This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Communist SOE cartels Interferin with Foreign Economic Relations Open Investigation

"Once totalitarian countries would be able to increase their foreign trade, the fact that they can export and import without full competitive restraints would enable them to dump below cost or to buy presumptively at higher price in foreign markets and thus to interfere seriously with free competitive economic systems. Applying unconventional trading techniques successfully used [....] large totalitarian unions could monopolize, one by one, the trade of adjacent smaller countries, penetrate them economically and later politically and thus gradually restrict the markets accessible to the United States. During this process, our foreign investments would gradually be lost and our terms of trade impaired and our economy eventually forced into isolation. Accompanied by depressions and social unrest, such piecemeal attack on our markets could become long range scheme for world conquest without war."
Cited from government unclassified documents.

  Chinese Premier specifically blames the US financial markets for the world crash and took no blame for its SOE excessive use of Cartel activities on dumping and price fixing in the international market.  The specific blaming of the US for the World economic crash wasis aimed at takening out the US international dollar leadership to replace it with a more easily accessible dollar donation to the Communist Block mainly China and Russia and those countries that it is now helping develop. This is the old Communist Economic Warfare strategy. Which is to blame the leader for the fault and tray and take away its ability to lead.

  The Communist Bloc have been able to do this as they are the two biggest currency holders of the US dollar. Both Russia and China have correlated to keep buying US debt so that China can keep dumping and creating price fixing in the international market place. This may not be an obvious cross board strategy. However, it is what is happening. The US has lost its jobs and tax reserves to the Communist Bloc and in specific the activities of the Chinese SOE cartels. This means that the US does not have the ability to create its own taxes and international value as it has substantially less jobs now than it did before the Communist SOE cartels were allowed to illegal use cartel activities and behind the scenes red phone price fixing tactics.

   As such this huge currency grab by the Chinese in specific has allowed them more sway in intra US economic infrastructure. As this reliance on the Communist SOE cartels has created a peak spike relation in business cycle and has furthered created a medium to high rise in currency inflation. This is as a long term economic strategy by the Communist to gain the International favor of their one political party dominance. So that they can use that international currency of the IMF which they are proposing to stop any proper check on the Communist Cartels as China is currently one of the biggest abusers of SOE cartels in developing countries and developed countries resource markets. As stated in previous blog articles. China wishes to use its SOE so called Champions (cartels) to penetrate underdeveloped or developed markets in which they considered secretable markets at home.

  The Chinese Communist Party is the richest political party in the world. They do not wish to give their stance to use their whole country for political domination. As in Cold War I they know the only thing stopping them from being able to walk into any country with their massive SOE cartels and secure economic infrastructures in the name of the Communist Party and the red phone tactics is the US. This is because we are a specifically tailored by our founding fathers and mothers to be a two big tier political system. This allows the US to keep a proper check on such countries as China and Russia (as Russia is still struggling to grasp a two tier system in rifle grip mentality). Therefore, it is only natural for the two of the biggest holders of the US currency reserves and the US's biggest and closest friendly enemy (Cold War's baby fun yet serious) to want to create instability in the US dollar system; through inflation, crashing markets with specific blame and the blitzing of countries economic infrastructures with Chinese SOE cartels  (which again I do not think that Russia and China do this across the board, I do think the currency attack is, but not the SOE cartel activities, as the Communist Blocs are still there they have hugely been deflated and disbanded). While furthering setting the Chinese Communist Political party deeper and deeper into the US's financial system through Communist SOE financial banks and investing companies. This was seen by a similar version of the mass currency accumulation that we see today right before the crash happened.

  This ideas of building up of currency or stock by a SOE cartel member allows that Cartel to be able to drop harder the stock market or economy when it starts to crash as massive amounts of foreign SOE cartels spending is artificial created to create a bubble. The Chinese government acts like it cannot see the same very similar cyclical patterns that economists use to predict the breath and exhalation of the free market's. Yet, it would seem to me that a country with Cartel activities deeply ingrained in a market could easily create moves like quickening its accession of job imports, buying massive amounts of stocks, using dumping tactics to make it harder to get new jobs in the country. Then once the proper red flags are flown that the market is about to go into a down turn. It is easily able to use its SOE's to proper influx a spike after they created a peak and watch it crash as they have padded their economy domestically with SOE's padding huge amounts of market shares. Then again these strategies would not be to the analysts extent or even to the management's extent it would be to the red phone politics of Communist SOE's and Communist SOE banks. Were it would be easy for a Communist Red Chair with no political equivalent to check them to call in an economic maneuver to help crash the US's economy to place their own political and military ideas in for front of the World necessity to have a stable, fair and competitive international market place.

    A proper analysts of all SOE finances as to correlation of proper necessity to the .com and mortgage should already be done and posted to the public. Yet, ah last the government seems not to have an equivalent to the Rider I in its shield and sword of economics. Therefore, it is concluded that the actual increase in Communist US currency holdings assisted by dumping tactics SOE cartel red phone strategies could easily lead to the US's dollar inflation, and the SOE cartels financial departments could easily take a normal hill business cycle and turn it into a peak and then a spike with properly placed nudges and strategies by SOE financing companies. As ti would be advantageous for China to properly crash the US economy about three times to show that it should be the dominate one as it has created a centralized SOE cartel (or so called Champion) economic padding, while being able to properly us a artificial style stimulus of SOE's anytime they are needed to keep the padding up. While also further purporting to be a free country while the Communist Party keeps a death grip on their SOE's leadership positions, political chairs and any non party PCB that does not comply with Communist Party red phone tactics.

   It is not the gain of now that such single party tactics consist of but the zen garden of strategy in which their mental thoughts and strategic projections of thoughts come forth to death grip international markets through cartel activities. Were once we new this and properly regulated now we have forgotten and called forth needless intra economic deprivations.

   This has been a Rider I production

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