This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Monday, August 23, 2010

Positional Warfare as applied to SOE Cartels.

Positional Warfare As Applied to Chinese SOE Cartel's

  As the Chinese Communist Party is using economies of force in their SOE's to concentrate certain actions to procure special strategic economic infrastructures in the world. It would be seen to be that the Cartel activities is seeking positional warfare. As the Chinese themselves have declared such industries of economic infrastructure like manufacturing, automobile, telecommunications, energy (oil) to be of STATE SECRETE NATURE. It would show their mentality of wishing for positional warfare when tehy actually try to acquire certain industries they deem secretable in foreign countries. As any humble country would not try and take over its neighbors so called secretable industry if they were not seeking positional warfare.

    Positional warfare is that which allows a certain military positions to carry out what it deems to be national or political gains. As such which is China wishing to have free trade with Taiwan when they can in no way actually compete against China without proper root industries being sheltered or at least monitored from the Chinese SOE cartels. As such China will be able to create a positional warfare strategy and has already done so. It would be deemed proper to assume that China wishes to fulfill a full scale economic warfare dominance of Taiwan by creating a sort of safety by China providing everything for Taiwan while they are actually just taking their national value through dumping, and credit crunches.

   Dumping creates a positional warfare strategy in economics because it weakens its intended market. This is done by creating reliance in so called secretable industries that China protects but wishes to infiltrate in their neighbors. Once this has been done and the majority of jobs in those industries are in the hands of the Chinese and the SOE cartels. They then can place themselves in the position to advance faster and further in technological advancements of that industry. As such for example, in the US we have allowed Chinese markets to take a huge chunk of technological advanced jobs. This has allowed the Chinese to become top notch producers of technology while the US depends on it for its computers and other technological resources. This then allows China to have the technology and the jobs and the assets of human know how. This human know how turns into advanced industries over time. While the Chinese industries are being more depend on and the dependant countries do not have enough manufacturing of those industries to keep up with the advancements as more human assets are working with the technology in China than their neighbors.

   China then creates a credit crunch on their neighbor. This is done as the country under economic warfare.
 has lost its ground on its job market and industrial advancements as China has taken them through dumping tactics. This forces that country to either raise higher taxes, depend more on the whole to own industries to compete or to have to borrow money from the very country that has illegally and unfairly taken their jobs through cartel activities; at worst all the symptoms can become relevant and then lead to heavy recessions or crashes, until China is impacted by it and they have to loosen up or they will also crash. However, by this time China has gained positional advantages for industrial know how, monetary, and even military advantage as today technology cancels out technology leaving way to only guerrilla warfare hand to hand in big conflicts.

   Then China realizes they are showing their true colors so they start to back off and act like they are not committing positional warfare through economic force of economic warfare. However, Lockeans know have traced it and grasped it and we are on it. By the second time China is not the only country who has seen this and now their are other countries starting to mirror their positional, economies of force & economic warfare.This has been shown through Venezuela preparing to act out against its fellow new Latin union.

  This positional warfare leads China at an advantage if it ever was to declare war or even to need to defend a belligerent country like North Korea from war. As the positional warfare end game if for China to gain grasp in countries that are of opposition to its single party rule. They will use economies of force through economic infrastructure ownership of their SOE's to force concession.

   This forced concession can be done easily. Lets say one of the industries that China says is so sacred to their economy that their SOE's own the majority of it: Steal. If China was to take hold of an oppositions steal industry they could easily either erode through strategic management, as they could receive funding that does not represent their liquidity or even net gain as Chinese SOE's do nad have been known to loan money to SOE's for strategic political or so called economic national interests. As such the Chinese SOE cartels get a hold of a steal industrial company through their SOE not an individual ownership or corporation avoid of government ownership. This then would allow them to make bad managerial decisions enough to slowly erode the business or to cause fluctuations in the market place as to ripple effect certain down river industries they wish to affect through SOE managerial decisions ("An unconventional enemy could use even  conventional business transactions for unconventional suprise attacks. The unconventional nature of such attacks need not lie in the action itself but in its timing, scope, execution and objective". As such, an example of Chinese Politics not taking into account national sovereignty or even proper business was the Venezuela economic erosion of an American energy business that owned oil rigs of the Venezuela coast. Venezuela happened to not pay the business and allow it to start to go under while the business kept providing service in hopes they would get paid, as Venezuela is a whole country. However, Venezuela was then backed by Chinese SOE bank management to be allowed to steal the rigs from the American business event though China stated they would loan them over 20 billion dollars. This is one factor of allowance of the SOE management being allowed to own or even have substantial dealings with certain industries. The single party dominance would easily come through. As it could be possible that the allowance of the Chinese SOE's to own a single industrial economic infrastructure could lead way for the only things that could compete would be the very country in which they owned. This would erode the beliefs of Lockean countries world wide that wish for more economic freedoms and less totalitarian government economics.

   In furtherance of the detriment to the allowance of this positional warfare would be a military issue. As it might become a conflict between the Chinese government ownership through an SOE if a sovereign country needed to build arms in a fast manner. This could allow the Chinese easy access to sabotage any proper build up of miiltary weapons. Along with that, as the biggest problem is their SOE's very close connection to their SOE banks it would be another detriment to think that fluff economic would happen causing problems in the economy of the country that has its economic infrastructure owned by one of the cartels.

    It is well know that such countries of mass scale should keep certain economic infrastructures free from foreign government ownership. However, allowing individuals of that country or even individuals of foreign countries to own is much more savory than allowing the managerial economic warfare arm of the Communist Party to gain a strong foot hold in countries that are in opposition to a single party constant dominance.

   As such positional warfare is the wish for the dominance of certain key strategic areas of a certain point. Economies of force is the use of a strategic mass of points or controls to create an end effect of control. Economic Warfare can no longer be seen as the ancient form of just blockades and the string spaghetti of sanctions. Now that government owned cartels have been placed in the spot light by  a Lockean Warrior of how State Owned Enterprise can be used to create positional warfare.

   I believe a specific study in managerial warfare or infiltration type hostile take overs would be a nice cup of tea after this blog article. As such, I shall think about the idea over a pipe full of tobacco. However, managerial warfare is easily best situated in a sort of Trojan hoarse for economics or businesses. Therefore, positional warfare is a necessary aspect of economic warfare. I have no way and no how done proper relief to the study. However, I believe I have dug and found water.

Rider I
    Positional Warfare
    Economies of Force
    Economic Warfare
    Credit Crunch

Curious managerial SOE bank style tactics for political gain.
"Chavez said the $20 billion financing from China is separate from a $12 billion bilateral investment fund, without providing details."
"Venezuela state oil company Petroleos de Venezuela SA and China National Petroleum Corp. signed a joint-venture agreement in Caracas"

However, an American independent business from government ownership gets treated this way:
"Venezuela will nationalize a fleet of oil rigs belonging to U.S. company Helmerich and Payne"
"He has also taken over assets in telecommunications, power, steel and banking" curious
"He has threatened to nationalize Polar, the top brewer and food processor in the country of 30 million. The government has also seized a bank belonging to an owner of the leading opposition TV station and put an arrest warrant out for his partner, who is now on the run."

Love it the more than man steals from his people to give to his bourgeois leadership to live fat on and gain raises and fatter nicer houses, the more the country falls and goes under. Then he blames it on individual ownership and freedom of economics. What a shame to revert back to feudalism through popular politics instead of divine inspiration. Were once was the Church now is the Chinese SOE banks to declare national leaderships bourgeoisie's. Personally I prefer hard work, family and the right to individual live ones dreams over stealing of individual liberty of economics.

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