This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Government Market Shares at Poverty level create a political check.

     Government Market Shares at Poverty Level Create a Political Check and Balance   

     The free market perspective has been that government ownership of market shares should stay at poverty level of market shares. This means that the governments interest in an industries market shares should be left to take care of the poor, sick and elderly. As such this would constitute a socialist market at its freest form. As the markets are still wide open and free for individual ownership or even competition with as little political or government intrusion as possible. While the poor, sick and elderly are taken care of. At this equivalent balance of socialism and free markets it creates a necessary block from governments that wish to use market shares as their credit cards for legislative purposes or political gains. In current, making the idea that SOE's are for the people when they compete in market shares above poverty level, false. As truly the SOE's become for the political party in charge and can even create a single party dominance if the political party plays its economic cards properly. Which in most free societies does not lead to a full representation of the people.

   Much like what we have seen with the Chinese SOE cartels financing their SOE's in specific political aims. Such as, Venezuela's new building of a cartel SOE front through stealing of the people's business, lands, banks and free media outlets which is meant to stop the voices and checks of any political opposition or even dissenters;. Which has been being funded by the SOE banks of China without the opposing political parties ability to dissent or even research into the mass stealing of Venezuela's market shares by a single political party dominance. This use of government owned industrial market shares creates a political vacuum which makes it hard for those who are not in power to get power, or for those in a different power group to be heard and have their votes actually count. Much like what we have seen in China where the Communist Political party has constantly used their SOE's to prop up their political motives and wishes for market share dominance of industries through single party dominance. Then allowing the Communist Political party to head the SOE's with Communist Political members much like a government cabinet position. However, these are in businesses of non poverty level market shares which then use political competition which regulates and strategies the SOE cartels business plans versus the free markets of domestic and international market places. Meaning that inherently the battle is one sided as the ones who create the laws also compete in the industry they are creating the laws for.

  As such, the safest way to keep a political balance is to keep the SOE market shares at poverty level. So political means will not be competing against free market means for more political gain or funding for political wishes. Meaning that the government should only be allowed to use its SOE's to obtain safety and security and nourishment for the poor, elderly or sick. As this sort of  SOE check and balance is what Americans call welfare. This idea of welfare market shares will not allow the governments SOE's to be used in abuse of credit crunches much like what we have been seeing in the SOE banks of China. Which constantly are funding SOE industries of China even though they are crippling their free markets and causing international uncompetitive activities through vertical cartel actions. Along with the SOE's that have been shown to actually be the burden of SOE banks and tax payers as they are in vast market shares way above a possible free market check and balance.

      As such, if China was to even-out their SOE industrial market shares to equivalent checks to the private industries, or even lower it to a much smaller portion it would allow for more political opposition and freedom of ideas (which means more civil liberties). This is because the Chinese political party in power at that time could not use the mass amount of SOE market shares as an economic power and market share dominance for a political motivator for obedience to the single party dominance. Also it could not use the above poverty level market shares to crush oppositions market shares or businesses. Which has lead Chinese to a very political hard time for any opposition of the Communist Political party. Especially if they wish to fairly create an equal political party that can check each other for possible abuses in military, civil , economics, or civilian liberties. As truly a free society has the ability of check's and balances.

      Therefore, the allowance of SOE's at higher than poverty nourishment creates an unequal political check. As it causes a distortion in political economics of freedom. Because more Communist Political members wish to become heads of SOE's and make big money. While the opposition to the Communist party has to try and compete against giant SOE cartels; which, steal market shares via legal and political means. Instead of being able to compete fairly for market shares were the best competitor wins. This has lead the Chinese to have a political imbalance as the only party that stood a chance against them 30 years ago was completely taken out by a civil war with no opposing political party placed back in to check the Communist Single party dominance.

      Since then the Chinese Communist have claimed economic dominance through the SOE cartels that have become more and more streamlined and able to cloak themselves to work their way into the free market systems. This has allowed them to grab hold of economic domestic and international infrastructures and wait for the time when it is right for them to flex their mite for positional warfare. This wish for a non political balance and party level SOE market shares has allowed them to keep enough shares to be able to create a unbalanced international market place. However, they have allowed their citizens enough freedom as to make other countries think that their is no more Communist threat to the international market place; much like the ideas of laws passed by the California legislature for extremist left wing groups to work government positions.
     Truly though, if the California Legislatures would have done their homework they would have seen that the Chinese Communist Political party is at its highest and most dangerous time and they are a threat to international commercial security and political balance. This is due to the nature that the world has seemed to have forgotten about the massive market shares that the Communist Political party of China still owns and controls through public cartel actions. This makes the Chinese Communist Political party the biggest and richest Political Party in the world. As they control, regulate, strategies, fund, run and even cloak the SOE cartels to their own political advantage. Meaning the American style of welfare SOE market share political check has gone without cause in China. This has been long enough to create a full scale party dominance with no political party big enough to check them in a proper two party freedom system that creates more civil freedoms through the two big tier check system. Instead of the one big tier and a few small tiers that currently exists in the worlds Richest Political Parties Cartel padded economy. As such to create a balanced political landscape SOE's should not be allowed to have more than poverty level market share for the sick, elderly and ill.
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