or to even take over new territories like Taiwan or South Korea, or free islands or even invading of Russia]

      6. Bolster effectiveness of international institutions under our leadership [our free market cooperation, however, the Communist SOE cartels single party has been allowed to enter the table as such measures of practical importance of fact finding, evidence preparations and presentation become more vital, as the defenses are already planned and propagated in meeting rhetoric's] [....], improve exchange of information [to create as sort of BCA program where Free market societies pass and publish information in confidence and in public trust regarding Communist SOE Cartel financial and market share abuses] [...]

     7. Prepare, and if necessary adopt, retaliatory measures against institutions and individuals of countries restricting economic freedoms by curtailing their financial, commercial and industrial operations in other countries to the scope permitted to foreign nationals and institutions in their own government controlled economies [much like what we have seen China do behind doors when using multiple SOE resource acquisitions companies to obtain contracts via a centralized strategy and red phone tactic of using their massive Countries SOE cartels to better secure the payment and development of the resources through huge SOE cartel's and so called state secrets of how if anything goes wrong they will just lend more money to keep it going as there is a bigger plan intended. One way to stop this is to enforce proper anti-cartel laws so that each country underdeveloped or corporations avoid of government ownership can have a fair chance at developing their economies or businesses without unfair competition from Communist SOE cartels] "

All [  are my ideas and thoughts and always need to be backed by your own research and ideas read the disclaimer, however, you may use my thoughts and ideas to start a research idea if you wish, as freedom of individual rights duss such allow for  ]

Rider I

BCA importance of sharing information in a proper secure manner for each country to secure their own sovereign economic independence from each other from Free market Business cycle attacks by Communist SOE cartels is porper as:

"b. At the same time, some of our allies may be found vulnerable [free market business cycle is vulnerable to Communist SOE's creating peaks and spikes which create an influx of money and jobs for the holder of the SOE cartels] and exposed [the SOE cartels have down it twice and are setting up for the final peak and spike economic campaign by furthering strengthening their SOE so called champions (cartels) through centralizing their strategies, and conglomerating their market shares and market activities] to such attacks already now. Their success would evidently weaken our own relative position and our prospects to consolidate and increase our balance of economic [trade, commerce, monetary, and advancement as the markets to help underdeveloped countries become less and less as the Communist Party SOE red phone tactics take the markets and control them via Party dominance, and secreatble intra laws, which can easily be used to create peaks and spikes in free market business cycles which could lead to high unemployment and then civil unrest].

"c. Therefore, it is believed advisable to deal now with the possible danger and the eventual prevention of such attacks adequately and systematically both from our point of view and that of our allies;

        i. The vulnerability of the US and its allies to unconventional economic attacks [on our vulnerable business cycles to creation of peaks and spikes by Communist SOE cartels] should be investigated with the assistance of [a sort of BCA program in equivalence to the SEC, yet however in the scope of the business cycle and each individual industrial business cycle, or bell curve like servy]"

       Adequate measures and a proper international research and presentation program through a BCA has been formed and intelligently presented through the Scope of the Rider I. As such the actions of the Communist Political party, their rhetoric and their refusal to work in correlation with the international market places with regards to their massive production capabilities but very uncorrelated currency revaluation, along with a back turn to further strengthen SOE cartels into so called Champions (massive sized cartel leaders), while allowing these SOE cartels to keep taking more and more market shares shows a propensity for the free markets to create such a cooperation through military research and effects, economic research and effects, and some old salty dogs who know exactly how the Communist SOE cartel games are played. Still smoking and drinking you old dog, can't keep a good analysts down, you salty dog.

Rider I
Smoking and drinking doll, hello Asia I love you and want you to be free economically to own your own. Hugs and Kisses from the Rider I

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