This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Chinese AntiMonopoly Laws Seem Circular

"Regulation of State-Owned Enterprises ("SOEs") Important to the National Economy or National Security. Article 7 provides that, "in industries that implicate national economic vitality and national security, which are controlled by state-owned enterprises, and in industries in which there are legal monopolies, the state shall protect the lawful business activities of those enterprises, supervise and control their conducts and prices for the products and services pursuant to law, protect the interests of consumers, and promote technological progress." In China, many such key industries are controlled by large SOEs, and during the drafting phases there was much speculation that the law would not cover SOEs at all.

However, the second paragraph of Article 7 prohibits SOEs from abusing their dominant positions or legal monopolies to the detriment of consumers. It remains to be seen whether this article is used by the Anti-monopoly Enforcement Authorities ("AMEA") to protect SOEs or rein them in. The published discussion during the second reading by the NPC centered more on how to curb the monopolistic behaviors of SOEs holding lawful monopoly positions rather than on protecting those SOEs. Most discussions indicated that telecommunication enterprises and other SOEs in the public utilities sector were the targets of criticism for behavior such as charging excessively high prices, low-quality services, excessive profits, and harm to the State and consumers. However, which industries "implicate national economic vitality and national security" remains to be defined. Although the Chinese public may want to use the new AML to curb the behavior of such public utility companies, some observers have expressed doubt that AMEA will have the strength or will to challenge those conglomerates."

Cited as a cite from 2007. I believe the laws have been updated or at least I have found a new translation. I will further check to see if they have made the proper rewritten text.
   It would be unrealistic for a law that states it is an antimonoply law to then go and state it protects monopolies and makes them legal. As my blog cite has shown the Communist Political party uses the SOE's of China like their own economic interest business to further their political and ideological perspectives.
   The world again is being cloaked and coexisted into believing that the Chinese are truling trying to play fair. This is known in cartel prosecution as I call it a look hear then we go there strategy. As such free market cartels have actually also started up research groups into violations of their own sector so as to keep the heat off of them and control exactly who is being researched into.
   This is the same idea for the Communist Political Parties SOE's. As historically and still presently the SOE leadership has been dominated by the Communist Political party its massive size and non stop financing by bankrupt State Owned Banks from tax payer credit programs, has allowed the Communist party to pull the biggest cloak over the world eyes.
  It has been further studied and proven on my website that these cartels attack people who look into such supposed public stock investments SOE's. As such if a company is considered traded on the open market they should also be allowed to have open research done on them. This action alone has caused numerous humans lives to go punished and massive lose of social lifes as researchers merely wished to know what they were investing in.
   Along the same lines a case study was shown how the SOE's actually prefer to keep funding to the SOE's even though they have bankrupted the system before. Then any private sector opposition to the financing cartel activities by starting their own private credit line or even a third party credit line is completely illegal for anyone to do. As currently China is working on this however, it is believed that the Communist party is still heavily against any private or third party credit line.
    As the Communist SOE's have been shown to be not selling or truly privatizing their SOE's and actually amassing huge conglomerates that further acquire market shares. It would be hard to see how this supposed AntiMonopoly Law is really a law that can benefit the People of China at all. As the only way for SME's (Small to Medium Private Enterprises) or PCB (Private Citizens Business) would be able to compete or even be able to grow to the ability to properly compete with the SOE's. As it has been done and there are many opposition leaders coming out in the China against the Communist Cartels of SOE's.I write proudly to say that this abuse of State Owned Enterprise Cartel activities can be regulated.
   As China is now the 2nd Biggest economy in the world. The Chinese will have no choice but to accept a full scale prosecution of their SOE cartels and its abuses in which can be traced to the World Economic Crash and furthering of the Communist Parties Single Dictatorship military and Political means. The Citizens of China no longer wish for the idea of karl Marx and his circular theory of economic imperialism for the leading class while the working class are never allowed to feel the benefits that the leading class do.
   It is funny, that the Communist Political party actual created a law that states it is an AntiMonopoly Law however, it specifically upholds the biggest monopoly cartel abuses ever to not be properly regulated. I do add I give proven do to those Communist Political Parities spies in the USCPC and their massive scale use of economic, research and political espionage to cloak these SOE cartel abuses for some many years. However, truly when there is a problem in a civilized country a free person will sit down and figure out the situation without any help from any body fully unclothed from intellectual infiltration.
   As such to my readers. This case I present to you is in the form of the 1st Amendment and I am not in any manner a proper person to believe anything on international Cartel Antitrust laws or even Communist Political Party State Owned Enterprise activities. Still though, with provindo, I proclaim somebody with proper knowledge, know how and the ability to see it through needs to take on the battle of the Communist SOE's Cartels and their wish for a creation of untouchable champion like State Owned Enterprises.
   Who is our Champion, where out the one who will ride with their is high and show the Dragon we will not stand by and allow a Cartel or legal abuser of international antitrust laws (in a laypersons opinion from the readins on this page) to keep causing the world to go  through crashes and create unfair competition for underdeveloped countries to be able to compete fairly.
   As stated before on my previous cite for an economic warfare study. I have found that the Communist Party of China has committed economic warfare with their State Owned Enterprise. Then again remember I am not a government officers nor am I a professional Economists. Then again with mass belief in a theory that keeps us in a cycle bell curve of service's. I do not know if I would really believe any of our economists except for Green Span and Bernanke, however, even Greenspan made a couple of miscalculations and I have not had the pleasure yet to fully disguard any hindsight's of Bernanke. But then again I am just some American idiot who sits at home and reads about something I felt in my heart. It does not make sense to me to tell me you have a law regarding antimonopolies then state that the government may run over the citizens of their country with their monopolies and cartel activities. Is it necessary for an SOE cartel member to own Hotels, or buy foreign Hotels with government subsidies and SOE banking cartel backing? Is it necessary for SOE cartel members to own manufacturing when the very SME's have provided and beg for more market shares so they can afford proper legal representation and proper creation of private corporations? Is it ok for an SOE that is nominally bankrupt in most other countries economic polices to keep receiving funds to acquire more market shares? Is it ok for an SOE to send out letters to other SOE's on its specific investment activity then have a centralized board of members go over each SOE's investments to make sure they are doing good? Is it ok for SOE's to own all sectors of a market from resources, shipping, manufacturing, production, technology, financing, sales, marketing, distribution and then again shipping? Is it ok for these SOE's that have been proven to provide for a single party dominance to be used in countries with proper free flowing economics and equal shares of individual markets for all.? Is it ok for the SOE's to be used as fledgling posts for Communist Political members to raise money for the Communist Political party? Is it ok? No, I do not think that it is. Nor do I think that allowing a country to provide for its own protection through a oxy law and then blantanlty state that it is going to create State Owned Economic Champions that will be able to take all of the worlds free market top business spots. 
   My friends, my colleagues, ladies and gentlemen of the Rider I's it is time to create the Cartel Busting legal technological minds of the free markets to stop the further use of SOE cartel activities from padding their own economies, unfairly competing for intra and interstate market shares, and to be allowed to be used as political monetary creations for the Communist Political party. 
  As always please do your own research and help yourself to my thoughts and moments on this page. However, bewary do not take my word without first proving to yourself fully that it is necessary to be able to properly not allow Communist SOE's to be protected under any international or domestic Antimonopoly laws. 
  I am doing this for an economic theory analysts.

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