This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

One way to equalize the American business cycle.

As I have shown the detriments to allow the exportation to country that has been using currency manipulation, breaking international antitrust laws and cartels laws and then implementing protective legal strategies inside of its country to further its economic imbalance without any proper due care to allow others to catch up in trade or even in basic deficit. Is and has caused a huge detriment to the American People. The use currently is in a technological deficit, manufacturing deficit and a trade deficit not to mention compared to other countries a massive financial deficit. Therefore, it would seem to me that the American Business cycle has gone unwatched and unguarded for sometime.

  An agency that has come up with a good outline of how to get America's manufacturing back on line is the United States Business and Industrial Council.
   They have a good outline:

It makes no sense to me to keep up the allowance of the huge exportation of American jobs to an obvious country that does not wish to reciprocate the market sharing as the Chinese still allow their markets shares to be owned by their SOE's up to levels of around 50%. Which by their AML standards would be illegal. As the all of the SOE's are and act like they have one business owner as they report back to the Communist party SOE board.

  It is a sad day when I sit and hear freedom lovers fight to keep selling our jobs and our economic stability out to a country that wishes to keep protecting their own market shares. Yet, unequally dump their massive products and wares in our economy. As the American people have no jobs. I would say that if we are do to business with the Chinese either they have to follow their laws of intra AML or international cartel activities, or we should just truly find a way to create laws to turn around the deficits we have in manufacturing, technology, trade, and deficit spending or we are going to keep finding ourselves in the shadow of the Chinese like we have this last servy bell curve crash as we had to borrow massive amounts of our own money back from them to keep buying more products from them, while we lost jobs and taxes to them.

Rider I

The outline may be a little straight forward. However, after the Chinese would not pitch in to help with the world crash till they thought they were going to be placed in the hot seat, plus the Chinese instead of giving more loans and helping out their SME's or PCB's they gave more loans to their SOE cartels and allowed them to conglomerate the other massive SOE's into more strategically centralized massive SOE's that they so call their champions. I think we have no choice but to stand up and say. You are now the 2nd World economy and you still hold onto your SOE's and wish to call them your economic champions and the world had to wait until your ego felt threatened to help the rest of the world. Therefore, China we have no choice but if you will not allow fair play of deficit trading and proper equalization of economic business cycles to create laws to help us do so.

The down side is that China will protect its economy. Oh wait they already protect 50% of the Chinese markets from any imports, and their further make it almost impossible to create products in China as their SOE's own massive amounts of markets and are currently conglomerating and taking more market shares. They have massive SOE's in pretty much every industry, as one named SOE's has such things as food, shipping, hotels, entertainment, car production etc. They have seen the bliss of the free market yet they still protect their markets with SOE's and market share grabbing by a centralized government public cartel system.

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