This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Verticle or Horizontal action as applied to cartels in my individual theory

Vertical or Horizontal Straight Lines
As Applied to Communist SOE Cartels

  In my opinion. A straight line of businesses created by more than one business interlocked by a certain centralized agency overseeing each in the line however so wishing to have each be seen as separate is acting distinctly in a vertical or horizontal straight line fashion. As such if one business that is over seen by the same entity or centralized owner then interacts with other business down a supply line, to a manufacturing line, to the actual market place  is a representation of straight line business activity.
  As such individually defined I would see that the Chinese SOE cartels owned and operated by the Communist Political party of China do act in a straight line of business interaction. This is done through full market scope.

First, the Chinese SOE's wish to gain contracts acting like they are separate business from separate directives.

They must gain either funding from a few centralized SOE banks or from allowance of SOE centralized boards like the SASAC or their communist political controlled boards.

 They then use more than one SOE for higher aimed resource needs to curtail the contract bidding to a higher ratio of SOE assured contract acquisition.

Then after that contract is assured the SOE cartels use an SOE cartel shipping line that is also funded and padded by SOE banks and communist political party laws and regulations.

Once those resources then get to the port they use an SOE port facility to dock and unload the resources.

From their the SOE's are shipped via SOE lines to manufacturing plants of SOE origins.

After that the product is then manufactured in SOE's style and then the SOE business seeks buyers or contracts to further their manufacturing needs to sell more as they have already created it in an SOE bank funded style of dumping tactics.

Once they have found a buyer they then ship the goods via an SOE shipping line.

 Along those lines currently the SOE cartels are seeking to enter every country in the world through an SOE port system to further link the SOE straight line of business dealings. 
   As such the last line of strait line business dealings is the fact that any strategies of straight line dealing or horizontal SOE to SOE style contracts is called a state secret and they are not made public. So the civilians who have to compete with them and pay for their loan interest via SOE bank taxes and other pork belly SOE style collections can see were their SOE money government expenditures are going and coming from.

    Therefore, in this manner of straight line business dealings it would be easy to knock off a few dollars as the only entities that are currently regulating them are heavily dominated by Communist Political Party members with very little opposition political parties in the SOE regulations. This could easily lead to price fixing or even market share fixing as they public straight line of business activities is cloaked in legal and political laws.

   As such from ground to consumption the SOE cartels of China able to use horizontal or vertical business transactions under the cloak of state secrets without ever reporting the SOE documents or contracts to the public eye and media for proper freedom of press or freedom of enterprise scrutiny. 

  As such these are my beliefs and thoughts. A fully backed research article would be nice. However, I earn nothing from this cite and do it merely to keep my chops up and because my heart is in it in hopes someday someone will pick me up and train me.   

Rider I
Vertical or Horizontal business transactions inherently allow for the determent's of price fixing, market share fixing and uncompetitive means. As such there is no more a symbol of vertical lines in the SOE cartel than ltitle red phones in the offices of all major SOE banks and SOE industries that connect straight to one single political party and military intellegence. This alone is enough to prove economic cartel activities. Because if the party needs an economic movement or strategy done quickly and properly or if the military intellegence needs an economic movement cloaked they can call directly to the SOE leaders and have it set up. True it is it is a cartel that the Chinese have used to acquire such wealth and oppress their political opposition so they may never be equals or proper checks and balances.

Prodated this post however, It would not matter the evidence needed for cartel actions is gathered in the past and presented in the future.

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